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read ひよ恋 1 kindle ì Paperback Þ moe yukimaru ´ [BOOKS] ✫ ひよ恋 1 By Moe Yukimaru – ひよりは、超〜人見知りな高校1年生。わけあって、みんなより遅れてスタートした高校生活。同じクラス&となりの席の、広瀬くんに恋をいつもまわりに人がいて、明るくて楽しい彼は、自分とは正反対なんだけど――― 【同時収録】おまけまんが みったんの放課後日誌Hiyori a small Okay this is just ADORABLE 3Hiyori's Yuushin's interactions are just ASDFGHJKL 3333333Hiyori being compared to a baby chick was just ADORABLE lol Love how both Hiyori and Yuushin play off one another or rather of Yuushin than Hiyori in this case lolview spoilerSo REMINDS me of my boyfriend and I with the MASSIVE height differences lol 3333 view spoiler hide spoiler

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ひよりは、超〜人見知りな高校年生。わけあって、みんなより遅れてスタートした高校生活。同じクラス&となりの席の、広瀬くんに恋をしました This rating and review is for the completed volumesAfter an accident which led her to long term hospitalization Hiyoko needed to sum up courage to start her late freshman year with her acute anxiety and shyness She never enjoyed school life because of that and only had one best friend throughout the previous schooling years But this year on the first day back to school she met Yusshin a gangly boy of 190 cm with sunny attitude With Hiyoko's height at 140 cm the pair looked so mismatched they immediately became class' icon Not only that Yusshin persistence on befriending Hiyoko which started with gave her her later notorious nickname Hiyorin somehow made Hiyoko's high school life started to get betterWhat I love the most from this series is not the main characters somehow but the side characters In other shojo manga you'll find what I called as high school class trope which consisted of loyal besties bullies popular girlsboys unpopular girlsboys delinuents etc I cannot find any of them in this story Instead of school setting with all of that Hiyorin and Yusshin's school gave the most positive class setting I've ever encountered in my experience reading school setting manga Instead of bully Hiyorin and let Yusshin and her best friend Ricchan as her sole savior the WHOLE class helped Hiyorin to fit in They're all nice and precious babies without a single malicious intent I love them all It's nice to read a manga where the class residents are getting along so well with each other even the character who will get labeled as unpopular nerd in other manga was mentioned as poised and elegant I really really love this school and classes Hiyorin is so lucky to enrolled into such precious positive school so she can finally learn to get out of her shyness and made friends on her own hugs my babies

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ひよ恋 1And timid girl goes to school for the first time in a year since an accident left her hospitalized Follow her as she struggles with her social skills tries to make friends and maybe even a little bi Cute but it has been done before plus the extra drama didn't help