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The Joiner and Cabinet MakerThe Joiner and Cabinet Maker is a huge book – with than 370 pages of detailed handtool instruction including many processes that have not It's nice that other people are even weirder about woodworking than I am Schwarz Moskowitz SM certainly are they made this old text a complete treat that any woodworker will loveIt starts out with a great introduction then a short Historical section Both set the stage well for the text that follows The Original Text is an anonymous account of being a joiner's apprentice in the early 1800s comprising about 14 of the book 100 pages It's amazingly readable would have been worth it on its own but a lot of common knowledge of the times is taken for granted SM fill in the blanks with perfectly placed footnotes Many are rather long but all are extremely helpful For instance amounts of pay are well explained fit into the context of the times Also a lot of old techniues the reasons they were used I've read a few other books of this nature so some of the historical lessons were a review but they were always succinct informative Even when I knew the information I didn't feel as if it was repetitiveThe Construction section is another 100 pages takes the reader through all 3 projects that were described in the original text built today with pictures Shwartz his 8 year old daughter made them He taught her as they went along learned himself Again there is plenty of historical data such as a deeper look into old nailsThe last section is Further Reading which has an epilogue bibliography an appendix I skimmed the last parts but will keep the book close to hand in mind for future readingThis is a fantastic book for any woodworker I'd highly recommend it for the beginning woodworker There are a lot of excellent lessons to be learned they're very well described

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FREE MOBI Õ DOC The Joiner and Cabinet Maker 9780578039268 ✓ ANONYMOUS ↠ ➳ [Reading] ➶ The Joiner and Cabinet Maker By Anonymous ➩ – The Joiner and Cabinet Maker is a huge book – with than 370 pages of detailed handtool instruction includinBeen covered before in the early woodworking literature Though this sounds impossible please read onLet's begin in 1839 In that year an En The Joiner and Cabinetmaker itself—that is the 19th century book—is a beautiful very readable story about the sort of work an early to mid 19th century joiner's apprentice might find himself doing and the environment in which he might be doing it The lifestyle presented is romanticised and idealised—protagonist Thomas's master and colleagues are uncommonly kind and fellow apprentice Sam is a convenient Goofus to Thomas's supremely capable Gallant—but the three projects Thomas is shown to complete are genuine and replicable by the reader It's a very practical look at pre electricity woodworking not suffering from the familiar cultish bullshit many modern hand woodworking proponents like to peddleIt's also only about a uarter of the Lost Art Press edition with the remainder being a little bit of historical context or aiming to be; a regrettable proportion of it is pseudo history and a lot of Christopher Schwarz replicating the three projects and advertising at you There's no value in any of these additions—Thomas already did a better much succinct job of anything Schwarz and Moskowitz are trying to do—and my star rating isn't about them If you can find the text of the original The Joiner and Cabinetmaker—which should be in the public domain rather than 36—just read that

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Glish publisher issued a small book on woodworking that has – until now – escaped detection by scholars historians and woodworkersTitle A reprint of an 1839 book about a fictional Joiner's apprentice named Thomas This was part of a series of books describing various tradesThe original text is a fun read but the addition of chapters after that section really elevate the book Thomas builds three projects and after the original text Chris Schwarz walks us through building each in a modern how to style This book could easily serve as a basic course in hand tool work if supplemented by a few other sources Wearing for instance