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review Afterwards Ö eBook or Kindle ePUB » ❮Reading❯ ➵ Afterwards ➭ Author Rosamund Lupton – Sunday Times Top Ten Bestseller There is a fire and they are in there They are in there Black smoke stains a summer blue sky A school is on fire And one mother Grace sees the smoke and runsCover the limitlessness of lovePraise for Afterwards'Loved The Time Traveler's Wife This is even better' Company 'Lupton pushes the boundaries of our imagination with the manner in which the mystery is solved creating a stunningly good read that's impossible to second guess A literary crime novel that's as clever in its premise as it is well written' Glamour 'Chillingly good' Red Magazine 'A bold impossible to categorise and riveting blend of psychological suspense literary thriller. Disturbing and dark yet a powerful story of family loyalty Afterwards is full of suspense mystery and terror

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Sunday Times Top Ten Bestseller There is a fire and they are in there They are in there Black smoke stains a summer blue sky A school is on fire And one mother Grace sees the smoke and runs She knows her teenage daughter Jenny is inside She runs into the burning building to rescue herAfterwards Grace must find the identity of the arsonist and protect her family from the person who's still intent on destroying them Afterwards she must fight the limits of her physical strength and dis. I'm afraid i was really disappointed with this Sister was fantastic but this certainly wasn't The mother and daughter as disembodied spirits just didn't work for me Grace talking to her hubby was really irritating and sometimes i wasn't even sure WHO she was meant to be addressing There was far too much gushing sentimentality very corny lines and why so much overuse of italics I didn't care about any of the characters either and all these things combined made this a bit of a slog Maybe if it had been told from Sarah's the police officer and sister in law of Gracepoint of view it would have worked Hopefully her next novel will leave out the supernatural stuff and just concentrate on producing something as good as Sister

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AfterwardsAnd the paranormal Afterwards proves that Lupton isn't just good she's wickedly good' Seattle Times 'In Afterwards we see a master's touch on every page Uncompromising emotional impact a poet's sonorous style and a gripping story all come together to make this a transcendent literary experience I guarantee this novel will touch everyone' Jeffery Deaver'I became insanely gripped The word compelling is used lightly of mystery and crime novels this one will define it for you' Daily Ma. I read Rosamund Lupton's debut novel 'Sister' last year You may remember me raving about it it was a fantastic read I jumped at the chance to read her second novel Afterwards Another absolutely brilliant read one I would highly highly recommend I was hooked from the opening paragraph of the prologue I couldn't move not even a little finger or a flicker of an eye I couldn't open my mouth to screamOnly one thing for it I said to myself thinking of you and I slipped out of the wrecked ship of my body into the black ocean Grace Covey is volunteering at the outdoor sports day at her son Adam's private school Her older child Jenny is working inside as the school nurse that day When a fire breaks out Grace races to find her children Knowing Jenny is still trapped in the building Grace runs into the burning building She finds her but the two of them are terribly injured Cue prologue Yes Grace and Jenny are able to leave their ruined bodies Now anyone thinking this might be a mainly paranormal type of read is wrong Honestly Afterwards is so many different reads In the beginning I saw it strictly as a mystery Grace and Jenny are able to follow along with the investigation into the fire for it was arson And Grace and Jenny cannot communicate with the 'outside' world Piece by piece along with the victims we are able to cobble together what really happened that day There is much to this fire than meets the eye Lupton employs many twists and turns and some red herrings along the way that kept me guessing at the identity of the 'culprit' until the last few chapters But in addition to the mystery is the deeper story that of a mother daughter son husband and father Grace's love for her children is achingly beautiful powerful and so poignant Hint have tissues ready for the last few chapters I finished the book with tears in my eyes Lupton uses a second person point of view that takes a bit of getting used to in the beginning but it works for this story I can't see it being told in any other fashion Once I finish writing a review I head out on the net to see what others think I was uite surprised to see there were mixed reviews on this book For this reader it was an absolutely addicting stay up late read