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Summary Pilate's Wife A Novel of the Roman Empire ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB · ❰Reading❯ ➹ Pilate's Wife A Novel of the Roman Empire Author Antoinette May – Claudia has a privileged life Niece of Rome's favoured warrior she lives in luxury surrounded Werful treacherous alliances and while Pilate's star continues to rise shame and tragedy stalk Claudia's familyAs a circle of betrayal and despair threatens to encompass her Claudia realises her fate and future happiness is inextricably bound Wife A Novel of the Kindle with a man who appears in her dreams a man who wears a crown of thorns a man she knows her husband must not condemn to dea. Well this was a steaming pile of pooSo in the Bible there is one unnamed mention of Pilate's wife PW as I will now refer to her was later named Claudia by someone in 1619 so yeah 1600 years later get a nameSo Antoinette May decides that Claudia was from the Claudia house family of Julius Caesar EDITED Actually although his fam is often referred to as the Julio Claudio family Claudia would have been only related to Tiberius the son of Livia by her first marriage not to Julius's family and pretty much makes up a huge twisted and chaotic story about her Isis and Pilate and Tiberius and NeroYou know what would have helped her reading ANY book about Roman culture Pick one ANY ONE ETA For one thing daughters didn't get really their own names They were just given the feminine of their family's name with an ordinal of some sort Sometimes a nickname That's why you have a plethora of Julias and Agrippinas There's so many omigod historical inaccuracies in this book that it honestly makes your head ache Then the plot is just dumb Really dumb And wowPW becomes an acolyte for Isis a Roman socialite a mistress of a gladiator oh and stand in for Ariadne during a seriously whacked out Dionysus mystery that only existed for salacious details It's just a bad book Really really bad Turns out the author writes books on clairvoyants before writing her first novel I hope she saw this review coming

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Claudia has a privileged life Niece of A Novel PDF #8608 Rome's favoured warrior she lives in luxury surrounded by her family and tended by slaves Gifted with second sight her dreams tell her many things from which gladiator will win the battle in the Coliseum to the secret enemies who plot against the Emperor When Claudia falls Pilate's Wife eBook #215 deeply in love with a charismatic sold. Okay if this woman did so much historical research why does she get the small things wrong Stuff like the old chestnut about thumbs down meaning to kill the losing gladiator when modern scholars are pretty sure it's the opposite She even gets the way Roman names were used wrong she uses Procula as if it were a last namePious Christians will recoil at her Mary Magdalene as Jesus's wife bit but what bothers me is the way she picks and choses her history and invents bits to fit her plot And Claudia herself is not a consistent character one moment she is a determined young woman the next a fluttering ninnyEntertaining but not exactly deep literature

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Pilate's Wife A Novel of the Roman EmpireIer known as Pilate she determines to win his heart whatever the costIgnoring the warnings she enchants Pilate with a love spell and the pair are swiftly blissfully married As wife to one of Rome's rising stars Claudia is admired and talked about for her beauty for her lavish Wife A Novel ePUB #8608 parties and for her gift of the sight Yet her dreams begin to trouble her Rome is built on po. This novel was a uick and easy read but had flaws that bothered me throughout the novel This novel tells the story of Claudia the wife of Pontius Pilate If you're hoping for new insight into Pilate's connection to Jesus then you're not really going to get it here Jesus appears a couple of times briefly in the book and a couple of events in his life are alluded to including obviously the crucifixion but mostly the events are revolving around Roman life and politics as it tells the story of how Claudia marries Pilate and their life togetherClaudia is obviously a flawed character from the start She basically wants her way no matter what The first instance of this is her joining the priesthood of Isis despite the wishes of her father because she is drawn to the priesthood's beliefs I was okay at this point Then she in uick succession demands from Isis's mystic man a love spell to make Pilate fall in love with her another love spell that's stronger when he starts to stray then a child then to help hide her from her husband She's so spoiled and annoying that it's really hard to sympathize with her husband that is unfaithful to her Then she eventually begins an affair of her own and thinks nothing of the pain she could bring to her husband in return I read the whole book because I wanted to see how the author tied in Jesus which was clever and fairly well done but I could not stand Claudia and she ruined the novel for me