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Summer for the Gods The Scopes Trial America's Continuing Debate over Science Religion review á eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ [Reading] ➸ Summer for the Gods The Scopes Trial America's Continuing Debate over Science Religion Author Edward J. Larson – Johns-cyThe Scopes the Gods ePUB #9734 Trial marked a watershed in our national relationship between science and religion and has had tremendous impact on our culture ever since even inspiring the play and movie both titled Inherit the Wind In addition to symbolizing the evolutionist versus creationist debate the trial helped shape the developmen. I have only labelled a few Pulitzers as “Had any other book won it would have been an injustice” but Summer for the Gods earns that rankingThe book capitivated me from the very beginning It starts off citing the discourse between William Jennings Bryant and Clarence Darrow Bryant the 4 time presidential candidate and former Secretary of State was arguing for the prosecution of Scopes Clarence Darrow already known as “the Attorney for the Damned” had taken up the cause of Thomas Scopes The two had a history and their encounter in the trial was the stuff of legendAfter hooking the reader with this witty banter the introduction ends Chapter 1 starts off with the standard history of Lamarckian and Darwinian history Just as the reader starts to think “Oh no this is simply another book about evolution” a twist is introduced It is not about the theory of evolution but about how said theory was introduced and received by the public as a wholeI knew that the Scope's trial was essentially staged that Scopes had been recruited to be a test case but I did not realize the extent to which that was trueI didn't realize that he had been recruited by city to challenge a law that had no penalty and no real intention of being enforced but would put Dayton TN on the map That they were responding to a call from the ACLU to challenge the law and Scopes was a substitute teacher with no friendsfamily eg he had nothing to loseWhen the case was started and the ACLU came to Scopes defense there was a familial attitude between the ACLU and city prosecutors It was all for show after allThen William Jennings Bryant four time presidential candidate and former Secretary of State comes to the rescue The city can't turn him down but suddenly it's not a game WJB is serious about prosecuting Scopes He saw the trial as an open and shut case the state had the right and obligation to establish curriculum’s and set standards Right or wrong it was not the purview of a teacher to supersede the state's roleBut Clarence Darrow steps in to defend him One thing the book doesn't do is show that Darrow and WJB had a personal animosity that went back decades Darrow put the entirety of revealed religion creationism and most importantly to Darrow WJB on trial I’m not going to go into details on the trial or results don’t want to spoil the book too muchBut the trial ends with about 20 30% of the book leftThe last few chapters are captivating First Larson explores how the trial has become immortalized in America’s national consciousness Apparently while it capture media headlines at the time it had almost become forgotten until a historian used it as the central object of the 1920s and Robert E Lee a playwright not the general wrote the playmovie “Inherent the Wind” “Inherent the Wind” was a protest against McCarthyism but has become the principal way in which people knowremember the Scopes Trial Larson highlights the various ways in which the play failed to accurately portray the characters and events It does not purport to be the trial itself the names are all changed but for most people this mythical presentation has become reality Second the book talks about the legacy of Scopes and the EvolutionCreation debate For example when a related case Epperson v Arkansas came before the Supreme Court in the late 60’s the Supreme Court Judge Abe Fortis fought to ensure that the case was decided upon religious freedom grounds Fortis was a Jewish Tennessee high schooler during the Scopes trial and realized the risk associated with religion dictating scientific discourse in the school His majority opinion in Epperson however ended up backfiring on him It became the foundation upon which fundamentalist fought to have Creationism taught in public schoolsA strong five star review

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T of both popular religion and religious freedom in America Yet despite its Summer for PDF influence on the th century there are no modern histories of the trial and its aftermath This book fills that void not only by skillfully narrating the trial's events but also by framing it in a broader social context showing how its influence has c. It's déjà vu all over again as the wag said and that's the feeling you wind up with after finishing Edward J Larson's Summer For the Gods The Scope's Trial and America's Continuing Debate Over Science and Religion The arguments and counter arguments discussed in this excellent book about the famous Monkey trial of 1925 recur again and again in our own time I have no doubt that there are court cases winding their way through the judicial maze even now concerning the teaching of evolution in public schools It is a constant hot button issue for a segment of American citizensIn the 1920's the ACLU was interested in freedom of speech and expression issues and when the Butler Act was passed in Tennessee they became interested in developing a test case They offered to defend any teacher charged for teaching the descent of man from Darwin's Theory of Evolution Dayton Tennessee on the other hand saw the offer as an opportunity to garner publicity for their town and persuaded a substitute biology teacher John Scopes to become the defendant Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan promptly came on board offering their services for respectively the defense and the prosecution Each had their own personal ax to grind The game was now on The spectacle had now begunThe book is divided neatly into Before During and After It covers all the issues in detail and if most of your information comes from the movie versions of this trial you will be amazed and surprised at how much interesting this story really is Complex in its arguments and pertinent to today's headlines as well this one is a definite Don't Miss

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Summer for the Gods The Scopes Trial America's Continuing Debate over Science ReligionUt across religious cultural educational and political lines With new material from both the prosecution and the defense along with for the Gods PDFEPUB #188 the author's astute historical and legal analysis Summer for the Gods is destined for the Gods The Scopes PDFEPUBto become a new classic about a pivotal milestone in American history. In the last year I have developed an insatiable fascination for the clash between religion and science specifically as this encounter relates to social policy  The famous Scopes trial also commonly referred to as the Monkey Trial was the most fervently hyped and widely publicized legal dispute on this matter and Edward Larson's book does the confrontation justice The book is divided into three sectionsBeforeLarson begins by detailing the intellectual leaps that les to Charles Darwin's theories on evolution followed by the rise of Christian fundamentalism and its rejection of the concept on religious and ethical grounds  The global climate at the turn of the century leads religious groups to associate Darwinism with wanton brutality in the shape of World War I  Finally with Darwinism removing God from the picture the Tennessee state legislature forbad it's teaching  Shortly thereafter a group of citizens from Dayton decide to test the law using a local science teacher as their guinea pig DuringAside from being a high profile debate between agnosticism and theism the Scopes trial was also a battle of big personalities The defense counsel Clarence Darrow was an intimidating yet charming lawyer famous for his controversial clients William Jennings Bryan arguing for the prosecution though not as legal counsel had three decades of political campaigns and speech circuits under his belt Bryan alone was responsible for drawing large crowds to Dayton  Further each side had their own philosophy and legal strategy Darrow wanted to frame the issue as an assault on intelligence while Bryan aimed to keep a narrower focus arguing that it was a matter of upholding a majoritarian statute  It's this dynamic and each player's celebrity status that elevated this trial's status to that of a spectacle AfterLarson details the related events that have taken place since 1925 and the familiar arguments that continue to surface His style is very journalistic and uneditorial which means it's dry and very collected though his bias towards science isn't successfully veiled This was a great read for many reasons the most notable of which is the narration of the trial itself with Larson's characterization of each important figure allowing for electric court room scenes to unfold brilliantly  But also noteworthy are the uestions his research asks What should be the statute of limitations on government by the majority Who should decide public school curricula Why are Christian fundamentalists so opposed to the Darwinian model when they readily accept the Copernican modelI recommend this book for anyone interested in the intersection between politics science and religion It is a perfect foundation for the understanding of the ensuing debate