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Download Seven Year Seduction kindle µ 192 pages ½ johnscyclingdiary ✓ [Read] ➫ Seven Year Seduction Author Heidi Betts – Connor Riordan was the last Person she wanted to walk down the aisle with Even if it was only at her brother's wedding It was too painful aTs that would prevent her from ever loving him againBut when a storm strands the two together Beth is in for a surprise Connor has a secret of his own He plans on seducing Beth a seduction seven years in the maki Seven Year Seduction by Heidi Betts is a fairly uick read a great choice for those with limited reading time Ms Betts has delivered a well written book I especially liked the characters in this story Beth and Connor's tale is loaded with drama humor and spice I enjoyed reading Seven Year Seduction and look forward to reading from Heidi Betts in the future This is a complete book not a cliff hangerI read a print copy of this book

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Connor Riordan was the last Person she wanted to walk down the aisle with Even if it was only at her brother's wedding It was too painful a reminder of Beth Curtis's girlhood fantasies featuring none other than C I really liked this book about Connor and Beth's past romance being rekindled seven years later It starts off in the past or the begining of Connor and Beth's love life They are at the hometown highschool football game cheering on a victorious win when it is made clear that Beth has had a crush on Connor for years Even if he is five years older than her the same age as her older brother and her older brother's best friend After the game both of them go to a popular burger joint to get food and decide to go to Makeout point But not to makeout obviously hmm But to look at the scenery talk and what not Right Of course after talking a good bit one of them makes a move and they hook up Now the interesting part is that after Connor takes her home he doesn't contact her again Finito Done Wam Bam thank you ma'am Beth moves on graduates college starts a job and lives away from home She never forgives Connor and never really goes home because she would rather avoid him at all costs Seven years later her older brother is getting married and Beth must attend So does Connor Sparks ignite when the two meet again But Beth holding unto her hostility of Connor treats him coldly

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Seven Year SeductionOnnor himself That crush had culminated in one night of passion and seven years of bitterness; and even now Beth's anger warred against her attraction toward Connor Still there was too much history too many secre I found a diamond in my TBR stack a FANTASTIC book that to me was not a typical SD No siree It was way than I even imagined Boy is girl's older brother's best friend like one of the family and girl has the hots for boy in high school After a game one night girl and boy grab something to eat go park and eat then act on their attractions and have sex Girl is thinking boy is just as enad as she is but boy never calls Seven years later girl is home for her brother's wedding and boy is the best man Girl and boy dance at wedding and boy's live in girlfriendLIG at the time sees there's than meets the eye and confronts boy Girl is the reason why LIG and boy aren't married but rather only living together she sees it plain as day and breaks it off Boy doesn't feel so bad because he knows it's the truth Boy gets kicked out of and needs to find a place to stay so girl's older brotherboy's best friend says he can stay at his place while he and the new wife are on their honeymoon Girl gets slobbering drunk because of boy and their past trying to forget it all Girl wakes up the next morning goes into the kitchen and sees boy standing in her brother's kitchen Heh heh Sparks fly in ways than one and at first she wants to leave but then ends up staying They spend time together get their freak on resolve the past Girl leaves back to job in LA boy realizes he's in love with her Boy talks with best friend best friendgirl's brother tells him to go for it Boy tracks down girl in LA declares his love proposes she accepts wants to move back home and they live happily ever after SIGH Lovely One I highly recommend