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Decision in the West The Atlanta Campaign of 1864 Modern War Studies review í eBook or Kindle ePUB Ë ➾ Decision in the West The Atlanta Campaign of 1864 Modern War Studies Download ➹ Author Albert E. Castel – Following a skirmish on June The West PDFEPUB #195 Following a skirmish on Junea truce is called so the North can remove their dead and wounded For two hours Yankees and Rebels mingle with some of the latter even assisting the former in their grisly work Newspapers are exchanged Northern coffee is swapped in the West The Atlanta Epubfor Southern tobacco Yanks crowd around two Rebel generals soliciting and obtaining autographsAs they part a Confederate calls to a Yankee I hope to miss you Yank if I happen to shoot in your direction May I never hit you Johnny if we fight again comes the replyThe Decision in Kindle reprieve is short A couple of months dozens of battles and than casu. Decision in the West covers Sherman's campaign in Georgia from May 1864 to September 1864 It also delves into many of the events and decisions earlier in the year January April leading up to the campaign Hood's Nashville campaign and Sherman's March to the Sea are briefly summarized in the last chapterThis is a predominately military history but it generally doesn't go deeper than the brigade level It is very much concerned with the decisions of the generals what they tried to do why they tried to do it if they succeeded and what might they have done differently It certainly has some interesting but fair opinions of Sherman Johnston and Hood The experiences of the soldiers are covered as well and they demonstrate that Sherman's campaign was every bit as grinding for both sides as the campaigns in Virginia at the time and for the same reason near constant contact with the opposing army and increased reliance on entrenchmentsThis book is now than 2 decades old but the content seems to have held up pretty well The Atlanta Campaign has received some recent writing but while they often delve deeper into the occupation and burning of Atlanta than Castel does they also often gloss over the events prior to Sherman's crossing of the Chattahoochee and Hood replacing Johnston As a result books like War Like the Thunderbolt The Battle and Burning of Atlanta make for interesting companions to Decision in the West rather than successorsOne very odd decision that actually works out well is that this entire book is written in the present tense History books are written about the past and as such are normally written in the past tense It certainly captures the feeling of immediacy that is mentioned in the PrefaceClassic campaign study that is a must read for any Civil War buff

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Alties later the North takes AtlantaOne of the most dramatic and decisive episodes of the Civil War the Atlanta Campaign was a military operation carried out on a grand scale across a spectacular landscape that pitted some of the war's best and worst general against each otherIn Decision in the West Albert Castel provides the first detailed history of the Campaign published since Jacob D Cox's version appeared in Unlike Cox who was a general in Sherman's army Castel provides an objective in the West ePUB #10003 perspective and a comprehensive account based on primary and secondary sources that have become available in the past yearsCastel gives a full a. This in 572 pages is as complete an account of Sherman’s campaign to take Atlanta as can be found Of the author’s use of the present tense in relating the story it neither enchanted nor annoyed me; it was different that’s all The maps depicting the battles are excellent They make it easy to follow what happened and the campaign maps are satisfactory The descriptions of most of the actions make them easy to follow I had some trouble during the post fall of Atlanta moves The American Civil War is this country’s Iliad Its generals stride across our history like Achilles and Hector of old Therefore students enjoy reading of their favorites and are uick to find satisfaction or displeasure in the way their favorites are handled Retreatin’ Joe Johnston does not come off so well as viewed by his president McPherson was almost every bit as cautious as McClellan and I wish the author had included the poignant story of McPherson and Emily Hoffman in his narrative Sam Hood gets a gentler treatment than in most other narratives; in effect he’s excused; also not covered are the details of his personal campaign to attain command of the Army of Tennessee Sherman well Sherman does not come off so brilliantly as in other histories Like the proverbial armchair uarterback Castel finds much to criticize on his style and tactics but in the end is forced to admit despite them Sherman won Conducting the campaign reuired enormous planning and logistics and we don’t know much of the details behind that and how much was as a result of Sherman’s knowledge and efforts he travelled throughout the area as a junior officer What Southern cavalry failed to do is treated well; there was little threat to Sherman’s supply linesOf interest strategically Atlanta was not the original object of the campaign Sherman’s goal as prescribed by Grant was simply to give Johnston enough play to prevent him sending reinforcements to Lee who would be prevented from reciprocating by Grant Later it became obvious that the Confederate armies weren’t going to be able to help each other and Atlanta became Sherman’s objective Recommended for the Civil War enthusiast

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Decision in the West The Atlanta Campaign of 1864 Modern War StudiesNd balanced treatment to the operations of both the Union and Confederate armies from the perspective of the common soldiers as well as the top generals He offers new accounts and analyses of many of the major events of the campaign and in the process corrects many long standing myths misconceptions and mistakes In particular he challenges the standard view of Sherman's performanceWritten in present tense to give a sense of immediacy and in the West The Atlanta Epubgreater realism Decision in the West demonstrates definitively than any previous book how the capture of Atlanta by Sherman's army occurred and why it assured Northern victory in the Civil Wa. I avoided this book for a long time because it is written in the present tense and that just seemed weird But as the author explains it does lend an immediacy to the narrative This is the authoritative definitive account of the Atlanta Campaign The balance of tactical strategic political and logistical aspects is very well done The writing flows well and the book is very readable