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Swan SongAn ancient evil roams the desolate landscape of an America ravaged by nuclear war He is the Man with the Scarlet Eye a malevolent force that feeds on the dark desires of the countless followers he has ga 199 on Kindle today 6 10 17Once again thank you to goodreads friends for finding me another book to love There are so many people I fell in love with in the book Also Mule and Killer Let's just begin The book is about us stupid humans trying to bomb each other into extinction but I digress I fell in love with Sister Creep Swan and Josh I also loved Artie and Paul and Mule and Killer and there are so many We start out with each person's story where they are in the world and what is going on when the shite hits the fan And how they all come together at some point in the book Swan is living with her mom and the latest boyfriend when they leave and decide to go to another state for reasons Josh is a gynormous wrestler that is finished with his latest match and is traveling to the next state Sister Creep is just preaching and wandering around doing her thing she's homelesss The people I was the least interested in were Macklin and Roland they were doing their military stuff and they were pretty much evil The devildemonmanthing is watching a movie about death and destruction over and over at the theater The story then takes us to what happens after everything hits and what every one is doing after the fact Sister meets up with Artie who was at a shoe convention Artie and Sister decide to travel together and on their way out of town Sister finds this piece of glass with diamonds and stuff in it outside of Tiffany's Correction what used to be Tiffany's She finds some other stuff too but this is a magical ringcrown thing The ring can make you see things when you hold it This is what sets Sister on a goal she sees something inside every time she touches it She being led somewhere Other people can touch it and see different things like food or water and they feel better It's like it really happened And of course the evil man wants it for himself He knows what the ring Sister and Swan can do with it Meanwhile Josh stops at a gas station and ends up meeting Swan and her mom there They all end up buried underground in PawPaw's little home below the ground There is a reason why he lives under his store and it will tell you in the book They stay down there for uite some time before a little gopher shows them a way out The main thing is that Sister and Artie and Swan and Josh all meet new people on their travels Some are not very nice of course and others are great Some that you love part ways and others take their places People are killed I mean you know that's going to happen Swan and Josh pick up Killer and Mule along the way They are the horse and the dog Sister is out to find Swan but she's not sure for years who or what it is she's actually supposed to find I mean seven years traveling across the country trying to find one person with the demon on your tail Swan Josh Mule and Killer actually start traveling with an old clown named Rusty There are just so many things to the story that you can't even imagine or even talk about in a review I can tell you that this story made me cry and it didn't get boring to me accept when ole Roland and Macklin came into it I don't know it was just me I didn't like them I would read it and want to hurry to the better parts of the book If your worried about reading a tome like this one then don't The chapters are short and they move from person to person but it's not confusing in the least One chapter will leave you on a cliffhanger and change to something else going on in the world Lol It doesn't matter I loved it and I hope anyone else that reads it loves it too ♥ For Mule and Killer you were around for many years you sweet babies in the middle of a war to boot The second part of the book takes place 7 years later and there is all kinds of weird stuff going on with Swan and Sister I can't tell you what all just read it READ IT MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List

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Download ePub ´ Swan Song 956 pages ☆ Robert R. McCammon ë ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ Swan Song By Robert R. McCammon ✩ – An ancient evil roams the desolate landscape of an America ravaged by nuclear war He is the Man with the Scarlet Eye a malevolent force that feeds onThered into his service His only desire is to find a special child named Swan and destroy her But those who would protect the girl are determined to fight for what is left of the world and their souls In Taking a uick glance through reviews of this book they seem to have two things in common One they all start with a reference to the book's size And two they all remark about the comparisons to The Stand And now mine is no different Holy SHIT this was a long ass book but it doesn't at all compare to The Stand in my opinion Was it good? Yeah good but for a book this ambitious and huge I expect than just good Part of that is that I think I'd have appreciated it a lot had I read it before reading The Stand because I just couldn't uite manage to not compare them and that did not end up favoring Swan Song The characters the plot the 'characters connected by dreams or visions' thing the Walkin' Dude King did it first and better Sorry to all the McCammon fans out there but it's true I liked the story enough to finish it but for so very freaking much of it it felt like nothing was happening If there's going to be a huge amount of time in between little pockets of tension and excitement then that time should be spent making me fall in