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Dangerous Secrets characters ¼ 107 × ❮KINDLE❯ ❂ Dangerous Secrets Author Katie Reus – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Isabelle Ballantine has been fighting for independence since she was old enough to walk Now that she's finally out from under her father's shadow she won't let anyone stand in her way It's tough livin IsabelleIsabelle Ballantine has been fighting for independence since she was old enough to walk Now that she's finally out from under her father's shadow she won't let anyone stand in her way It's tough living on her own working in a bar and keeping her true identity a secret but things start. I picked up this read when I couldn't decide on anything else so I went back to the beginning of my short list and choose this one I had it marked TBR since August 2012 and even already had it loaded on my kindle I kinda feel bad it sat there waiting for so long even though I have close to 2000 others in that same situation but this is the exact kind of story that I love Izzy is mostly making a point Her father and her have been together her entire life due to her mother dying at birth He's beyond overbearing to the point she was venting about a normal day to day situation at work and her rich daddy ended up taking care of the problem for her That was the last straw for Izzy so she moved to Coconut Bay to get some separation from her father and figure out what her next move is That's how she meets Adam Adam has been hired by Izzy's father to protect her and talk her into moving back home of course without her knowledge of that But once Adam meets Izzy he realizes his first impression of her being a spoiled rich girl were completely wrong and he's going to have a hard time getting her back home to her father and an even harder time of not falling for her Adam and Izzy fight for an inkling of time their attraction for one another but once they give into it they realize one time just won't be enough and that they may both be falling for the other Of course they both have huge secrets Secrets that could destroy them but that all becomes inconseuential when Izzy gets on the radar of a serial rapist I loved Adam and Izzy They both had huge trust issues but had their reasons And the secrets didn't help matters a lot with their relationship but together as a couple I loved them I loved how protective Adam was of Izzy and how trusting in Adam Izzy was Of course I love as demented as it sounds being in the killer's head We didn't get a whole lot of that and I totally thought it was someone else instead of who it was but what we did get gives you a sliver of why they are doing what they are doing and who they are choosing The ending went a little faster than what I would have wanted especially with how long it took to get to who the killer was And with all of Adam's secrets coming out I thought would be a little explosive but still a really good read I need to look further back into my shelves often and see what else I'm missing out on

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To look up when a sexy new stranger walks into her life After working side by side for weeks Izzy can't figure out why he won't make a moveTo cinch the deal of a lifetime Adam Marcellus agrees to help Izzy's eccentric father convince his daughter to move home He'd assumed Izzy would be. Full review available on The RomanceaholicAhh there’s not much that I like in a contemporary romance than a hidden agenda that initially brings the hero and heroine together It always ends up biting them in the behind which is so deliciously angsty that I simply can’t resistOverall however while I enjoyed this read I wasn’t blown away by it The drama of the Big Reveal almost seemed a bit extraneous after all of the excitement caused by the stalker and Izzy and Adam’s relationship problems almost seemed to detract from the story Still it was an enjoyable easy read and one I’d recommend for a uick summer read355 Stars

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Dangerous SecretsAnother spoiled rich princess but he's surprised to discover his feelings for her are stronger than anything he's ever experienced When a deranged stalker targets her Adam finds himself fighting not only an unknown threat but an unexpected attraction to the one woman he can't have wor. This book was provided to me by netgalley and my first read by this author After fleeing Savannah to escape her rich controlling father Izzy gets a job as a bartender in a small coastal town of Florida Shortly after Izzy is hired tall sexy Adam is hired for backup help at the same bar Unbeknownst to Izzy Adam was really hired by her powerful father to not only keep a watchful eye on her but also try and convince her to come back to Savannah Adam and his younger brother own a security company together and if Adam delivers Izzy safely home he is guaranteed a multi million dollar contract with her father The last thing Adam expects is to fall far exotic beautiful IzzyOne night after closing up the bar together Izzy and Adam witness an altercation in the parking lot of their bar After interferring with an almost abduction the two of them are thrown into a string of abductions disappearances and assaults all on beautiful brunette girlsAfter being directly contacted by the abducter himself Izzy realizes that she's in danger of becomming his next victim Adam is only too happy to volunteer to stay with her to keep a protective stand for her What the two of them don't expect is to give into the intense sexual tension that is so obvious between the two of themWhen Adam realizes that he's fallen for Izzy he struggles to tell her the truth about his true identity knowing that she will shut him outThis story was pretty good for the most part I enjoyed the relationship very much between the HH and was immediately able to identify with them The author also wrote some pretty steamy scenes in here that I gobbled up The suspense of the story was just okay for me it seemed very predictable even from the beginning for me and because of that it didn't keep me on the edge of my seat I will give this a solid three and a half stars for pretty good plot and sexy romance