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Summary The Case of the Restless Redhead Perry Mason Mysteries House of Stratus ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ð [PDF / Epub] ✅ The Case of the Restless Redhead Perry Mason Mysteries House of Stratus By Erle Stanley Gardner – EvelEvelyn Bagby of the MOBI #244 has ambition bad luck – and red hair When she is caught wit. No good deed ever goes unpunished Perry Mason kept forgetting about this simple truth and as a result kept getting in the same trap over and over This time he ended up in a courtroom following the proceedings of a case with which he has nothing in common A redheaded woman was accused of a theft of valuable jewels She was assigned a young inexperienced public defender with her being as poor as a church mouse The young guy was badly losing to prosecution due to his complete lack of experience During the recess he recognized Mason and asked him for help Mason made a big mistake by deciding to teach the poor lawyer Unsurprisingly he was so good in giving pointers that his young colleague easily managed to literally destroy the prosecution case Mason returned to his office Some time later the now acuitted woman came to Mason's office to personally thank him Mason's mistake number two he decided to see her The woman was down on her luck so Mason and his secretary Della Street decided to help her with gaining employment Next thing Mason knew he had to take her as a client and defend against a murder accusation in a case where everything pointed to her being the guilty party What follows is a very complicated mystery; it is complicated even by the series' standards In fact I read this book a long time ago and I still remember its highlights due to some unusual developments To be completely fair Mason himself did his best worst to make the case even muddled Needless to say he succeeded in baffling the police and prosecution His explanation was that because somebody created almost perfect frame for his client mixing up the clues further would not hurt the defense but spoil the plans of the real culprit Mason was right of cause By the time he was done the Judge himself was practically begging him to explain what was going on Mason obliged It turns out there were two clues that gave the mystery away for those who could see through all the red herrings My usual rating for a book of the series still applies 4 stars

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Up Then comes news of another crime and Mason finds the charge against his client is murder. 38There's a lot of lawyer talk but it's really interesting Also there's some DellaPerry but it's only hinted atRecommended 12 for murder and language

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The Case of the Restless Redhead Perry Mason Mysteries House of StratusH stolen diamonds is looks like an airtight case But Perry Mason believes she has been set. I've been reading Gardner's Perry Mason books off and on for many years Many years ago I was an intense fan of the series and read them all at least once Now after a lot of water over the dam I'm looking at them againThose who are used to really fine mystery writers may find the writing style here a bit stiff and mechanical Nonetheless I still love the general setting the characters of Perry Della Paul Lt Tragg and Hamilton Berger That and the ingenious plots are why I read Perry MasonOn the whole the ones written by 1950 are the best This one was written in 1954 and is very good in some ways less so in others It is very well written a real page turner for most of its length But the ending is too complicated and full of gimmicks the reader could never guessThe story begins one day when Perry visits the courthouse in Riverside CA on an errand He is early so wanders into court to see a case being tried A young attorney Frank Neely is cross examining a witness It is soon obvious that Neely is floundering around with no idea what to ask next and the witness is smug Neely recognizes Perry and they have lunch Perry gives him some tips on cross examination The tips work Neely gets the witness confused that afternoon and the defendant is acuittedBut that is scarcely the beginning The defendant Evelyn Bagby learns about Perry's help and comes to LA to thank him She is a young hardworking down on her luck struggling waitress She had been defrauded of a small inheritence by one Staunton Vester Gladden who had promised to teach her how to get noticed in Hollywood and become a star Of course he absconded with the money So after learning about life the hard way she refused to give up and being restless Restless Redhead decided to make her way to Hollywood Her old car broke down near Riverside While staying in a motel a piece of jewelry was discovered in her luggage and she was arrested That's what the case was about that Perry walked in onBut there's The jewels were owned by famous actress Helene Chaney who was staying there with her rich friend Irene Keith Now Irene Keith wants to give Evelyn a hundred dollars for her trouble Odd Further in reading about Helene Chaney Evelyn realizes that Chaney's estranged second husband appears to be Staunton Vester Gladden His real name is Steve Merrill Word has it that Chaney wants to remarry to a wealthy businessman but Merrill will try to stop it unless he is bought offMeanwhile Perry helps Evelyn get a job at a restaurant in the hills near Hollywood She lives on the premises Soon she discovers a gun tucked in a drawer with her clothes in her room First some jewels now a gun She phones Perry who tells her to bring him the gun On her way driving down the winding road in the hills a car tries to force her off the road The driver is wearing a hood of some kind covering his entire head She grabs the gun and fires wildly out the window The car swerves off and she goes on to meet MasonLater Steve Merrill is found dead in that car shot and wearing the hood The car had evidently crashed through a guard rail and fallen into a gully Soon the police think that Evelyn's story about being almost run off the road is a lie that she murdered Merrill alias Gladden put him in the car and ran it into the gullyThis story is very complicated too complicated to summarize in any detail A big part of the plot is that the gun Evelyn had was one of a pair bought by businessman Mervyn Aldrich the one who wants to marry Helene Chaney Aldrich is a stock character in the Perry Mason opus the rich arrogant businessmanThe story was serialized in the Saturday Evening Post in 1954 Maybe that's why it is well written full of colorful details Until the last dozen pages or so I was thinking that it must be among the very best Perry Mason stories There are great courtroom scenes many with Hamilton Burger But unfortunately the outcome disappoints It is too complicated and too unreal There are at least two coincidences without which the plot would die Maybe even worse a character with an important role but no speaking part is introduced with only two pages to go That's a huge no no in my bookGood Hamilton Burger good Sgt Holcomb Oddly there is no mention of Lt Tragg The client is especially sympathetic Average use of Della Street Odd use of Paul Drake he plays his typical role for the first 55% of the book then is not even mentioned again until the wrap up on the last pagesIt's almost as if Gardner wrote the first 75% or so of the book then passed it off to an assistant to finishRecurring themes Two guns and a gun switchThe cross examination scenes are good even above averageThe castFrank Neely young attorney from RiversideEvelyn Bagby young waitress who keeps getting in the wrong place at the wrong timeIrene Keith wealthy friend and bridesmaid ofHelene Chaney famous actress about to marryMervyn Aldrich wealthy hard nosed businessmanHarry Boles witness who gets rattled on the witness standSteve Merrill ex husband of Helene ChaneyStaunton Vester Gladden alias of Steve MerrillOscar Loomis lives in the same apartment house as Steve Merrill And Harry Boles tooRuby Inwood lives in the same apartment house as Steve Merrill and a couple other peopleRecommended to see how well Gardner could write when he wanted to