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DOWNLOAD The Uncommon Reader 109 Ü ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☃ The Uncommon Reader Author Alan Bennett – A deliciously funny novella that celebrates the pleasure of reading When the ueen in pursuit of her wandering corgis stumbles upon a mobile library she feels duty bound to borrow a book Aided by Norma A deliciously fHe Brontë sisters to Jean Genet With a young member of the palace kitchen staff guiding her choices it’s not long before the ueen begins to develop a new perspective on the world one that alarms her closest advisers and tempts her to make bold new decisions Brimming with the mischievous wit that has garnered acclaim for Bennett on both sides of the Atlantic The Uncommon Reader is a delightful celebration of books and writers and the readers who sustain the. Rating 4125 of fiveWitty irreverent and completely charming Bennett's novella is one I would sincerely hope that Her Majesty read and laughed at when it was publishedThere are many reviews of this effervescent entertainment so I will confine myself to noting that the book carries with it a none too subtle punch line which I can't imagine would have made Mr Bennett likely to be in line for a life peerage but which I can imagine made him a popular figure around HighgroveA delightful bagatelle of a book Recommended to anyone not connected with the Royal Family This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 30 Unported License

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T loved literary voices With The Uncommon Reader he brings us a playful homage to the written word imagining a world in which literature becomes a subversive bridge between powerbrokers and commoners By turns cheeky and charming the novella features the ueen herself as its protagonist When her yapping corgis lead her to a mobile library Her Majesty develops a new obsession with reading She finds herself devouring works by a tantalizing range of authors from t. Oh wow If I could give this book six stars or heck even ten I would It is so great there's a lot of subtlety in here that Readers' Advisory librarians will definitely clue into especially in how society views readers reading and booksA lot of us read sure A lot of us really enjoy books But because we are average joes commoners small potatoes this is nothing groundbreaking It likely will not become upsetting if we take up reading as a hobby But what if someone important takes up reading at a late stage in life What if that somebody is than important what if that person is a figurehead an influential presence of tradition or otherwise very powerful in obliue ways What if that person happened to be the ueen of EnglandThat's the premise of this romping little read that has a surprising amount of substance ueen Elizabeth stumbles across a bookmobile by the palace feels compelled by good manners to check out a book struggles through it returns it and again feels compelled to take out another This one she finds delightful and so the die is cast This is so completely out of character for the ueen she allows herself few hobbies and interests that would indicate a preference for anything and now here she is preferring books developing a love for them and as she reads and developing some pretty heavy ideas that influence the person she is and how she reigns and interacts with her subjectsBut not everyone likes this new habit hobby tendency addiction whatever RA librarians will recognize some of the arguments that the ueen's politicians and such make Reading is selfish Reading isolates you Reading will alienate others from you It's one thing to read this in an RA textbook; it hits home a lot harder when you read it being discussed in a fiction bookThe book is mainly dialogue driven with a fair amount of character development being devoted to the ueen It all gets resolved in a tidy unexpected funny and completely ludicrous manner at the end and the ending is suitably off beat just like the rest of the bookREAD IT

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The Uncommon ReaderA deliciously funny novella that celebrates the pleasure of reading When the ueen in pursuit of her wandering corgis stumbles upon a mobile library she feels duty bound to borrow a book The Uncommon PDFEPUB or Aided by Norman a young man from the palace kitchen who freuents the library the ueen is transformed as she discovers the liberating pleasures of the written wordThe author of the Tony Award winner The History Boys Alan Bennett is one of Britain’s bes. Utterly charming book about the ueen stumbling across a mobile library that visits Buckingham Palace regularly and being assisted to choose reading matter by the helpful Norman It's unusual because it shows how limited the ueen is by her very proper job which might not look like one christening ships knighting people opening hospitals hosting dinner parties and being nice to foreign politicians but it certainly would feel like one She escapes not from reality with a book but into it into our reality how we all live To say about the story would spoil this absolute gem of a book Each facet is a carefully polished succinct paragraph of the best of slightly comic writing on the surface but there are always glints of Bennett's attitudes tastes and where he would like to influence the reader with his obviously socialist stance Note to Americans this is uite acceptable and might even be praiseworthy in EuropeBennett says that the reader creates the character as much as the author which is of course self evident It is the reason why films often disappoint the director's vision has clashed with that of the readers That said I would still love to see a play a small film of this book No one has ever written about the ueen in uite this way before someone who would deeply like to be human and explore herself rather than being some sort of demi god in a gilded cage of utmost comfort and deepest isolationIn real life the ueen is supposed to have plastic containers of cereals on her breakfast table placed there by the butler or the footman and for holidays in a cottage in Scotland actually cooks for and washes up after the family and wears exactly what she pleases A holiday Not for us oh no she's not like us at all