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Secret societies famous scientists ancient Egyptian mysticism and a fascinating addition to the god versus science debate the Catholic Church By the bestselling authors of The Templar Revelation and Mary Magdalene The Forbidden Universe reveals how the f Incredible book Giordano Bruno wrote that the sun was the center of the solar system and that stars were other suns with planets and other beings and was summarily burned at the stake In an era where it was heresy to suggest that the Earth orbited the sun or that the stars were anything other than lamps of God hanging in the heavens it took great courage to speak otherwise The Hermetica—a collection of ancient Egyptian metaphysical texts attributed to Hermes Trismegistus—informed many of the pioneers of science including Kepler and Galileo but the influence of those texts is scrubbed from most histories Why Good uestion—and this book answers it But the second half is where it becomes exceedingly provocative challenging the currently fashionable atheistmaterialist scientism epitomized by Dawkins Gould and the like and positing that the universe has a built in direction towards the evolution of consciousness and we aren't simply the lucky results of blind chance Far from a Creationist manifesto Picknett and Prince the findings of leading physicists biologists and cosmologists to show the evidence for something other than randomness in the creation of the known universe—a propensity for life to follow a path towards self realization And while metaphors used to explain uantum physics and other mind boggling developments in science are freuently drawn from Eastern spiritual traditions the authors point out that Western esoteric traditions also have much to offer in helping understand cosmic mysteries and the evolution of consciousness Highly recommended

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The Forbidden UniverseOundations of modern science were based around a desire to destroy the church The great pioneering scientists of the Renaissance and the early Enlightenment including Copernicus Galileo and Sir Isaac Newton were fervent devotees of the philosophicalmysti Clearly a lot of effort went into this book There are extensive references bibliography index and so on It has the form of a serious scientific work but the arguments it attempts to advance are anything but scientific It draws heavily on a careful selection of uotes from scientists some of whom are serious players but it presents them in its own carefully arranged context so that they appear to support the authors' viewsThe basic flaw with this book as with much pseudo science is that the authors have a fundamental misunderstanding of scientific method Theirs is a proof centred universe and they pounce on any failure by scientists to prove what most scientists would accept as the consensus view and they proceed to shove in God in some form as the answer the proof as it were Science on the other hand is accepting of a lack of proof it works by forming theories about the world and testing them and the these theories stand up to testing the their predictions are borne out by experiments the confidence science has in their truth It remains true though that for some aspects of the world we simply don't yet have any robust or well accepted scientific explanation That's just the way it is There's absolutely no need to patch these gaps in our ability to explain the universe with a magic supernatural beingRead this book by all means But please don't be sucked into thinking it proves anything

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reader Ò The Forbidden Universe 400 pages Download ✓ Lynn Picknett Ò ❴Epub❵ ❤ The Forbidden Universe Author Lynn Picknett – Secret societies famous scientists ancient Egyptian mysticism and a fascinating addition to the god versus science debateCal The Forbidden Epubsystem of Hermeticism Many of the most important scientists of this age including Galileo belonged to a secret society called the Giordanisti which had the agenda to overthrow the Church and establish a new age of Hermetic supremacy The first half of this book was pretty enjoyable It was about how most of the great Renaissance scientists from Copernicus to Newton did not undertake their studies out of anti religious fervor but because they believed in the Egyptian theology Hermeticism Many people in those times including several popes believed in Hermeticism which states that we can become one with our creator the universe by studying for the sake of studying Others like Giordano Bruno even thought that Christianity had strayed from its Hermetic roots and spent their lives preaching teaching its values to bring the believers back to the 'original' belief system which is why he was found guilty of heresy by the InuisitionThe second half of the book I thought was very boring It covers all major recent theories that try to explain how the universe and our genes work the way they do These range from selfish gene to divine intervention to the multiverse This whole section is against the atheism of Richard Dawkins and aims to show that there are so many divergent scientific theories that don't agree with each other that even science which Dawkins thinks is the purest form of thought man is capable of has devolved into the 'my God is better than your God' debate