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DOWNLOAD Ð Teacher Teacher » ➵ [Reading] ➷ Teacher Teacher By Jack Sheffield ➪ – It's 1977 and Jack Sheffield is appointed headmaster of a small village primary school in North Yorkshire So begins Jack's eventful journey through the school year and his attempts to overcome the man It's and Jack SheffL in the extreme And then there's also beautiful bright Beth Henderson who is irresistibly attractive to the young headmasterWarm funny and nostalgic Teacher Teacher is a delightful read that is guaranteed to make you feel better whatever kind of day you've h. A sticker on the front of this book said 'if you like Gervaise Phinn you'll love this' and to be fair the books are very similar in style and subject A gentle tale about a young headmaster and the village school he works at in the late 1970s I enjoyed the book because it really conjured up the day to day life of a school throughout the seasons and also introduced a series of amusing characters and sub plots apart from the school I think it appealed to me because I trained as a primary school teacher and have spent uite a lot of time in schools as an adult maybe it would be less interesting to those without that insight Possibly not uite as good as Gervaise but still very entertaining and I will most certainly read the other books in this series

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He many colourful chapters include Ruby the stone caretaker with an acute spelling problem a secretary who worships Margaret Thatcher a villager who grows giant carrots a barmaidparent who reuests sex lessons and a five year old boy whose language is colourfu. 'I'm part of the Transworld book group' and was sent this book to review by TransworldI really loved the idea of this book and had high hopes for it before I began but for some reason it just didn't uite live up to expectationsThe book is semi autobiographical and chronicles the first year of Jack Sheffield's role as Head Teacher at Ragley on the Forest primary school in North Yorkshire There's a whole slew of colourful larger than life characters and life in the tiny village of Ragley seems idyllic The school children are on the whole uite adorable and I enjoyed the gentle anecdotal style the book adopts However despite all that there were a few little niggles nothing major but enough to pull me out of my enjoyment of the book nonetheless The fact that the book is semi autobiographical based on real events had me wondering on a few occasions how much had happened and how much of it had been embellished although we all get the idea of where the book's going; perhaps not a problem for some people but for me personally I would have preferred a straight up memoir or a straight up fictional story; something in between didn't uite cut it The dialogue too is a little contrived in places and I found myself cringing on a few occasionsOn the whole however I did like the book; I perhaps wouldn't actively seek out the rest of the series but this is an easy read and I'm glad I finished it


Teacher TeacherIt'sand Jack Sheffield is appointed headmaster of a small village primary school in North Yorkshire So begins Jack's eventful journey through the school year and his attempts to overcome the many problems that face him as a young and inexperienced headmasterT. This is really a feel good book The different chapters start with an entry in the school log thus recounting a whole school year The writer clearly cares deeply about children and their parents With lots of humor but also discrete and serious we get a sketch of some wonderful characters I doubted between a 3 and 4 star Finally I decided on the 4 star because the book really felt a bit magical a combination of melancholy humour and a cast of everyday heroes