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Remember Me L keep or else When Jeff awakes from a coma he finds the man who broke his heart sitting in his hospital room Angry confused and scared Jeff has no defense against this man And he also has no one else to care for him only Chad After all these years Jeff’s dream has finally come true Chad is back in his life But for how long? And is Jeff willing to open his heart to the man who broke it Another medical drama that I completely enjoyed This is also a Second Chance romance There are ethical issues raised and issues of the heart A lost love suddenly found in the worse condition possible The cold distant Doctor all of a sudden has his heart pierced by ghost of Cupid's arrowHe lies misleads confiscates kidnaps the belongings inanimate living of his former flame It comes from a place of care but isn't it still wrong? Will his sleeping beauty be awakened with a kiss that he returns or a slap of outrage Initially this is told from one point of view The story gets even better when the other PIC comes into playThis was an unexpected wonderful find that I recommend highly I've read paperbacks by this author and enjoyed them as well

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Ebook ✓ Remember Me è Download ↠ Lynn lorenz ☆ [Reading] ➾ Remember Me? ➵ Lynn Lorenz – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk For Chad and Jeff summer camp had been a time of discovering each other and making promises One of those promises was to stay in touch and keep seeing each other But Chad neFor Chad and Jeff summer camp had been a time of discovering each other and making promises One of those promises was to stay in touch and keep seeing each other But Chad never called and Jeff remained behind to finish high school Chad broke Jeff’s heart but both men suffered Chad couldn’t forgive himself for being a coward and not standing up to his parents and Jeff wouldn’t let a Emotional involvement be it for a personal decision or a professional one can be very risky Chad found out about the personal conseuences loneliness when he decided not to call Jeff the boy he first kissed at summer camp When Jeff turns up in Chad’s ER years later Chad faces a professional dilemma that were it not for his past with Jeff would be nonexistent Given Chad’s reaction to seeing Jeff again a man he never forgot and clearly still has feelings for I can see why he does what looks like total insanity The fact that Chad’s action is shortsighted has all kinds of conseuences and hurts Jeff yet again is the basis for renewed contact between two men who should have been together in the first place – except Chad wasn’t ready to face the truth back thenPlease find my full review on Rainbow Book Reviews

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Nyone into his heart again to hurt him A year after Katrina and ten years after that fateful summer Chad and Jeff meet again only this time it’s in the ER of a local hospital Chad is the attending doctor and Jeff is an assault victim on the brink of death Chad is once again swept into the past by the only man he’s ever loved and like before Chad makes promises to Jeff promises he wil Ten years ago Chad broke Jeff's heart by leaving and never gave Jeff a call he promised; even after they spent such lovely nights together Then fate plays its part where Jeff is brought to the ER where Chad works his life hanging on a thread Chad realizes he still has feeling for Jeff so he makes a promise this time to stay with Jeff and makes things right But when Jeff wakes up from a coma will he able to forgive Chad and embraces their future?I love story about reunion reconciliation or the one who got away theme This just carries that theme perfectly When Chad realizes who is being brought to his ER a man whom he loved ten years ago who never really left his mind and heart and how he stays with Jeff afterwards waiting patiently until Jeff wakes up it's so touchingI also like the fact that Jeff doesn't welcome Chad easily Oh no that man broke his heart and he has all the right to be angry Often in this kind of story the other man will forgive easily I'm glad that it's not the case here grin Because when they finally get together again it's just so sweet