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“NinaSankovitch has crafted a dazzling memoir that remindsus of the most primal function of literature to heal to nurture and to connectus to our truest selves Thrity Umrigar author of The Space Between UsCatalyzedby the loss So glad to find that some others felt as I did while reading this book I almost uit reading it because of the author's seemingly selfish approach to life Let me first say that when someone is grieving they need to take care of themselves and that there is no timeline for any one person's grief or road to healing I wish Nina well on that road that all of us take if we live long enoughI was deeply troubled by parts of this book I was upset that the author she casually mentioned could not bring herself to attend her husband's sister's funeral; I seriously could barely read from beyond that point Here she was expecting her entire family to pick up the slack over her year long exercise in grief especially her husband and then could not give him a fraction of the same support she expected everyone to give her I saw this selfishness repeated as almost a theme throughout the book there was her son's illness which seemed to be in the way of her reading various times when her children would call to her and while as a parent you can't always be there for your child's every whim she seemed to throw out gestures to assuage like what one might use to put off a pesky pet Another time I felt incredulous was when I read about an occasion where she was with her sister and Anne Marie was lamenting how unfair it was that her life was to be cut short Nina buried her face in her sister's sweater which she still has and wears but did not listen to anything her sister said She wished later she had heard those words of her sister's incredible struggle to accept her own death? Who was that event about not Anne Marie's apparentlyI have lost loved ones but never a sibling so maybe I would feel differently but I doubt it I can't imagine expecting the world to stop because I grieved or my responsibility as a parent to go on sabbatical for a year Yes we should get all the time we may need to grieve but most don't have the luxury to burden everyone around them with that sorrowI think it is great that she found solace in books and her advice to search for wisdom there is right on The book list is astounding and her accomplishment is admirable I just struggled with several aspects of at what cost her own needs were met

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Tolstoy and the Purple Chair My Year of Magical ReadingOf her sister a mother of four spends one year savoring a greatbook every day from Thomas Pynchon to Nora Ephron and beyond In the tradition ofGretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project and Joan Dideon’sA Year of Magical Thinki Tolstoy and the Purple Chair is the disjointed memoir that nobody asked for There's not enough substance in this book to warrant a novel The author has a husband and a home; so do lots of other people She popped out some kids; also something lots of people have done Her beloved sister died Condolences Sankovitch but many of us know that pain too And she read one book a day to cope with her grief while sitting in a purple chair that smelled of cat pee Since most of us don't read than one book per day and we tend to avoid chairs that reek of urine Sankovitch decided she was just different enough from the rest of us to justify writing a personal memoir Every once in a while the cat would pee just a tiny little bit on the purple chair

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Book ☆ Tolstoy and the Purple Chair My Year of Magical Reading Ê 256 pages Download ✓ Johnscyclingdiary ✓ ★ Tolstoy and the Purple Chair My Year of Magical Reading PDF / Epub ✪ Author Nina Sankovitch – Ng Nina Sankovitch’ssoul baring and literary minded memoir is a chronicle of losshope and redemption Nina ultimately turns to reading as therapy andthrough her journey illuminates the power of books to help us reclaim ourlives Alas this book didn't work for me because the subject of it was completely overpowered by author's ego and it was almost unbearable to me And since I picked it for my reading challenge I just couldn't drop it So while it's not a bad book it's well written and intellectual and very interesting sometimes I couldn't relate with author and her attitude towards life and everything in general So 25 stars and call me bitchy P