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Read & download å Che Guevara A Revolutionary Life Æ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free µ ❰Read❯ ➪ Che Guevara A Revolutionary Life Author Jon Lee Anderson – Acclaimed around the world and a national best seller this is The halls of power in Castro's government to his failed campaign in the Congo and assassination in the Bolivian JungleAnderson has had unprecedented access to the personal archives maintained by Guevara's window and carefully guarded Cuban government documents He has conducted extensive interviews with Che's comarades some of whom speak here for the first time and with CIA men and Bolivian Guevara A Revolutionary ePUB #973. I rarely give those 5 stars but after some hard thoughts I decided that this one deserves it The author tries to give an account as balanced as you possibly could about a man as complex as Che The research effort put into this is immense and it shows in the details The important thing for me was that Anderson showed us both sides of the man His other worldly drive for justice and solidarity but also his cold blooded ruthlessness and obsession for discipline I firmly think he is one of the most intelligent men of his era but he is also a showcase for what can happen when a great mind is letting his emotions take over at virtually all time After reading this book it is clear that Che was and is misunderstood by a whole lot of people In the end he was a flawed man who believed that what he was doing was for the good of the poor and the oppressed He believed that was worth to sacrifice his own comfort and ultimately own life I can only respect him for that I admit that I try to overlook his dark side a little bit in order to let him shine just enoughAnd may I say itthis book changes the way I view things

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Acclaimed around the A Revolutionary ePUB #180 world and a national best seller this is the definitive work on Che Guevara the dashing rebel whose epic dream was to end poverty and injustice in Latin America and the developing world through armed revelation Jon Lee Anderson's biography traces Che's extraordinary life from his comfortable Argentine upbringing to the battlefields of the Cuban revolution from Che Guevara PDF. “Shoot coward you are only going to kill a man” Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara’s last words Anderson 1991735 Ernesto 'Che' Guevara de la SernaThose words make me shudder And one will wonder who this man is that in his irrepressible idealism enlivened in clandestine activities and political conspiracies dare deprive death of his satisfaction for indeed decades later Comandante Che is now heroically revered Born Ernesto Guevara de la Serna Che Guevara was unlike the ideology he died for born in an affluent family of landed Argentinean elites albeit a family on a sole route certain to lead them to modest living later on Ernestito as he was fondly called was born with asthma and throughout his life this will limit and define him At 7 barred by his recurring and debilitating asthma attacks from engaging in strenuous activities reinforced by a concrete mother son relationship Ernesto developed a love for literature He was in most instances in his life a voracious readerThe Young Che groomed in an elite societyAt 16 “Everything began with literature for him” 89 At this age he has uoted Freud and Nietzsche in his journal He read Jack London Bertrand Russell Faulkner Kafka Camus and Sartre Most often he said Neruda was his favorite At 25 While in Medical School Ernesto has traveled a sizeable part of South America first through his bicycle later outfitted with a motor and later with a motorbike The travels are of monumental importance in this austere travels characterized by the occasional begging of food and hitch hiking rides Che met the people of South America and for the first time saw the world through their forgotten faces and unheard voices Indeed he writes “The person who wrote these notes died upon stepping once again onto Argentine soil The person who edits and polishes them me is no longer At least I am not the person I was before The vagabonding through ‘America’ has changed me than I thought” 167 Che with his faithful bicycle he used for travellingAt 27 He meets Fidel and Raul Castro who will later on invite him in to which he giddily joined the July 26 Movement for the liberation of Cuba from Batista This critical step launches Ernesto away from his paradoxical behavior of complete apathy and radical declamations that characterized his earlier years “I will be with the people and i know it because I see it etched in the night that I the eclectic dissector of doctrines and psychoanalyst of dogmas howling like one possessed will assault the barricades or trenches will bathe my weapon in blood and mad with fury will slit the throat of any enemy who falls into my hands 201 At 32 The July 26 Movement finds daylight Batista flees the country and a newly established revolutionary government with Fidel Castro as the head pronounced Che Guevara as a Cuban Citizen by birth Che helps implement land reforms and literacy improvement projects in the liberated CubaChe with CastroAt 36 He left his ministerial position commander’s rank and family to spark off new revolutionsAt 39 Che Guevara was caught in Bolivia while tied down and kept as a prisoner he was shot to death his hands were cut off and buried in an unmarked mass grave The remains were