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Read & Download Through a Glass Darkly 104 É ❰Download❯ ➻ Through a Glass Darkly Author Helen McCloy – The story belongs to the Dickson Carr tradition a supernatural puzzle The uiet violence of families and wills and slow stalking terror woven of themes which have served novelists as diverse as WMauriac can still cast ripples of terror across the mind when the rattle of gunfire dies uickly in the wind' Punc. This is widely considered to be Helen McCloy's masterpiece and it is my personal favorite of her books This is a creepy dark and very sad tale that is uite different from the standard Golden Age mystery There is a strange unsettling atmosphere in the book which makes you want to look over your shoulderGisela who is the girlfriend of McCloy's detective Dr Basil Willing is a new teacher at Brereton an exclusive girls' school Another new teacher is Faustina Crayle a rather strange unworldly and socially awkward young woman Much to the surprise of both young women Faustina is fired without explanation by Mrs Lightfoot the headmistress of the school Despite Faustina's pleas Mrs Lightfoot refuses to state why the young teacher has been fired All she will say is I am not ordinarily a ruthless person but when I am faced with the possibility of your ruining Brereton I can be completely ruthless Mrs Lightfoot claims it is the atmosphere that Faustina creates She also refuses to give Faustina reference Faustina is given very little time to prepare for her departure In tears she confides in Gisela Though Gisela finds Faustina to be rather odd she also feels sorry for her Gisela writes to Dr Willing There is something sinister about the whole affair and to tell you the shameless truth I’m beginning to be a little bit frightened myselfI can’t go down the upper hall after ten when the blue night lamp is the only light without looking back over my shoulder and expecting to seeI don’t uite know what but something distinctly peculiar and unpleasantNeedless to say Dr Willing gets involved and uickly discovers that this is not the first time Faustina has been dismissed from a teaching job due to the atmosphere that she creates I won't say because that would spoil the fun Personally I think the summary from the publisher gives too much away This is an excellent mystery and one that should be better known just like its author It's a shame that people have not heard of Helen McCloyVery recommended

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The story belongs to the Dickson Carr tradition a supernatural puzzle The uiet violence of families and wills and. Through a Glass Darkly by Helen Mccloy opens with Faustina Crayle being dismissed from her post as an art instructor at an elite girls' school The headmistress Mrs Lightfoot refuses to give a reason beyond the fact that Miss Crayle does not uite blend with the essential spirit of Brereton She does however give the art instructor six months' pay after only five weeks of work Evidence indeed that she wishes her gone and spare no expense Faustina confides in her only friend at the school Gisela von Hohenems who suggests she consult a lawyer When Faustina demurs Gisela tells her boyfriend Dr Basil Willing famous psychologist and medical assistant to the district attorney about it He insists on meeting Faustina and convinces her to allow him to represent her with Mrs Lightfoot His interview with the headmistress is very surprising It seems that Faustina has become the center of rumors about a doppelganger Several maids and a few of the girls have claimed to see Miss Crayle in two places at once A few parents have pulled their girls out of the school because of the unhealthy atmosphere The practical Mrs Lightfoot could find no plausible explanation for the incidents and rather than investigate or allow the rumors to create even havoc with her school's reputation she decided to ask Miss Crayle to leaveAs Willing investigates he discovers that this isn't the first time Faustina has been dismissed from a school because of doppelganger rumors He will have to sift the supernatural from everyday villainy as he follows a trail littered with superstition and jewels; doubles and demimondaines There is a tale that says She who sees who own double is about to dieand despite Willing's efforts and his instructions to stay put in a hotel while he investigates Faustina insists on making a trip to her beach cottage A trip from which she never returns Did she truly see her double Or is there a solid human agent behind her death Willing brings us the answerbut the ending is a bit unsettling nonethelessMcCloy's power to create atmosphere are at their strongest in this book Even though we're uite sure that there's some human deviltry behind Faustina Crayle's plight Mccloy still manages to make the idea of a doppelganger seem almost possible And the ending leaves us just a little unsure that Dr Willing has completely explained everything Yes it all hangs together And yes I do believe that X really did orchestrate the whole thing and for the reasons givenbut what if Dr Willing is wrong There's a nice shivery feeling to that thought A nicely done atmospheric piece that also happens to be an excellent detective novel Often thought to be McCloy's masterpiece Through a Glass Darkly is certainly the best I've read by McCloy so far First posted on my blog My Reader's Block Please reuest permission before reposting Thanks

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Through a Glass DarklySlow stalking terror woven of themes which have served novelists as diverse as Wilkie Through a PDF or Collins and. Gisela von Hohenems’s a wartime refugee teaching at an upmarket girls’ boarding school just outside New York When her colleague Faustina is fired without warning Gisela vows to help her out so she calls in her partner psychiatrist Dr Basil Willing to investigate What he uncovers is an eerie series of events with Faustina at their centre Is there a rational explanation or could there be an element of the supernatural surrounding Faustina Slightly creaky but very entertaining vintage crime from the 1940s with a pleasurable gothic flavour supported by copious references to folklore superstition and legend It’s a bit overwritten at times classic B movie material and there are some grating elements I held my breath when Juniper Willing’s faithful “brown” manservant appeared in case McCloy suddenly descended into racial caricature but fortunately that didn’t happen