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download ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub  Nancy B. Brewer Carolina Rain Top best selling historical fiction novels ebooks Aug Open the page of Carolina Rain and step on the streets of an era gone by Carolina Rain is not just a read but an experience You will smell the magnolia trees feel the sun on your face and taste the. Let me begin by saying I loved this book I was initially put off by the cover One look at it and I thought Aw crap It's a romance novel I am not a fan of romance novels I would never have picked this book up in a store because the cover screams romance novel to me I received this book as a review copy and the synopsis I was given with the reuest for a review didn't sound like a romance novel so I went ahead and read it with some trepidation I am very glad I did Ignore the cover and read the great book The story begins in earnest in 1860 the year of Lincoln's election to the Presidency and of Theodosia Lizzie Sanders' debut into North Carolina society Lizzie lives on her family's plantation where they grow tobacco corn and flax with the help of slaves whom they treat as well as possible Even at this early date in the stirrings of the Civil War Union tariffs and blockades are beginning to affect the daily lives of southerners Nancy Brewer's expertise in the areas of period clothing lifestyle and manners shines forth as she develops a scene so vivid that you feel as though you're getting a real taste of period life as you read Her firm grasp of southern culture and human nature are both evident in the way her characters become engaging people so uickly as you read It's impossible not to be swept up in their joys and sorrows and to feel present in their world Lizzie in particular as she makes the transition from comfortable childhood to adulthood in trying times comes across as so very genuine She doesn't just leap forth to meet her challenges in as a woman who's got it all together She struggles with herself and you as the reader get to watch her charmingly honest progress There is certainly an element of romance within the story but the book is not built around it There is no sense that all of this is just a cheesy backdrop to a fluffy plot that drags the reader from one ridiculous overblown love scene to the next It's a historical novel first and foremost well researched by an author who is intimate with her subject matter and it shows in every stroke of the virtual pen Be prepared to stay up late for a few nights because you won't want to put it down once you start

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review Carolina Rain 109 ☆ [Download] ➽ Carolina Rain ➽ Nancy B. Brewer – #Carolina Rain Top 20 best selling historical fiction novels ebooks Aug 2013Open the page of Carolina Rain and step on the streets of an era gone by Carolina Rain is not just a read but an experience Carolina Rain Top best selling historical fic Underneath the layers of lace and petticoats you will discover Lizzie to be a strong willed and determined young womanbooks in the Carolina Rain Series Carolina Rain Beyond Sandy Ridge Lizzie after the War Letters from LizzieSee books by this author wwwnancybbrewerc. I loved Carolina Rain I read the entire book in one day This is a fascinating historical tale covering Lizzie Sander’s life in the 1860’s The author definitely did her homework I loved the history and all the facts I learned and the insight into the Civil War I can’t wait to read Beyond Sandy Ridge and Lizzie After the War Won on Goodreads

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Carolina RainBittersweet tears of a beautiful young girl coming of age at the dawning of the Civil War Theodosia Elizabeth Sanders Lizzie was born OctoberHer open heart is filled with hope and a desire to love but her innocence makes her a target for the less than trustworthy Yet. I loved this book; I felt as if I was in the story and knew each of the characters Looking forward to reading the next oneI won this book on Goodreads First ReadsThe story is about a strong southern woman during a period of time that women had very few rights A great read