exhumed and later found through a confession of a retired Bolivian General who came clean to this book’s author Jon Lee Anderson made a splendid job writing this biography He was an international investigative reporter war correspondent and staff writer for The New Yorker His fastidiousness and training as an investigative writer was thoroughly employed in an outstanding manner This is a well researched work grounded on extensive and exclusive primary sources that were given to Anderson when he approached Che Guevara’s widow Aleida March a distinction other written biographies lack that inevitably strips them of some semblance of true portrayal of Che’s life if not sheer outright veracity that led to biographies that have often resulted to sanctimonious and romanticized accounts Anderson’s narrative is fluid and light He presents the social milieu operative in Che’s environment and in so doing the reader is made to understand how this helped shape the man Anderson intermittently interjects his intuitive comments on the narrative which are always rational if not factual What I have come to appreciate the most was Anderson’s tone in writing which was if not totally objective was not defined by a ‘western’ bias in the least This is a great piece of work not only because of Anderson’s capacity and technical aspects in writing but so in what it has substantially achieved He was able to peel layers and layers of laudatory accounts and legends on this icon and revealed the man within Did I enjoy reading this biography Definitely yesDid I come to know Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara YesWill I recommend this This is the book one must read to know Che Guevara Accounts vary on this and the incident itself has attained an exalted position sometimes mythologized Other accounts point that this is Che’s last written word as contained in his Bolivian diary This review along with my other reviews has been cross posted at imbookedindefinitely

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Che Guevara A Revolutionary Life4 officers who hunted him down Anderson broke the story of where Guevara's body was buried which led to the exhumation and stat burial of the bones Many of the details of Che's life have long been cloaked in secrecy and intrigue Meticulously researched and full of exclusive information Che Guevara illuminates as never before this mythic figure who embodied the high water mark of revolutionary communism as a force in histor. The great historical tragedy surrounding the legacy of Che Guevara is that man who was nothing but completely and utterly sincere has become a symbol of insincerity I'm not sure if this was always the case but at least when I see people of my generation wearing a Che shirt or displaying a Che poster I no longer see the famous Korda photograph of Guevara I see the words I am a giant poser tattooed in bold relief on that persons face There may be people who are sincere in their admiration but usually a Che shirt symbolizes that the wearer listens to Rage Against the Machine in their car stereos on the way to the mall to spend their parents money at the most convenient Hot Topic As others have noted the person who would be most revolted by this misappropriation of identity would be Che himselfThe cult of Che continues to make some sense even after the end of the Cold War Guevara was brilliant curious compassioniate and utterly committed to his principal beliefs Among the communist leaders of the 20th century Guevara emerges as the one most faithfully committed to his principles It's hard to imagine Che compromising Marxist principles for the sake of economic expediency like Lenin or for the accumulation of personal power like Stalin Che was willing to die for his beliefs indeed he arguably actively sought his own eventual martyrdom Additionally Che's legacy like Kurt Cobain's or Jim Morrison's greatly benefited from the relative brevity of his life Che died soon enough that his entire life in still basked in the warm glow of revolution Perhaps one of the reasons he appears so steadfast is that he didn't live long enough to compromise his legacy There's the added benefit that Che was a pretty handsome guy so we remember him as a dashing guerilla type There is no footage of Che as a doddering 80 year old man still wearing army fatigues rambling incoherenciesIn many ways Che was an archetype for the baby boomer generation Born into a middle class Argentinian family Che spent his early years searching for a sense of meaning He eventually found it in a sympathy with the poor and exploited peasants of Latin America This further exacerbated an already present sense of anti Americanism that lasted throughout his lifetime Contrary to US Cold Warrior theory it was antipathy to Americans that eventually led him to Marxism To be fair such feelings weren't exactly unjustified Wherever there was a South or Central American corrupt dictator exploiting his people there was usually the government of the United States standing behind them Communism was initially just the bugaboo used to justify intervention The real reason the United States intervened in South America during the Eisenhower years was to protect the interests of United Fruit Coca Cola and other American companies Guevara's sympathies for the downtrodden of Latin America eventually drove him to armed resistance In Guatemala he fought against the US backed coup against a democratically elected president The failure of this struggle taught Guevara