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Book ↠ Alien Contact È 491 pages Download ↠ Marty halpern ✓ [Reading] ➷ Alien Contact Author Marty Halpern – “An anthology which serves as an excellent snapshot of modern SF”— The Guardian We are not alone From War of the Worlds to Invasion of the BoOw the story of alien contact would play out Editor Marty Halpern has gathered together some of the best stories of the last 30 years by today's most exciting genre writers FEATURING STORIES BY STEPHEN BAXTER ORSON SCOTT CARD CORY DOCTOROW KAREN JOY This is a hard book to review While some stories are good it takes me forever to push myself to start a new story after I finished each one I haven't finished this book If I ever continue I will update my review but as of now I just can't get into it anySummaryThe Thought War by Paul McAuley Interesting concept about zombies and invasion yet maybe if the story had been longer I would have appreciated it As is even though it was short it felt long with parts that I felt like skimming A 35 for originality aloneHow to Talk to Girls at Party by Neil Gaiman Sorry I couldn't get in this one at all I always thought I was open to different styles and stories but even the premises kind of made no sense to me I can't give it than a 2 Face Value by Karen Joy Fuller Finally one that was worth the read A couple is studying a species on a strange planet I loved the way it was described How the aliens acted How the couple dealt with the isolation and all It was easy to relate to them This one was a solid 5The Road Not Taken by Harry Turtledove A fun story about an invading race who met something they didn't expect earthlings Just to say that technology has different branches 5The aliens who knew I mean everything by George Alec Effinger Oh mywhere to startWhat would you do if you'd encounter people who thought they knew everything? Would you accept their answers as the absolute truth? Lots of twists in that one and an ending I absolutely didn't expect I just loved it If I could give than 5 I wouldI am the doorway by Stephen King If you like King you should like this one too This story left me wondering if what we were told was true or if it was all in the mind of the astronaut 4Recycling strategies for the inner city by Pat Murphy I couldn't get into that one although I read it all It just wasn't my cup of tea 2 The 43 Antarean dynasties by Mike Resnick Earthlings guided by an indigene visit another planet I love the 'alien' who of course isn't one since it's on his planet I can easily imagine people acting like the humans 4The gold bug by Orson Scott Card Interesting view on another world Might have been better as a full length story 4Kin by Bruce McAllister I really liked that one A boy seek the help of an alien to do something for him I think it was well thought with a few twists Too short but a fun read 5Guerilla mural of a siren's song by Ernest Hogan I am sorry I DNF that one I tried but it was really not the type of story I was expecting to get when I bought this book 1Angel by Pat Cadigan Loved this one Who or what was the Angel or should I just call him Angel remains a mystery but the whole idea was great and well written 5The first contact with the Gorgonids by Ursula K Le Guin First Encounter with aliens in the desert in Australia Mehinteresting but too short andI don't knowIt could have been good for it missed the spot for me 3Sunday night Yams at Minnie and Earl's by Adam Troy Castro Try as I might I just couldn't get into that one I probably missed the good part by leaving it unfinished but it just not something I felt like reading Let just say that when I bought the book I signed up for short stories This one was 52 pages Fifty two pages of something I would not have read by itself soDNF 1A midwinter's tale by Michael Stanwick Cute little story a little bit on the dark side 3Texture of other ways by Mark W Tiedemann A story about telepathsor whatever they call it I can't recall it Anyway I liked that one I could imagine trying going that road to find a way to communicate with alien species And all it turned out was also a plausible outcome It kept my interest through out 4To go boldly by Cory Doctorov When a short story doesn't catch you right from the beginning it is hard to continue reading I can't say there was anything wrong with this one but the way the author started his story kind of lost me I couldn't get into it at all 1If nudity offends you Elizabeth Moon Not a bad story but it got me wonder if the whole extra terrestrial thing had been an afterthought 3Laws of survival by Nancy Kress This dog behave correctly Love this story 5What you are about to see by Jack Skillingstead Did not read yetAmanda and the alien by Robert Silverberg Did not read yetExo skeleton town by Jeffrey Ford Did not read yetLambing season by Molly Gloss Did not read yetSwarm by Bruce Sterling Did not read yetMaxo Signals by Charles Stross Did not read yetLast contact by Stephen Baxter Did not read yetWould I recommend this book? Only if you love anthologies and are not expecting too much out of it While I understand that everyone's taste is different I was hoping for a little bit out of this one Maybe I set my expectations too high or maybe it wasn't for me Yet it could still be for you

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“An anthology which serves as an excellent snapshot of modern SF” The Guardian We are not alone From War of the Worlds to Invasion of the Body Snatchers ET to Close Encounters creators of science fiction have always eagerly speculated on just h This was a nice collection of stories Some swerved into the Fantasy genre but most were straight forward Science FictionWell done

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Alien ContactFOWLER NEIL GAIMAN STEPHEN KINGURSULA K LE GUIN ELIZABETH MOON PAT MURPHY CHARLES STROSS MICHAEL SWANWICK HARRY TURTLEDOVE AND MANY OTHERS weaving a tapestry that covers a broad range of scenarios from the insidious to the violent to the transcende The Thought War Paul McAuley 45How to Talk to Girls at Parties 45Face Value Karen Joy Fowler 25The Road Not Taken Harry Turtledove 55The Aliens Who Knew I Mean Everything 45I Am the Doorway Stephen King 35Recycling Strategies for the Inner City Pat Murphy 35The 43 Antarean Dynasties Mike Resnick 55The Gold Bug Orson Scott Card 55Kin Bruce McAllister 55Guerrilla Mural of a Sirens Song 15Angel Pat Cadigan 45The First Contact with the Gorgonids Ursula K LE Guin 35Sunday Night Yams at Minne at Earls Adam Troy Castro 55A Midwinters Tale Michael Swanwick 35Texture of Other Ways Mark W Tiedemann 45To Go Boldly Cory Doctorow 35If Nudity Offends You Elizabeth Moon 35Laws of Survival Nancy Kress 55What You Are About To See Jack Skillingstead 45Amanda and the Alien Robert Silverberg45Exo Skeleton Town Jeffrey Ford 45Lambing Season Molly Gloss 45Swarm Bruce Sterling 55Maxo Signals Charles Stross 35Last Conact Stephen Baxter 55