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Download Ï L'odore del fieno ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ [EPUB] ✰ L'odore del fieno Author Giorgio Bassani – Raccolta di 12 racconti che riprendono la dolce e incatata atmosfera ferrarrese Di carattere uasi del tutto oggettivo all'inizio uesti racconti restringono progressivamentRano di autobiografia artistica in cui si compie la piena identificazione tra l'io scrivente e lo scrittore uomo. Another half dozen short stories from the pen of Giorgio Bassani the last of which is an essay on composition by the author which gives some insights into the creative process as experienced by BassaniHaving read these and noted the resonances to the earlier stories in Romanzo di Ferrara series one wants to go back to the beginning and read them all again These are not world shaking tales their very attraction is the ambiguity and what remains unsaid when they have been read Certainly Ferrara the city takes on a life of its own against which the characters seem projected as shadows but in a sense capturing the past which is what Bassani seems to be trying to do reuires the ability to wander down a long dark corridor with the hope of glimpsing the life and light at the end

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Raccolta di racconti che riprendono la dolce e incatata atmosfera ferrarrese Di carattere uasi del tutto oggetti. Of all the works in The Novel of Ferrara this is the only one that is best read after you’ve read all the others It seems to be a collection of fragments; though fragments that seem mostly complete Some pieces might’ve been parts of stories that never made it into a final version and now read as background material In “Further News of Bruno Lattes” the main character who has his own story in Within the Walls reads like the first person narrator of Bassani’s other works than a separate entity like he is in “The Final Days of Clelia Trotti”Some of these pieces are straight nonfiction even mentioning Bassani’s wife and children; one in particular describes the couple’s drive from Ferrara to Rome For me the best of The Smell Of Hay was the evocative title piece and at the very end when Bassani explains his writing process in an essay whose title comes from a line in his first short story In the latter he describes how long it took to write the short stories that eventually comprised Within the Walls and when and why he realized he had to include his “I” in his writing The reader will have already noticed at what point that happened and it’s satisfying to see Bassani acknowledge it I deliberately used the word realized in the paragraph above since Bassani uses it deliberately as well First he explains that he never had trouble realizing a story in the sense that Cezanne means the term; he uses the word a second time when describing the encouragement Mario Soldati gave him the older writer telling Bassani his story only needs “to be realized to be set on its feet” I was attuned to the word realization as a theory of creativity as it's a concept I first heard of via Walter Inglis Anderson’s art and writings

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L'odore del fienoVo all'inizio uesti racconti restringono progressivamente il campo fino alla soggettivita' assoluta del finale b. Sadly this book feels like left over or added on chapters to Bassani's other great books A disappointment