many lessons and was probably the last push that led to him becoming a full fledged CommunistAfter the coup in Guatemala Che continued to Mexico City which was at the time the exile capital of Americas Here he connected with a group of Cuban exiles through whom he eventually met a young lawyer who had recently been let out of prison for a failed attack on a barracks Fidel Castro Here Guevara finally found the purpose that would consume the rest of his life The rest as they say is historyChe's life is a story of a young man's search for fulfillment eventual satisfaction and an attempt to for lack of better words chase that feeling The success of Castro's revolution is truly a remarkable story A group of several dozen rebels led by Castro landed in Cuba in December 1956 WIthin weeks their numbers had been reduced to less than twenty Yet just a little two years after their disastrous landing Batista's dictatorship had collapsed and the rebels were marching into Havana I'm not sure what sure of this ultimate success can be apportioned to the leadership of Castro Guevara and others but obviously a tremendous deal of luck was involvedChe spent the remainder of his life with the ambition to duplicate the Cuban revolution in his birthplace Here's where Che's many faults came into play Guevara had all of the arrogance and hardheadedness that came with being a steadfast ideologue Just because something had been done once Che believed that it could be duplicated in different situations by following a set of principles This belief led to nothing but disasters of an increasingly hubristic nature Che failed that his earlier success in Cuba made a repeat of that success near impossible Now Latin American governments and their US supporters would not tolerate small bands of guerillas operating in the mountains allowing them to build up their resources Instead they would be smashed uickly and brutally After seeing several of his sponsored guerilla groups destroyed as a result of what he perceived as a failure to follow his instructions Che decided to reenter the field himself Ironically these expeditions on a smaller scale resembled the situation the United States was concurrently experiencing in Vietnam Che went into the Congo convinced that his leadership and Cuban support could inspire the disparate rebel groups there Instead the rebellion had been smashed within months and the path was set the stage for the 30 year Mobutu dictatorshipChe's final venture in Bolivia was a complete and utter fiasco The farce didn't even deserve the term revolution it was of a Cuban intervention in a sovereign country Castro and Guevara decided that Bolivia was the appropriate launching spot for what they hoped would be a continent wide uprising and they strong armed elements in Bolivia to provide the reluctant and feeble native backing The struggle was essentially Cuban led and mostly Cuban fought with an element of Bolivian support Not surprisingly it was a disaster from the start and Che didn't follow his own rule book Events culminated in Guevara's eventual surrender and executionLike I mentioned Che had all of the strengths and weaknesses of an intellectual who lives in sole service of an idea He was a moral man without hypocrisy who could be charismatic funny and brilliant But he served his idea to a faul As much as he railed against the untoward influence of the US over Latin America his beliefs put Cuba into a much subservient position toward the USSR Even before his death he left his children fatherless to serve the revolution He was also uncompromising to a fault He was willing to look favorably upon nuclear armageddon as long as it served his cause In the romantic accounts of Guevara's life and death it is not mentioned that he died in an attempt to spark World War III His aspirations were that his uprising in Bolivia would lead to a continent wide uprising that would create a second Vietnam in the Americas He hoped this would inspire China and the Soviet Union to set aside their sectarian differences to unite in a general struggle against the United States He foresaw a socialistic humanity emerging from the ashes of a nuclear conflict He was willing to see the death of millions as long as it served his ideological beliefs No matter his good ualities this lessens the sense of tragedy surrounding his execution for me at leastWhatever the case may be the life and death of Ernesto 'Che' Guevara is an epic tale and Jon Lee Anderson does an admirable job in relating it The investigative journalistic work that Anderson did oozes out of the work Anderson spent years on this project and lived for years in Cuba In addition to reading almost everything written about or by Che Anderson has interviewed scores of Guevara's contemporaries in Cuba and Argentina including childhood friends Cuban officials and fellow guerillas What emerges is a balanced biography that is rare for such a polarizing subject My review perhaps does not exhibit this uality but this is of a result of the conclusions I drew from the book and not a reflection on any inherent biases Anderson might have Anderson does not seek to beatify or demonize he seeks to report Doing so he actually was able to break news It was his research in the course of writing this book that led to the discovery of Guevara's long lost remains near a airstrip in Bolivia in 1997 Anderson chips off the tarnish of mythology to prevent an evenhanded and reliable account of life of one of the most iconic figures of the 20th century