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Read & Download A Mentira Sagrada 104 õ ❮Epub❯ ➟ A Mentira Sagrada Author Luis Miguel Rocha – Na noite da sua eleição para o Trono de São Pedro o Papa Bento XVI como todos os seus antecessores tem de ler um documento antigo ue esconde o segredo mais bem guardado da História a Mentira Sagra Na noitNa noite da sua eleição para o Trono de São Pedro o Papa A Mentira ePUB #9734 Bento XVI como todos os seus antecessores tem de ler um documento antigo ue esconde o segredo mais bem guardado da História a Ment. As a fan of Dan Brown’s books especially “Angles and Demons” I was eager to read this book I did not find the writing as tight or the plot to be uit as believable and some of the other religious historical fiction however I did enjoy this book  One of the major plots of the book follows the investigation and speculation following Pope Benedict XVI being given a book that causes him great fear for the future of the church and the church’s followers and believers  Is it possible that a concern over the authenticity or truth of Dead Sea Scrolls holds a true secret that would rock the beliefs of believers worldwide In The Pope’s Assassin there is the usual struggle found in the religious thrillers where the struggle over power and control within the leadership of the church and among both religious and the political leaders are in uestionThere are numerous sub plots which were a bit hard for me to follow but by the end most of the mysteries most were successfully concluded I enjoyed the characters but would like to see them fully developed I have ordered Luís Miguel Rocha’s earlier books The Holy Bullet and The Last Pope and will review them at a later time I appreciate Rocha’s work and hope to enjoy his other two selectionsThank you to Luis Rocha and to Goodreads for the review copy of this book

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Ira SagradaEm Londres um Evangelho misterioso na posse de um milionário israelita contém informações sobre esse segredo Se cair nas mãos erradas pode revelar ao mundo uma verdade chocanteRafael um agente do. I just finished my FirstReads copy of The Pope's Assassin and couldn't wait to write a review It has been a long time since I've read than 300 pages in a single day or been surprised by so many plot twists I was drawn into this thriller from the start and kept finding excuses to read just one chapter There were so many twists turns in the story that it is hard not to reveal too much and spoil this book for others Any book that promises a shadowy priestoperative has got to be good The intrigue was multi layered the Church's relationship with the Jesuits the secret documents agents double agents conspiracies conspirators uestionable alliances and the mysterious JC Add in a few great locations and non stop action and you've got a real winner This book kept surprising me right up until the final pages And made me think I need to check out books by this author the translator Thanks again to Goodreads FirstReads for introducing me to another terrific author and giving me the opportunity to read this excellent book

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A Mentira SagradaVaticano é enviado para investigar o Evangelho e descobre algo ue pode abalar não só a sua fé mas também os pilares da Igreja Católicaue segredos guardará o Papa E ue verdade esconde o misterioso Evangelho. I enjoyed this book I found it moved uickly and I didn't know who was on witch side until almost the end An intriguing story I only gave it 4 stars because there were places where I was getting confused and it was a little irritating that the characters seemed to be changing sides