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review Midnight Nation ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ [Ebook] ➠ Midnight Nation Author J. Michael Straczynski – Writer J Michael Straczynski's classic tale of loss and redemption is collected in its entirety with all 12 issues Midnight Nation #12 and a cover gallery Also includes a touching and insOllected in its entirety with all issues Midnight Nation and a cover ga. First foray into the Graphic Novel world well serious study I've read many before I thought this one started out very strongly lots of mystery The art is beautiful but for some reason the payoff didn't hit me It was very intellectual and I kinda wanted a impactful revelation to the meaning behind it all at the end Maybe another read would enlighten me but again I like a lot of action not philosophy

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Llery Also includes a touching and insightful afterword from Straczynsk. J Michael Straczynski the writer on a bunch of television shows movies as well as Spider Man writes this graphic novel about a man trying to reclaim his soulA policeman is attacked by creatures and he son discovers his soul has been taken and he will slowly change into one of the being that attacked him A woman shows up to lead him on a journey to get his soul back and he’s told he will need to travel to New York where the man holding his soul lives along with his followers If he reaches his soul in time everything’s great if not he becomes a creatureAlong the way he’s asked by his traveling companion if he’d like her to kill him he meets Lazarus the man raised from the dead by Christ is instructed by himself from the future and fights a whole gaggle of demonsIt’s an interesting premise and along the way tackles issues around the homeless The protagonist does seem a little daft the reader figures out who his companion is long before he has a clue The writing is ok and the art is passable The story is interesting enough that I overlooked the main character that was a little clueless at times

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Midnight NationWriter J Michael Straczynski's classic tale of loss and redemption is c. This book was really thought provoking albeit confusing It was very different from what I thought it would be It seemed to mesh together a tonne of different themes and it didn't end up where I expected it to but I still enjoyed the ride I picked this up on a whim at a pop culture convention last weekend thinking it would be David Grey's epic uest to find his soul traversing a desolate and depressing otherworldly plane of existence and culminating in a bloody battle with a demon for his soul That's the underlying idea but the details were verydifferentTL;DR PLOT OVERVIEW CONTAINING SPOILERSDavid Grey is a typical cop with a history of failed relationships While investigating the grisly murder of a drug dealer a witness lets him in on the secret of The Walkers Criminals in the area are under the protection of The Walkers but some aren't so lucky and soon find their severed feet flushed down the toilet While following up a lead on one of these protected criminals David Grey comes face to face with The Walkers for the first time where he promptly has his soul stolen He soon finds himself in the In Between an alternate plane of existence for people who've been abandoned and fallen through the cracks Some appear to be legit but most seem like pussies who didn't have the balls to stand up for themselves and make their lives better With the help of his new and provocatively dressed guide Laurel David learns he has 11 months to reclaim his soul or face turning into one of The Walkers Oh and the only way to reclaim his soul is to spend those 11 months walking to New York because hey why notTurns out The Walkers showed up a year ago under the command of The Other Guy and immediately took to a killing the inhabitants of the In Between and b upping the misery uotient back home to pull people over to the In Between so they'd have people to nom on After a long 11 months of falling in love with Laurel and badass altercations with the biblical Lazarus Laurel and David reach New York City and we finally meet The Other Guy Turns out he's basically Lucifer and his goal is prove that God is a fraud; that God didn't create existence in the hope that tomorrow will be a better day but to placate his own loneliness It's unclear whether David is the catalyst to help achieve this but The Other Guy wants him to join the ranks as a Walker We then learn that Laurel is akin to a fallen angel who's been de souled cursed to walk the same path over and over as a guide for humans to reclaim their souls The ending is always the same said human regains their soul and becomes a Walker anyway and Laurel is crucified She will then return to her otherworldly realm to hover in stasis until another soulless human arrives and the journey begins again So David now has 2 random choices reclaim his soul and be truly free for the first time in his life as a Walker or give his soul to Laurel so she can be reborn as a human and no longer bound to do God's bidding If he takes the second option he'll fail to belong to either world and fade away Being the selfless cop he is he takes the second option but manages to somehow return to the human world and interact with both humans and the In Betweeners He bumps into teenage Laurel a few years later who recognises him and thanks him for his choice END PLOT SPOILERS Like I said thought provoking but confusing I feel like there were so many themes going on at once and the book should've been far longer to adeuately explore and explain everything There were amazing biblical references; references to historical artists composers authors and inventors whose work was cut tragically short; and then some general paranormal awesomeness in the form of The Walkers and The Other Guy I know the book was written in response to some personal issues and trauma the author had been through so I wonder if that's why it seems a bit haphazard I reeeeeally enjoyed the religious themes in this text though The idea of Lazarus waiting centuries for Jesus to finish dinner with his 12 mates was hilarious and his his faceless archangel protector with the flaming sword was badass I'm personally assuming Uriel or Michael or perhaps even Jesus himself I also really fucking loved The Other Guy's take on creation He isn't some whiny little Morningstar pissed at God because of his own jealousy and power trip this guy has a really interesting point According to The Other Guy God created existence so he wouldn't be lonely any He tried to pass it off as having done it in the name of hope; the hope that tomorrow will be a better day Soon he got sick of the perfect worlds he'd created so he added misery to the euation The Other Guy believes that the existence of misery proves that God didn't create in the name of hope and is uickly accelerating and intensifying misery in the two planes of existence to expose God as a fraud and bring everyone to his side From there they can create a world free of misery and despair I wish the text had focused on this theme; that it had been hinted at throughout the text rather than thrown in at the end Laurel's true identity was also really random and last minute it felt like a rushed deus ex machina moment to me I wish the author had explained about the realm she lives in when she's not acting as a guide and if there are others just like her I'd also like to know if The Other Guy ever succeeds in the future the ultimate showdown and what his new world would be like I also thought The Other Guy and The Walkers were bloody scary Sure they look like green versions of Darth Maul sans the horns and double ended lightsaber but they're not at all cheesy or comical I'm not sure whether it's the animalistic expressions the pointy teeth or just the knowledge that they're capable of truly disgusting things that terrifies me the most I can totally imagine them wreaking havoc in a show like American Horror Story I also wish the author had explained about The Walkers They were brought over by The Other Guy about a year ago but where did they come from Where did The Other Guy come from And why did he only start to kick his plan into action a year ago How do they decide that some harbingers of misery like drug dealers are worth protecting and others aren't I understand that they're breeding misery so it would make sense to do the bidding of certain evil individuals but why protec