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SUMMARY Û Sweetness in the Belly Ä ❮KINDLE❯ ❆ Sweetness in the Belly ❃ Author Camilla Gibb – Set in Ethiopia and South London this is the story of a young white Englishwoman raised as a Muslim in a remarkable and moving examination of race religion and identity in today's world Previous noSet in Ethiopia and South London this is the story of a young white Englishwoman raised as a Mus. The language is beautiful the descriptions of the culture and landscape are intense even her depiction of the main character's feelings in memorizing the ur'an is to me a Muslim a mind opener ButThe Islam in her book is not the real Islamic teaching It's heavily mixed with cultural traditions but still labeled 'Islam' I can imagine the readers say Oh now I know about Islam' but are actually misled True it's not Miss Gibbs responsiblity why would you learn about a religion from someone who is not a believer again but with all the precise details she showed of the traditions and habits one might assume that she had done a lot of research about Islam and that her portrayal of Islam is valid So all those mistaken information has left me dissatisfied I also have a problem with her message To conclude that a person can only be a 'good person' if shehe becomes permissive leaving the code of law now and again may be what many readers want but is not prudent Everyone in her story either becomes inhumane from or shackled with the religion Islam or they leave Islam and be humane again Perhaps she's yet to meet a person who is kind compassionate and successful BECAUSE heshe is a Muslim Or perhaps she has never read the stories of the Prophet who is the kindest the most compassionate ever and very very successful Or simply because she meant to discredit Islam God knows best


Us novels by the author include 'Mouthing the Words' and 'The Petty Details of So and So's Life'. This story was so well written I had to check the front cover a couple of times that it was indeed A Novel The story switches back and forth in time and the author does it so well I was easily able to read without the dissonance I often feel with the techniue The story of a white Muslim woman in Ethiopia during the times of great changes this story is also a scrabble lover's dream Words like AT SU MIRANA and are used throughout I won't have any trouble remembering those words during my scrabble games

Camilla Gibb ç 1 SUMMARY

Sweetness in the BellyLim in a remarkable and moving examination of race religion and identity in today's world Previo. Gibb depicts the life of a ferengi foreignwhiteEuropean woman Lilly living as a devout Muslim in two settings Harar Ethiopia and London England Through this character's eyes we learn about people in this African nation struggling with day to day tasks amid political economic cultural and religious tensions both in their native country and abroad as refugees The author creates a number of compelling characters who inhabit a variety of positions in the spectrum of the Muslim experience malefemale conservative progressive westernized traditional monied poor etc It's a good book for showing that the Islam world is not monolithic The book as strong literary merits as well The auther does a good job using fractured chronology to reveal Lily's Ethiopian past to explain her current conflicts hopes as experienced in London as a refugee Gibb weaves in themes about love national identity religious fidelity and family structure The strongest image employed is a recurring use of crushing spices with a mortar and pestle to create a rich aroma implying that Lilly and others still emit sweetness and spice despite or because of the conflict in their life I enjoyed the artistry and the information All Ethiopians may not agree with the depiction of their homeland in the same way that a couple of characters take exception to Sir Richard Burton's depiction of Africans in his writings Nevertheless I have a complex view of the country as a result of Gibb's novel