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Read & Download Memoirs of a Scandalous Red Dress ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¸ [Reading] ➿ Memoirs of a Scandalous Red Dress By Elizabeth Boyle – Lady Philippa Knolles has loved Captain Thomas Dash Dashwell since he first stole a kiss from her on a smugglE of waiting Pippin is offered a chance to renew her scandalous affair with Dash But the man from that first heady kiss and the man she rediscovers all these years later are hardly the same Tuck. This book was a perfect book for me It had all my favorite elements a second chance love story and it was executed uite excellently and devotedly pirates ships a changed hero and wonderful and very memorable charactersThis is the tale of Lady Phillipa Pippin and Captain Thomas Dashwell I only read the previous book in this series and Dash and Pippin's story ended so tragically and hopelessly that I just had to hurry and read their happy ending before I went crazy in misery for them Pippin and Dash were separated 27 years ago when Pippin let Dash who was set to hang free in exchange for marrying a man Dash saw this as the ultimate betrayal but Pippin saw it as an ultimate sacrifice She ended up marrying a good man and eventually came to love him Now after 27 years she has two children and has become a widow Dash is now an ill mannered drunk who's lost meaning in life Dash's son comes to Pippin believing she's the only one who can save him now So thus Pippin comes aboard his ship and they are set for Balti Dash and Pippin's reunion was sad and left them both seeing how much the other had changed since their rash affair all that long ago This was just so heartbreaking to read I mean it's been 27 years They aren't the young and impulsive people they were back then They're grown and resigned to life What I found really tragic though was that they couldn't have done anything about it back then to really be together Even if they could they would have been left unhappy and resigned for they were both dishonest and immature to be smart about their future back then This was a new kind of story for me I hadn't read a second chance story with lovers reunited after such a long time I was rooting for them badly and I ached for them to finally be together because no matter what had happened they really truly do love each other Pippin's and Dash's children were also lovable I am in love with Nate and John While stuffy and overbearing they might be they added to the story's humor and love with their roles Fynn a young boy aboard this ship was also a lovable character He was innocent and adorable and definitely helped Pippin and Dash's romance ignite uicker The surprise at the end had me laughing because it was just so fun and awesome and I cried for the years the hero and heroine lost with each other The flashbacks to Pippin and Dash when they were young really showed how tumultuous and irrational their affair was They were like two crazy impetuous people bound to explode somehow But I'm glad they finally found each other; they deserved itThe ending was great I just wish there had been some kind of epilogue to tie it nicely because I felt like some loose ends were left Other than that while this isn't the typical historical romance with the dashing hero because this hero was utterly damaged throughout half the book it was excellent and I loved it Hope to see these two reappear in the other books

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Lady Philippa a Scandalous Kindle #216 Knolles has loved Captain Thomas Dash Dashwell since he first stole a kiss from her on a smuggler's beach near Hastings Now after what seems like a lifetim. When Elizabeth Boyle first introduced Lady Philippa and the American pirate captain Thomas Dashwell in This Rake of Mine four years ago I was instantly smitten by this couple In the next three consecutive novels featuring Philippa who went by the nickname Pippin and her two cousins the sisters Langleys Elizabeth teased her readers with small scenes of Pippin and Thomas Dashwell interacting with one another Pippin fell instantly in love with his older and dashing bad boy and it looked like Dashwell felt the same Pippin became his Circe which was the name of his beloved ship and Pippin called Dashwell her Dash This secondary story was the main reason I would read these books and when I heard Elizabeth would soon write Pippin and Dash’s own romance I was over the moonMemoirs of a Scandalous Red Dress has a beautiful cover and is very fitting because the red dress part is due to the time Pippin broke Dash out of prison while she was wearing that color dress Things between these two were left as a cliffhanger in Confessions of a Little Black Gown when Dash was to be executed and Pippin who found herself pregnant by Dash ended up marrying another man to save her reputation Because Pippin sacrifices herself for the man she loved her new husband was able to free Dash with the promise that Dash would never step on English soil or contact Pippin again Dash kept his promise and left without ever knowing about Pippin’s pregnancyI think my expectations were a bit too high because Memoirs of a Scandalous Red Dress was so lacking in so many ways This is a story of reunited lovers but not five ten or even fifteen years later It takes place twenty three years later where Pippin is now a widow in her late forties with two grown children Dash is a broken down drunk with a son from a woman he married in America as he was romancing the fair and innocent Pippin I wish I could say it is so romantic for a man to turn to a bottle of booze because he lost his heart’s desire but the Dash I have grown to like is certainly not this man in this bookEven though Pippin married another man even as her heart belonged to another her life has been a pretty good one She became a Viscountess who had a lovely marriage She did come to love her husband who was smitten with Pippin the moment he saw her Her son John is a captain and will be the youngest commander in the Royal Navy in almost twenty years Her daughter Ginger is settled and married Pippin is a bit depressed because she is finished with her mourning and longs to be the young woman she once was when she was being romanced by that pirate captain she has never forgotten Dash was larger than life when she first met him as a girl of barely sixteen and for the next few years until she was twenty one he was her whole life She has no idea what happened to him and feels adrift in her life She longs to be that woman she once was and wear that red dress she has packed away when she saved Dash from so many dangerous situationsA young man comes to Pippin asking for help He is Dash’s son Nathaniel who says that she is his father’s last hope Nathaniel tells Pippin a little fib about his father dying and Pippin can’t help it but rush to her former lover’s ai

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Memoirs of a Scandalous Red DressEd away in the back of her closet is a red dress the one she wore long ago to win his heart Could it have enough memories Memoirs of PDF left inside it to rekindle a passion she's never forgotte. Loved this So refreshing to have a love story that spans years and they are not young any Pippin and Thomas are now reunited and they each have grown children Great tale on the seas with flashbacks to when they both meet and to what has brought them full circle I just have to get the other books in this series