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Read אותו הים ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ú [PDF / Epub] ☉ אותו הים Author Amos Oz – Nadia Danon is dead of cancer Her widower Albert a tax accountant comforted by his old friend and colleague Bettine is trying to put his life back together His son Enrico has gone off to Nadia Danon is dead of cancer Her widower Albert a tax accountant comforted by his old friend and colleague Bettine is trying to put his life back together His son Enrico has gone off to lose or find himself. Ever since the first time I read this it has become the book by which all other books are judged Oz's verse has such a melancholic beauty to it Still not a book for everyone but if it's a book for you you will never forget it

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In Tibet The son's girlfriend Dita is a filmmaker back in Israel where she is making friendly daughterly overtures to Albert his response is less platonic Meanwhile Dita has another lover Giggy may be crass b. A novel told in a mixture of poetry and prose – a novel approach I dare say However I came to understand why novels and poetry stand apart as two different forms and although they borrow heavily from each other the fusion of the two into “the same sea” leaves one uite “at sea”The author enters the minds of a group of people in Israel a widowed father his soul searching son the son’s stay behind girlfriend and her lovers the son’s pick up girlfriend while on the road the father’s wannabe girlfriend who is herself a widow the matriarch while she is alive and dead and most interestingly the author himself who as the narrator mixes freely with his characters and dissects their livesNothing much happens in this book other than for the narrator offering us rich insights into each of the characters through set pieces of poetry or short prose Their relationships to each other their desires or loss of desire in the case of the widower memories angst and feelings are laid bare in lyrical language Oz takes us into taboo places the father’s lust for his son’s girlfriend the girlfriend’s reciprocation the son’s anger at his mother dying on him I felt the author was enjoying himself not only in taking tea with his characters and spying on them but also in playing with words At times I had difficulty identifying some of the voices as they blur amongst each other Given the style selected there is not a lot of movement other than for the son’s peregrinations through South Asia which are elegantly renderedIs this one of my favourite novels No Is this the best book of poetry I’ve read No Is it the best work of experimental fiction I’ve read Perhaps I was left hanging wondering how much impactful this novel would have been had Oz given his flair for language and his fearlessness to plumb character decided to write it as a conventional novel replete with a story line that would have seen some of the conflicts resolved; how much further could he have travelled with this book that way Yes then perhaps I would have cast a favourable vote

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אותו היםUt at least he's uncomplicated and a passionate but mildly repellent film producer lusts after her too Through these intersecting triangles of desire and love theirs are the voices and the stories BOOK JACKET. The novel infused with sadness longing and ache slips easily from prose into poetry and vice versa The series of poems like the sea of the title are constantly changing yet remain the same Each section can stand on its own or be read as part of the whole We know very little about the cast of characters and yet they feel like family by the time the story is finishedThis book will entertain anyone who can enjoy an 'out of the ordinary' reading experience A master creation by Israel's greatest living writer