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FREE DOWNLOAD Samurai By Saburo Sakai 107 à [Epub] ❧ Samurai Author Saburo Sakai – THE GRIPPING SAGA OF THE RISE AND FALL OF THE JAPANESE NAVAL AIR FORCE IN WORLD WAR II THROUGH THE CAREER OF ONE OF ITS BEST FIGHTER ACES Written by Martin Caidin from Saburo Sakai's own memoirs and j THE GRIPPING SAGA OF THE RISTHE GRIPPING SAGA OF THE RISE AND FALL OF THE JAPANESE NAVAL AIR FORCE IN WORLD WAR II THROUGH THE CAREER OF ONE OF ITS BEST FIGHTER ACES Written by Martin Caidin from Saburo Sakai's own memoirs and journalist Fred Saito's extensive interviews with the World War II fighter pilot Samurai viv. The first person story of Japan's greatest flying ace in World War II Explosive action Excruciatingly painful wounds and the stubborn pride of a man who refuses to be defeated One thing that makes this book fun is that if you have a lot of romantic illusions about Japan or the samurai class this book will cure them Not that Saburo Sakai isn't a class act and a gentleman but that he grew up very poor in spite of his samurai ancestry I mean like on the farm dirt poor It's also interesting that though he's a tough guy and a born fighter there's nothing macho about his outlook Indeed he makes it clear his role model for enduring agony is his mother Last of all the love story he tells about meeting his wife and surviving the last desperate weeks of the war is truly inspiring This is a great book for anyone who likes World War II flying aces history and Japanese culture

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Ining expelled over half of his class to the thrilling early Japanese victories from his incredible six hundred mile fight for life from Guadalcanal to his base in Rabaul to the poignant story of the now handicapped veteran's return to the air during the final desperate months of World War. Saburo Sakai gives a no nonsense look behind the curtain of the IJN air corp For those of us who have studied the training techniues the Japanese used on their trainees there will be little surprise at the brutality they dished out to new recruits No matter how harsh we in the West view these tactics Saburo constantly goes back to how it saved his life than once For some of us it might be hard to enjoy this story when he starts describing his and his wing’s accomplishments against the British Australian Chinese and American pilots who are being shot down in droves I didn’t feel the same animosity when reading about the German fighter pilots who downed scores and scores of fighters and bombers Is it because the Japanese had the surprise attack at Pearl Harbor or the fact we know how barbaric the IJA treated our prisoners of war Perhaps it a combination of the two That aside it is a good read He will take you through his training aspirations dreams conuests comradeship and yes once promoted to an officer the true news that the war is lost and it’s only a matter of time to accept the inevitable Reading his story reminded me of the Calculus II professor I had in college When he realized I was going to be setting the curve for the class on the low end he asked “What would you like to discuss” Seeing how is ancestry was Japanese “Where you in Japan during the war and what do you remember” There recollections of the Battle of Midway were very close Saburo was able to read the transcripts after his promotion while my professor said “we knew when none of the sailors ships or flyers returned” A good solid read with one major problem like so many books that have been republished and released this one is packed with unacceptable grammatical mistakes I came up with at least thirty seven Again unacceptable Four Stars

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Samurai By Saburo SakIdly documents the chivalry and valor of the combat aviator who time after time fought American fighter pilots and with kills would survive the war as Japan's greatest living ace Here are the harrowing experiences of one of Japan's greatest aces from fighter pilot school where the harsh tra. For someone who is perpetually intrigued by the combat that took place in the Pacific Theater of Operations during World War II it was very interesting to read a book from the perspective of a Japanese fighter ace I had previously read Oba The Last Samurai but this was an entirely different reading experience for some reason Overall Saburo Sakai's story is a gripping one He experienced some of the most intense aerial combat of the entire war from his early days flying in China to the hairy combat over Lai and Rabaul to the final days of the war on the Japanese homeland As with many pilot memoirs the aerial accomplishments of Saburo and his fellow Japanese pilots seem over exaggerated but this is too be expected Also the multiple love interests he speaks of throughout the narrative while adding a human element to the story seem a bit forced Overall though this book is a reflection of the man's life And what life reads like a perfect story Definitely a wonderful supplemental read for anyone interested in the air war over the Pacific or the Pacific War as a whole It helps American readers understand that the enemy had a face