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Summary Õ The Sacred Band 105 µ [EPUB] ✹ The Sacred Band ✼ David Anthony Durham – With the first two books in the Acacia Trilogy Acacia and The Other Lands David Anthony Durham created a vast and engrossing canvas of a world in turmoil and of the surviving children of a royal dynas With the first two bookR Lands while her sister Mena travels to the far north to confront an invasion from a brutal race intent on conuering the Known World Their separate trajectories will converge in tumultuous battles all rendered with vivid detail and in heroic sca. One of those rare books that I'm tempted to put down 50 pages from the end simply because I don't want the story to end That way I can continue to imagine how it all turns outand then revise and rewrite it again

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With the first two books in the Acacia Trilogy Acacia and The Other Lands David Anthony Durham created a vast and engrossing canvas of a world in turmoil and of the surviving children of a royal dynasty on uests to realize their fates and perha. I've always been conflicted about this trilogy On the one hand Durham has created a few very well developed and entertaining characters such as Corinn and Rialus Neptos He's explored interested ideas concerning slavery drug use imperialism and the use of power He's built up an interesting world which we got to explore fully in book 2 The Other Lands and introduced us to an original and fascinating people the AuldekOn the other hand for every interesting character Durham has introduced he's created another three that are boring or flat Kelis Dariel most times or too blandly perfect to be interesting Mena and Aliver His pacing has always been problematic especially due to the fact that so many of his characters are uninteresting His prose is at best average and at worst clunky He also has the unfortunate tendency to write some pure cheese this was most notable in the book two plotline in which Mena became super best friends with a dragon For all these reasons the Acacia trilogy has always been a three star one for me the good balances out the bad and we end up with a decent first two books that could be remarkable one chapter and absolutely awful the nextFor the first half of the Sacred Band it looked like this would remain true Get a Dariel chapter Expect some interesting world building but boring and trite character interaction A Corinn chapter Expect for it to be entertaining thought provoking and disturbing A Mena chapter Chances are the character's Mary Sueness will override anything good in it Still Durham raises some interesting uestions during this first half especially as Corinn becomes a darker and darker character and we learn about the AuldekUnfortunately the latter half of the novel is an absolute letdown both from a narrative and character perspective Characters undergo massive transformations in the space of a chapter Nearly all plotlines are resolved by deus ex machinas dei ex machinarum The complex uestions that Durham has raised the whole trilogy concerning slavery empire building and drug use are all washed away by the characters all unanimously deciding to be GOOD and to do away with INJUSTICE Characters don't win because they make hard choices or because of any character traits but because they have been declared special and thus can pretty much do anything Every character recieves redemption whether they've earned it or not It is probably one of the neatest endings I've ever read and not in a good wayLook I have nothing against a positive progressive message in modern epic fantasy which I believe is what Durham was aiming for But you have to earn that message You cannot spend an entire trilogy building up complex social problems and then resolve them all as simplistically as possible giving everyone a happy ending in the process It's not true to the setting plot or characters and ultimately makes the Sacred Band a dissapointing ending to an average but promising trilogy

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The Sacred BandPs right ancient wrongs once and for all As The Sacred Band begins one of them ueen Corinn bestrides the world with her mastery of spells found in The Song of Elenet Her younger brother Dariel becomes The Sacred PDF or a mythic figure in the Othe. Oh dearwhat happened The first book in Durham’s Acacia trilogy was a solid read It posed interesting uestions on a backdrop of political fantasy It wasn’t a story with easy answers and while it wasn’t perfect it tried to shine a fairly progressive light on what has largely been a conservative genre The Other Lands the second book in the trilogy broadened the scope but did so by grinding the overall story to a halt In my review of that book I criticised it for its meandering non climax of an ending It had its moments though especially when Durham was left to conjure up the Lothan Aklun and Auldek culture which was easily the highlight of the novel It was a book that set up the pieces for an epic finale so uite rightly I’d argue I was expecting The Sacred Band to deliver My mistakeIt’s clear at this point that Durham has too many characters to handle and it uickly becomes a problem We have long rather pointless stretches of the book where we’re following characters that have very little to do in the story Delivegu Kelis Melio and Durham’s staunch refusal to not kill off any of his characters means that the pacing of the story uickly grinds to a halt We see many of the plot threads from the first two books finally come to fruition here Shen finally makes it back to Acacia with the Santoth Corrin continues her slow slide into paranoid madness as she tightens her grip on power and Mena is left to effectively act as a tar pit for the advancing Auldek forces There’s lots of potential here and I was genuinely looking forward to seeing how Durham would have it all resolve Yet at about the half way point there’s a major scene which effectively splits the book in two and if I’m completely honest it feels like the latter half was written by another writer The prose takes a nosedive for starters the dialogue starts to elicit some cringes and worst of all characters undergo dramatic and lasting transformations in the space of a few hundred words completing their character arcs in less than a chapter All of those interesting themes that the original two books handled; imperialism monarchy capitalismthey’re brushed away so that the story can end The second half of this novel really feels rushed and I can’t stress that enough Plot convenience after plot convenience is suddenly thrown at the reader so that the book can wrap itself up Even the tone changes in the second half with the League the closest the novel gets to a clear group of villains becoming nothing than pantomime baddies It’s not so much that the The Sacred Band is a bad book it’s that it undoes what made the first two books so interesting And its simplistic shallow endings almost feel like a betrayal of those who’ve stuck around long enough to see the end of the trilogy