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The Star Trek ConcordanceGnificant Trekking otherCoping With Your Trekker discusses the history of Star Trek important episodes from all the different series weird aliens and memorable characters as well as the movies the technologyplus Really Cool Things to Say to Impress a Trekker how to survive a Star Trek. It's so cool to realize that Uhura's earpiece has become the Bluetooth and Kirk's Communicator has become the Smartphone I am not a Trekkieor Trekkeror whatever we they are called No I am simply a fan of an old American TV show that captured my heart when I first saw it as a child Down Under This is a collection of fan art episode summaries and a lexicon of all that matters with a the ability to cross reference which proved very valuable to a youngster in the days before online databasesJust glancing through it again brings back memories of shouting at the TV because something bad was about to happen to those guys in the red uniforms Even the cover is a delight as you can move the wheel to get the show title which then provides the page number and most importantly the Star Date The Star Date How righteous was that Book Season Summer school's out

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Most Trek books revel in trivia that would puzzle Spock himself How can a latecomer to Star Trek ever catch up Here in a funny and easy to read format The Star Epubis everything that those unfamiliar with the Star Trek universe need to know to be brought up to warp speed with their si. Bjo Trimble's Star Trek Concordance continues to be an essential reference for Trek fans When she started creating it from Dorothy Jones Heydt's prodigious collection of notes Trek fans couldn't Google who wrote an episode or what that random Ensign's name was again in that bridge scene Trimble took Heydt's notes scripts provided by Gene Roddenberry and the final aired versions of episodes to create a kind of encyclopedia glossary and episode guide in one for TOS and TAS It wasn't just useful for fanfic writers and researchers but apparently was also used as a canon reference during the creation of TNG Going thorugh it now after having read many other volumes like These are the Voyages Captain's Logs and The Fifty Year Mission I still found lots of new information plus got to appreciate the collection of fan art in the front of the editionTrimble told my podcast co hosts and I that she's working on a new edition and I'm really excited for that

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CHARACTERS ´ The Star Trek Concordance ½ ✅ The Star Trek Concordance PDF / Epub ⚣ Author Bjo Trimble – Most Trek books revel in trivia that would puzzle Spock himself How can a latecomer to Star Trek ever catch up Here in a funny and easy to read format is everything that those unfamiliar with the SConvention and After each chapter a uiz helps readers hone their knowledge A handy Trek to English dictionary makes sense of it allFor new fans and reluctant mates this book will make the viewing of yet another Star Trek rerun arm in arm with a pointy eared loved one a happy experien. Excellent guide to all TOS TAS Also includes TOS movies and some of the TNGDS9 episodes with TOS actors