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mobi ò The Somebody Obsession ↠ Matt Murphy Many stars have shared their success stories in the crowded genre The Somebody Epubof professional wrestling autobiographies But for every star there are a hundred also rans those of us who fell short of our dreams We too have a story to tell In my autobiography THE SOMEBODY OBSESSION A NOBODY'S DESPERATE JOURNEY TO STARDOM I reveal how I overcame an impoverished troubled childhood to live my lifelong dream of becoming a As a life long fan of wrestling I have a bit of a soft spot for wrestling books I still say Jericho's first book is one of the best autobiographies ever written and this one is a really good look into the life of a man who dreamed big and didn't make it The first half about his childhood was something I really connected with and the reader can completely understand his need rise out of that situation The second half was interesting to me as a wrestling fan though someone who isn't would still be interested in it I think because it never gets too technical and his writing style is easy to follow Highly recommended

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kindle Ì The Somebody Obsession Ô Paperback read æ johnscyclingdiary ´ [Download] ➹ The Somebody Obsession ➾ Matt Murphy – Many stars have shared their success stories in the crowded genre of professional wrestling autobiographies But for every s Ionary tale for anyone who dares to dream It is about overcoming challenges and shows that the dreamer's biggest obstacle is often the one that stares back at him in the mirror Matt Murphy A heck of a story about the less glamorous side of the wrestling business Mike Mooneyham author of SEX LIES AND HEADLOCKS This book is addicting with each chapter You don't need to be a wrestling fan to enjoy it Jason King Yahoo Sports I loved this book I finished it in one day Accidently put this review on kindle edition sorry But this was really good I like how the author told his story of how some people try to achieve that dream but just don't make it in the end Sometimes you gotta settle for second best or whatever you can get Sometimes no matter how hard try to achieve that dream sometimes you just can't I recommend this book to any wrestling fan or if you like biographies

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The Somebody ObsessionProfessional wrestler I had to succeed failure meant damnation back into the white trash hell from which I came While self medicating the scars of my tormented youth with sex booze and wrestling I reached for the stars and could feel them at my fingertips before my amazing ride crashed to an abrupt end My story is THE BULLPEN GOSPELS meets I HOPE THEY SERVE BEER IN HELL Funny and poignant it is an inspirational and caut I received this book as part of Goodreads First Reads programMatt Murphy's autobiography was a very engaging book Matt doesn't hold back in his storytelling and you get a pretty good feel for what the main players like Matt and Harvey were really like For me the most interesting part of Matt's story was the beginning and the end The wrestling while interesting didn't hold as much appeal I'm sure however if you're a hardcore wrestling fan you would definitely appreciate all the name dropping that Matt does in his story I thought the ending was especially powerful in how Matt didn't need wrestling in his life any and that he found other things that were just as rewardingI would recommend this book to anyone who wants a good autobiography and is semi interested in wrestling I definitely would not recommend this for a kid however The content is a bit mature and Matt goes enough into the details of the wrestling business that it could potentially disillusion a kid's enjoyment of wrestling It would be similar to telling them that there is no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny