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The Lonely Beast summary ✓ 108 ✓ [BOOKS] ⚦ The Lonely Beast Author Chris Judge – Have you heard of the Beasts No not many have That’s because they are very rare This is the tale of one such Beast who decides to take a dangerous uest to find others like him Trekking over mountain Have you heard of the BeaHave you heard of the Beasts No not many have That’s because they are very rare This is the tale of one such Beast who deci. Beasts are very rareso rare in fact there is only one in every country They are very kind gentle and uiet But one day one of these beasts got very lonely He decided to find the other beasts He walked he swam he climbed mountains But he found civilization instead and a land full of people After a while they accepted himbut lonely he still was So in reverse he traveledonly to find a giant surprise waiting for him on the other end

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Comes at last to a great city There he finds many delights but sadly no Beasts so he returns home where a surprise awaits him. This is a great book to read with a group of children It is about a beast who is determined to find friends because he feels very lonely He has to face many obstacles during his long journey but he does not give up He takes on challenges and succeeds in his mission I have seen this book being read in a year 12 class during my school placement I enjoyed observing how this short adventure encouraged curiosity in the classroom The class teacher discussed various themes around the topic such as describing the beast the title of the book and the emotions that followed Children were asked what made them feel lonely and what they thought loneliness meant Many activities were also planned around this book during Literacy lessons such as using freeze frames and grammatical tasks As a trainee teacher I delivered a Literacy lesson on adverbial phrases After a series of English lessons linked to this topic I think this book was absolutely perfect for improving children's Literacy skillsThe moral of the story is good because it motivates children to never give up However I would argue that the story spreads the message that you can only completely overcome loneliness when you are with other people who are just like you This is not always true because everyone is different and diversity should be promoted instead Nevertheless the storyline is interesting and the illustrations go really well with it I would recommend reading this book in the classroom as many cross curricular activities can be planned around it

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The Lonely BeastDes to take a dangerous uest to The Lonely PDFEPUB or find others like him Trekking over mountains and swimming across seas he. Used within the year 2 class during placement 1a this book looks at the arrival of a big black flurry beast to a big city and how he can make friends and feel less lonely The children were able to consider the feelings of all characters and how the beast may have arrived in the city after his long journey what's next for the beast only time will tell