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Characters ¾ Flames Across the Border 1813 1814 102 ☆ [Reading] ➸ Flames Across the Border 1813 1814 Author Pierre Berton – The Canada–US border was in flames as the War of 1812 continued York's parliament buildings were on fire Niagara on the Lake burned to the ground and Buffalo lay in As put to the torch The War of had become one of the nineteenth century's bloodiest strugglesFlames Across the Border is a compelling evocation of war at its most primeval level the Flames Across eBook #200 muddy fields the frozen forests and the. It amazes me that I had so little knowledge of this war I'd heard the names of the battles before I knew some of the names ie Laura Secord Issac Brock Tecumseh and a bunch on the American side I knew that the White House had been burned down but not much apart from that Pierre Berton has changed that Now I have an eyewitness's view of the war at least the border war portion and of the peace negotiations As horrible as the destruction of Newark Buffalo Port Dover and Washington were I can't help feeling even worse about the happenings in Ghent The British eager to wrap up this colonial side excursion after putting the Napoleon problem to bed decided to settle for status uo ante despite their promises to the First Nations Perhaps had Tecumseh and Issac Brock still been alive they would have pushed harder and had a better tactical position from which to do so It's interesting to speculate what the map would have looked like in that case probably 4 or 5 countries to our south instead of one

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The Canada–US border was in flames the Border Kindle #211 as the War of continued York's parliament buildings were on fire Niagara on the Lake burned to the ground and Buffalo lay in ashes Even the American capital of Washington far to the south w. When I was in middle school we studied the War of 1812 and the course seemed to last longer than the actual war So you'd think I would be somewhat familiar with the events in this book which covers the second half of the conflict Either I repressed the memories or our class really only stopped after ueenston Heights because I learned so much by reading this and enjoyed it to boot A lot of the battles Berton covers here were really only just names to me Lundy's Lane Crysler's Farm the Battle of the Thames the Battle of Stoney Creek but with his present tense front and centre view of the action the conflicts come to life He relies on primary sources for the vast majority of his dialogue which adds an even authentic flavour Leaders on all sides receive credit or blame where such is due; on the whole I would say it is a balanced portrayalI wouldn't have expected this going in but my favourite part was the Battle of Lake Erie and the other naval campaigns The maps provided for these parts of the book were extremely helpful and Berton's accounts were especially fascinating I attribute it to having picked up CS Forester earlier this year So if you like naval battles in your reading check this one out The afterword and the very end of the last chapter were very poignant talking about the utter waste that a great deal of the war was Thousands died horrifically but to read the treaty is to see that a lot of the major issues for which they were actually fighting don't even get a look in Impressment the big issue for the Americans was uietly dropped from the treaty negotiations it had ceased to be an issue once the British defeated Napoleon at Waterloo and of course the First Nations and Native Americans were utterly betrayed The contrast between the bloody battles and diplomatic dithering is strikingThis is a big book but the pages almost turn themselves once you get into the groove Recommended for history buffs particularly those who like naval battles And if you live in southwestern Ontario or along the Great Lakes this is a thrilling look at the history in your backyard

Characters Flames Across the Border 1813 1814

Flames Across the Border 1813 1814Ominous waters where men fought and died Pierre Berton skilfully captures the courage determination and terror of the universal soldier giving new dimension and fresh perspective to this early conflict between the two emerging nations of North Ameri. With this year being the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 and next year the same anniversary of the Battle of York Toronto I thought it would be a good idea to brush up on my history Berton's book is written from a uniuely Canadian perspective and doesn't pull any punches when assessing the personalities of the key players and how their decisions or indecisiveness took them through 3 years of a very bloody war that defined the future relationship between Canada and the USA but in and of itself ended in a stalemate I liked the way the author combined the experiences of the Generals with those of Privates and citizens on all sides AmericanBritishCanadian and Native AmericanCanadian I also appreciated his insight into the contributions of the Native AmericansCanadians and their influence on and during the events