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Changed FleshSoft flesh of her palms diverting her concentration from her nervousness and excitementShe'd been waiting here for hours and her feet and legs were numb felt almost rooted to the dirty street beneath them It felt like she had been waiting there forever And she would have waited that long for him She would have waited for an eternity She would have waited until the end of timeShe listened to the sounds of sex that filtered down from the bedroom window one floor up across the narrow street She listened to the words that spilled from his passion filled mouth and out into the night She listened to all the noises of pleasure and pain and the cries of that which lay somewhere between the two She watched violent silhouettes battle each other throw themselves against the pallid walls in the candlelight From 'Surgical Messiah'She sits alone bathed in the soft glow of candle light the scent of exotic incense filling her room Decadent trails of aromatic smoke curl into the air around her She closes her eyes inhales the Eastern scented air feeling the excitement the anticipation building inside he.

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E scratched my delicate skin I can still feel each cut and nick and callus that graced his brutal hands hands so dirty they made my skin smell like an engine But I cannot stay away and each time he sees me he wants The deeper I cut the plentiful my scars the greater his desire for me Each time we meet I am new for him further reconstructed my modification advancing to a new level Ongoing transformation of a woman From 'Changed Flesh Violetta the Magdalens' She waited for him dressed in shadows and blending in with the city night only the alabaster glow of her skin in the darkness gave her away Each moment that passed felt like an eternity Patience is a virtue She waitedAnticipatory adrenalin rushed through her her entire body uivered and her breath uickened in her throat came out in short bursts like fuck gasps visible in the freezing airThen she saw him strutting past the open window naked and proud Even from this distance she could see his cock standing to attention Her heart lurched in her chest and her gut flipped over twice She almost whimpered but dug her long black nails into the.

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review Changed Flesh 103 × ❰Reading❯ ➶ Changed Flesh Author Alex Severin – Dark erotica diva Alex Severin brings you 8 short stories and vignettes on Bloodfetish and Body Modification From the near religious ecstasy of self mutilation to redemption via modification of the fl Dark erotica diva Alex Severin brings Dark erotica diva Alex Severin brings you short stories and vignettes on Bloodfetish and Body Modification From the near religious ecstasy of self mutilation to redemption via modification of the flesh to a obsession with merging into one body with a lover Severin delivers dark delights that are a must for all enthusiasts in the Body Mod Bloodfetish subculturesA mixture of online old favorites little seen micro press published stories you won't have read and never before seen material Approximately wordsFrom 'The Modification of a Stupid Cunt' I stroke my last scar and think of him I remember what his own ruined flesh felt like on mine the texture of his imperfections rubbing against my body the taste of him I remember the sensitivity of new scar tissue like a fresh branding – burning hot pain as new tight skin stretched almost to breaking point I remember the musk that rose from his skin and inflamed me And the smell of his hair – like cars and apples – and the permanent line of black motor oil under his fingernails I close my eyes and I think of those dirty hands as they pawed m.