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Dede Korkut Kitâbı kindle ¶ eBook 9780140442984 Free » johnscyclingdiary ï ❴Reading❵ ➻ Dede Korkut Kitâbı Author Anonymous – The Book of Dede Korkut is a collection of twelve stories set in the heroic age of the Oghuz Turks a nomadic tribeNs the odd and oddly appealing style of the stories with their mixture of the collouial the poetic and the dignified and magnificently conveys the way in which they bring to life a wild society and its inhabitants This edition also includes an introduction a map and explanatory note Easily the best and most interesting epic fantasy about the Oghuz Turks

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The Book of Dede Korkut is a collection of twelve stories set in the heroic age of the Oghuz Turks a nomadic tribe who had journeyed westwards through Central Asia from the ninth century onwards The stories are peopled by characters as bizarre as they are unforgettable Crazy Karchar 'Dirse Khan came home He called to his wife Come here luck of my head throne of my house my sugar melon my honey melon''great sorrow came over his wife; her black almond eyes filled with bloody tears''the boy gave the bull a merciless punch on the forehead and the bull went sliding on his rump''Dirse Khan took up his strong bow strung with wolf sinew''you will not die of this wound The flowers of the mountain with your mother's milk will be salve for it''Water has looked on the face of God I shall ask this stream for news''Lady Burla the Tall overheard this and fire fell on her heart and soul''Alas for my falcon uivering in my fist''In those days the nobles' blessings were blessings and their curses were curses and their prayers used to be answered''Three times he kissed her once he bit her''Among the Oghuz nobles lying was unknown; they believed him and wept''I shall not call you 'horse' but 'brother' and better than any brother 'There's work to be done comrade' I shall say and better than any comrade''With your proud swaggering walk your lion like stance your intent gaze you are so like my brother Beyrek minstrel''The Black Lord was felled by a blow from Wild Dundar's sword Kara Budak felled the Black Lion King''The Lady Burla the Tall aimed a blow of her sword at the infidels' black standard and brought it down''make his soul yelp and bring it here''Now the infidel King of Trebizond had a mightily beautiful and beloved daughter She used to draw two bows at once to her right and to her left The arrow she shot never fell to earth''Wherever dust is falling and swirling wherever the crow and raven are dancing there shall I seek him''Warrior nonchalantly cutting off heads warrior attacking my enemy without so much as a by your leave what warrior are you?''My strong white gripped bow which I bought at the price of a stallion; my twisted string which I bought at the price of a bull''who weeps blood if for three days running he does not see an enemy''They withdrew to a place apart they clung together they who had longed for each other talked together and howled together like wolves of the wilderness''Armour is known by its jangling as meat is known by its seething''My left eye wept at the awesome sight''One day Salur Kazan son of Ulash lion of heroes chick of the long plumed bird hope of the wretched and the helpless prop of forsaken warriors marshal of the teeming Oghuz foe of Kan Abkaz master of the chesnut horse brother of Kara Gone uncle of Kara Budak father of Khan Uraz rose up from his place''The boy inuired What is the meaning of 'enemy'? Kazan replied My son the meaning of 'enemy' is the people whom we kill when we catch them and when they catch us they kill us''I see my son said Kanli Koja you don't want a girl; you want a dare devil hero to look after you and you can eat and drink and be merry That is so my dear father he replied but you'll go and get me some pretty dressed up doll of a Turcoman girl whose belly will split if I should suddenly lean over and fall on her Son said Kanli Koja finding the girl is up to you'

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Dede Korkut KitâbıWhose unpredictability reuires an army of fleas to manage it; Kazan who cheerfully pretends to necrophilia in order to escape from prison; the monster Goggle eye; and the heroine Chichek who shoots races on horseback and wrestles her lover Geoffrey Lewis's classic translation retai The stories of Dede Korkut are the epic history of the Oghuz Turks who crossed the steppes of what Rory Stewart called The Land In Between ultimately to settle in Anatolia after several centuries discarding their shamanist traditions and picking up Islam on the way The original stories tell of battles between heroes and their traditional enemies the Kipchak Turks with the enemy changing along the way to Christianized tribal enemies This English version is translated from a written late 16th century version that was actually written down It has tons of footnotes because the subject matter is so unfamiliar to most English readers It's also illustrated with photographs of one Oghuz tribe that has kept its traditional ways into modern times to help the reader visualize the impact of these tales There isn't a way to reproduce the oral cadences and rhymes of the original so a system of rhyming prose is used as a suggestion The stories themselves are fascinating particularly the portraits of traditional women who are sought in marriage because they can best their fiance in riding archery and killing One mother leads men to war to recapture the son her husband allowed to be kidnapped If you've read lots of folk tales these will often sound familiar There are orphaned babes suckled by animals fairies who haunt ponds women who are trapped in human bodies because a man has stolen their animal skin a one eyed giant tricked by a hero hiding among animals and trials to win brides Turkic tribes have such a long lineage it is impossible to tell if they are the source of such tales or if they borrowed them In addition there are purely Turkish components such as the gall bladder as the organ governing fear that lice can't live on a coward the rental of teeth at a banuet fate written on the forehead and ancestors who are trees If any of this sounds fascinating you will enjoy this book