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Download Epub ´ Super Panalo Sounds 161 pages × Lourd ernest h. de veyra í [PDF / Epub] ✅ Super Panalo Sounds By Lourd Ernest H. de Veyra – Super Panalo Sounds is the first novel by award winning writer Lourd de Veyra who is also the main man for the rock bandInoy rock history while creating its own alternative mythos where rock gods walk on water bands record mythical albums and then vanish from the scene and kids from Projectscan change the world with mus “The world is electric and you are the f%^in’ powerbox on a concrete post shooting ten thousand miles into the stratosphere Your brain – the sun that nourishes and destroys every little thing on earth Your heart is the earth’s core itself pumping molten shit through your bloodstream at three hundred kilometers per hour “According to Lourd de Veyra that’s what one feels when one savors the dirty white crystal and Lourd has by far the most elouent depiction of drug patronage especially when under the influence of rock and roll coupled with the desperate need to be known and popular in the mainstream SUPER PANALO SOUNDS is a memento of a celebrated media and music man and an award winning poet offering us the intricacies and vicissitudes of entering into the music world as well as working with hymns that not only cater to the longings and clamors of the audience but also serve as anthems that illuminate the secret wounds of the songwriter the performer and the listeners This work of monumental diction and imagery brought us to the realm of discovering our own filth and to the edge of worshipping the rock gods who had become paraphernalia of insanity and epitome of indescribable angst The readers will surely achieve this effect if they concentrate on each line where expletives and curses are given the center of literary attention where human decay are bestowed the elegance of language and when the depths of human soul recur like ripples of an endless sea This novel is myth and metaphor into one cacophony and violent silence combinedYou do not need background music while reading this oeuvre The passion engraved in every word and utterance has always been enough to drag you out of your monotonous life and to bring you into a nightmarish world of music and melancholy so striking to disgorge and lick all over again

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Super Panalo Sounds is the first novel by award winning writer Lourd de Veyra who is also the main man for the rock band Radioactive Sago Project This book takes us on the rough and tumble journey of t Prior to reading this book I did not know anything about Lourd de Veyra except when I sometimes saw his image on the television while I was at the gym and when he I read his inspirational talk to the graduating students of UP Mass Comm a couple of years ago That commencement exercise speech was written in Tagalog and hit the nail on its head practical direct to the point and just simply inspiring That gave me a push to line up this borrowed copy of his first novel Super Panalo Sounds But it took me 2 years to finally crack this open Not because I did not really have the interest but there were just too many other books that competed with my attention for my next readsThis is my first book by him Never had a chance to visit his blog Never saw him speak Never met him in person It was just that commencement exercise and my friend Emir lending me this book two years ago I was actually surprised while starting this book because I thought that De Veyra's only medium of communication was in Tagalog Surprised Surprised He even wrote this very nicely with noticeably some highfalutin words that could put the limited vocabulary of Ambeth Ocampo to shameThe book is about a band formed and became familiar in the 90's called Super Panalo Sounds It is about the life of its 5 members their friends That life amidst music chaos political uncertainty brownouts seems to be centered on drugs and sex Had I not recently read and got amazed with William Burroughs' masterpiece Naked Lunch 5 stars I would not have liked this book Well in the right side of the screen when you click the image of the book here on Goodreads you will read that De Veyra's main influence in literature was the BEAT and that generation included Burroughs Thompson Kerouc etc That obviously explains the structure theme and plot of this book and there is nothing original about the whole thingI appreciate the fact that De Veyra wrote this book as there is nothing like this in the local literature I just thought however that it would have been better if this was written in Tagalog Reason It would have been truthful and not pretentious One minor problem I had in this book was the non parallel telling of the story Somewhere in the middle De Veyra gave what happened to some of the characters when those revelations should have been included in the end for a better climax The chapters also felt episodic Like each has its own set of characters that some of the band members met and most of them are interesting than the band members and their friends who drink too much smoke too much and use drugs too much that you would just feel sorry that they exist on earth Overall I still like this book It just proves that music is a fleeting career and nothing beats having a good solid education Make music as a hobby just a diversion It also proves that alcohol tobacco and drugs especially drugs will lead you nowhere Stay away from vices and live a healthy life Thank you Emir Never for lending me this book I just cannot even over my dead body to like this book as much as you did To be honest I don't understand how a sane person like you could give this book 5 stars here on Goodreads Haha

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Super Panalo SoundsHe greatest band you never heard a story of drugs rock and roll and the depths of the human soul We witness both the exhilaration and Super Panalo PDF or the ravages wrought by the rock scene Tracing P I like his poems better