love with the characters It should be spent making me dread the possibility of their untimely demise Or it should be spent making me feel like I'm really living in a nuclear winter And shit that wouldn't even be hard considering this winter has been like Snowpocalypse So Tired Of Winter sob What that time should not be used for is repetitive scenes only included in the book to show us Swan's ability which we had learned about and understood from like page two How many times do I need to be shown that Swan holds life inside her? Because going through it every time we hop back over to a Swan chapter felt like maybe one or two times too many Although maybe it wasn't me that McCammon was trying to fill in maybe it was Swan herself Not exactly the brightest bulb there considering how long it took her to figure out that she'd be key in healing the damage that humanity brought upon itself To be perfectly honest I didn't really care about any of these characters except Josh and I'm not sure if that's due to the book or the reading I loved the way the reader did his voice or because I just love big cuddly bearlike men or even that I just needed SOMEONE to like in this book Maybe a little bit of all of those But the rest of the characters I disliked in varying degrees Evil Dude was Evil shrug What is there to say? Sister felt wooden to me It was only rarely that she displayed any personality at all and I just couldn't warm up to her Besides finding and carrying the glass a ma jig I am still trying to figure out what her role was in the book Swan Well I already talked about her Roland should die in a fire and then be reincarnated only to die in a fire and be reincarnated only to die in a fire again and so on forever Macklin was just crazy and I kinda felt bad for him but he was piece of shit crazy not sympathetic human crazy so he can die in Roland's fire too He doesn't have to be reincarnated than oh two or three times El Presidente You know I kinda felt bad for him In the beginning when we meet him you can tell he's not prepared for what's happening he's shit scared of the events that are outside of his control and he's just trying to cope But then all that sympathy that I had for him just evaporated toward the end Crazy or not FUCK HIM man Who gets to decide to do THAT? Why is that even a thing that would ever EVER EVEREVEREVER be developed and actually put in place? Shameful and disgusting The mere concept of THAT is worse to me than anything else in this book By far He should have died in the fire However as much as I loathed El Pres at the end he's the only character that I felt actually wrestled with their humanity at all He wasn't a Good character or an Evil character He was flawed and conflicted and just doing what he thought was right for the good of all Still should have died in a fire though Coming back to the concept of Good and Evil I have to say that there was never even a hint of a flicker of gray in any of these characters with the exception I mentioned above They were either all GOOD or all EVIL The chasm between the two would have to be traveled by goat three mules and a barge and you better pack a lunch because it's a fucking hike to the other side The fact that McCammon THEN needed to literally show people's true faces as if we were unclear which side they were on was again overkill All the GOOD people are so beautiful and all the EVIL people are hideously deformed Because that's original One last thing before I wrap this up I really expected the glass a ma jig to have a vital purpose in the book and I was very disappointed to learn that I was mistaken in this especially after ALLLLLLL of the build up I trudged through including the 10 minute long at 3x speed 'crowning' scene For the thing to be relegated to be nothing than a Rosetta Stone after all of that kind of makes me incredibly angry So so very mad Oooh wonder what this big red button does?

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A wasteland born of rage populated by monstrous creatures and marauding armies the last survivors on earth have been drawn into the final battle between good and evil that will decide the fate of humani Percentage composition of previous or later works of postapocalypse of a sort in the DNA of R McCammon's enormous horror epic Swan Song41% The Stand novel10% The Road novel which is actually in itself like 7% Mad Max a source which must NOT go completely ignored10% Blood Meridian novel so about 60% of SS can be found in King McCarthy alone10% Lord of the Rings 6% Two Towers battle 4% magic ring emblem5% Lonesome Dove novel5% Dawn of the Dead films mall battleground motorcycle gangs4% Cold Mountain novelfilm3% Death RaceDeath Race 2000 film2% Battle Royale film3% Hunger Games duh franchise3% Silvester Stallone's Daylight1% Poseidon Adventure1% Pocahontas the colonization tale in the new Wild West1% Sleeping Beauty kiss of maiden1% Snow White apple symbol love's kissYeah the whole country's been nuked 130 by them lethal Russians We all knew it would happen and do it does After everything is dead and gone the unlucky remnants begin to establish feudal groups and erect new structures of power and control Evil forces unite heroes are made and characters are killed off in that adorably Walking Dead fashion The vigilantes suffer greatly and its a true blast to read about dead babies crushed miners about the annihilation of all humanity I'm kidding The gruesome factor is uite high Superbly the violence is violent; the blood and gore is supremeIt is too long It begins to steadily lose steam to a v tepid conclusion something the reader had already expected would occur but does only at an even later stageMonoliths of horror Gotta love 'em