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characters Jacues Tati ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☄ Jacues Tati Author David Bellos – The full story of one of France's greatest cinema legends a clown whose film making innovation was to turn everyday life into an art formJacues Tati's Monsieur Hulot unmistakablThe full story of one of France's greatest cinema legends a clown whose film making innovation was to turn everyday life into an art formJacues Tati's Monsieur Hulot unmistakable with his pipe brolly and striped socks was a creation of a slapstick genius that made audiences around the wo. This is a fascinating biography on one of the great movers in the cinema arts My friend Kimley reminded me of this book when she put it up on this website David Bellos who wrote the bio is himself uite interesting He translated some of Georges Perec's fiction as well as writing a major biography on him I kept thinking 'what is the connection between Perec and Tati Which the answer is Tati is very much part of the world of Perec and other giants of the 20th Century One can see him part of the music hall world but that is just one world Bellos made a mistake in not identifying Sparks who hopefully were involved in a film project with Tati but it failed due to Tati's health and the financial world at the time Nevertheless this is a very good biography on an uniue artist with a visionTati is probably one of the great modern filmmakers in the late 20th Century The other being Buster Keaton

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Rld laugh at the sheer absurdity of life This biography charts Tati's rise and fall from his earliest beginnings as a music hall mime during the Depression to the success of Jour de Fête and Mon Oncle to Playtime the grandiose masterpiece that left the once celebrated director bankrupt. Tati had always been very proud of his work and rightly so But he had never thought much of himself He was an example of uncompromising authenticity very rare to find 'tis all

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Jacues TatiAnd begging for euipment to complete his final films Analysing Tati's singular vision Bellos reveals the intricate staging of his most famous gags and draws upon hitherto inaccessible archives to produce a uniue assessment of his work and its context for film lovers and film students ali. A fabulous book and a fitting tribute to one of the finest screen comedians and filmmakers of all time I'm a huge fan of Tati and found this a fascinating read Very much focused on the work whilst we get a decent resume of his early life once we get into the films what glimpses of his personal life we get are all in the context of where his career was His life between the completion of Parade and his death therfore is covered in a matter of paragraphs But we get enough of the man to understand him and this focus on his work above his life matches perhaps Tati's own priorities That said the depth of detail on the films is excellent and so well put over When I first flicked through the book I was a bit wary seeing what looked like a lot of dry technical detail especially to someone who's not that knowledgeable about the technicalities of filmmaking Chapters on aspect ratio and colour techniues and the dissection of framing all seemed daunting but in the event were very easy reads in part due to how well they're written but also because it's made readily apparent why these things mattered to Tati and the purpose they serve in his films Put simply this is a great book not only on Tati but also on visual film comedy in general An absolute must read for any fans of Tati