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Stridens skönhet och sorg Första världskriget i 212 korta kapitelOwing soldiers and sailors nurses and government workers from Britain Russia Germany Australia and South skönhet och sorg MOBI #237 America and in theatres of war often neglected by major histories on the period Englund reconstructs their feelings impressions experiences and moods This is a piece of anti history it brings this epoch making event back to its smallest component the individua. One hundred years ago and some change the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated by a Yugoslav nationalist and it was this seemingly small event that touched off one of the bloodiest conflicts in modern history that of World War I I have the sense that a lot of people have largely forgotten World War I We still have veterans alive that fought in World War II and there was a clear evil we were fighting in that war But all of the people who fought in the First World War and most of the people who had to endure a war torn Europe are dead now and we tend to forget that it was Germany's loss in the WWI that set Adolf Hitler on his mad rise to power which ultimately turned into WWII Peter Englund has chosen to show us not the tactics or battle formations or even the lives of the most important characters of WWI but instead the most ordinary of people We see the war through the eyes of the soldiers the sailors the nurses people drawn from all over the world to fight for their colonial rulers or people who simply felt they needed to be part of this big adventure We see the tedium of life in the trenches of the horror of seeing men obliterated next to you of dealing with the stench of rotting bodies when you're trying to eat a meal to keep your strength up We see the hardships of the people left behind the refusal of the governments to allow the media to publish the reality of losses the lack of food and milk and diapers and coffee for the average person We also see the class system that still existed in some of the armies in which the common soldiers have barely enough to eat but the officers are still eating four course dinnersWhile it is fascinating to see how the long years of war affecting the common man this book can be frustrating and long at times It's difficult to keep all twenty characters straight and when Englund does devolve into strategy and tactics of the war it was difficult for those details to sink into my brain I do appreciate that Englund composed it almost like a communal diary going chronologically but at the same time I have to wonder if it would have been effective to concentrate on one person at a timeHighly recommend this book to people who enjoy history and especially the history of the ordinary person But just keep in mind it is really long and can be dry at times

Read & Download Stridens skönhet och sorg Första världskriget i 212 korta kapitel

Stridens skönhet och sorg Första världskriget i 212 korta kapitel Free read ç 106 ã ❆ Stridens skönhet och sorg Första världskriget i 212 korta kapitel kindle Epub ❤ Author Peter Englund – Four devastating years told by twenty eyewitnesses showinOch sorg MOBI #239 Four devastating years told by twenty eyewitnesses showing not just what the First World War was but what it was like to live throughThere are many books on the First World War but award winning and bestselling historian Peter Englund takes a daring and stunning new approach Describing the experiences skönhet och sorg Första världskriget MOBI #233 of twenty ordinary pe. I can't explain the rave reviews on this one The reporting is definitely there The author has found 20 ordinary but interesting people engaged at some level in World War I They come from all sides of the conflict no Turks but he's got a S American who fought for the Ottoman Empire It looks like uite a bit of the material comes from memoirs that would have been lost in some dusty old library if they ever made it to one to begin with Unfortunately the writer just forgot to write The book takes the reader through the war years with short journal entry style chapters Cutting to the chase is definitely not Mr Englund's style We're subjected to 500 pages of paragraphs that start with Early autumn clear skies A light mist Hazy sunshine or Nothing of any importance has occurred Particularly aggravating is that some of the best material is in the footnotes long footnotes that sometimes take up half the page in itty bitty type The author also makes the mistake of uoting some of the memoir writers at length This is when you realize that while these people led interesting lives during the war their turgid prose was probably one reason we haven't heard of them today We don't have any Primo Levi's in the bunchI stuck it out because I was curious about the people but I wish the author had spent time editing and crafting the narrative

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Ople from around the world all now unknown he explores the everyday aspects Stridens skönhet ePUB #9734 of war not only the tragedy and horror but also the absurdity monotony and even beauty Two of these twenty will perish two will become prisoners of war two will become celebrated heroes and two others end up as physical wrecks One of them goes mad another will never hear a shot firedFoll. Drawn from personal journals and letters The Beauty and The Sorrow interweaves poignant and harrowing stories of twenty ordinary people with widely varying backgrounds nationalities and occupations who are all caught up in the turmoil of World War I The individuals include an English nurse in Russia a 12 year old German girl an Australian army engineer a Venezuelan cavalryman in the Ottoman army and an American opera singer married to a Polish aristocrat The number of entries for each person varies and their stories are intermingled presented in the order that they happened but I found I enjoyed the book when I untangled some of the accounts using the index so I could follow the people I was most interested in straight through from start to finish Every chapter covers one year of the war and begins with a chronological list of that year’s battles and invasions Some of the source materials the author draws on are available in their entirety from or through Google Books and the ones I’ve perused so far are well worth looking up if you want information I’ve especially enjoyed the book When the Prussians Came to Poland written by Laura Turczynowicz the American opera singer who was living in Poland with her family and leading a Downton Abbey like life of luxury when the war began As the Downton Abbey characters did Laura abandoned some of her aristocratic lifestyle to tend to gravely wounded soldiers but unlike her fictional British counterparts Laura’s grand family home had to be abruptly abandoned when it became the front line of battle and she and her children escaped with little than their lives