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read epub í デジタル・デビル・ストーリー 女神転生 ☆ ❰Reading❯ ➿ デジタル・デビル・ストーリー 女神転生 Author Aya Nishitani – Jusho High School's student body is divided the gifted versus the normal Akemi Nakajima onIs assaulted by one of the normal students Kondo Hiroyuki Battered and bloody Nakajima decides to finish h This is where it all began and with it I mean the third pillar of the Japanese RPG world beside Final Fantasy and Dragon uest the Shin Megami Tensei series though these days the Persona spinoff is famous Which started on the SNES and was build on the foundations laid by the Megami Tensei series from NES itself based on the first book of a trilogy of horror novels by Aya Nishitani And the book really is the start of it allA Japanese high school kid summons a demon after he got bullied in school loses control over it after some time and then together with another high school kid fights back while both have discovered they are the reincarnations of powerful Japanese gods Despite being so essential for the series this isn’t a good read or a good book in general What I read was fan translated in 2006 so one could argue some of the weaknesses of the book could be laid at the feet of the translator but even then I doubt it’s all on himIt’s not just that the writing feels rather ham fisted and amateurish given the book started on the web on a BBS like modern web novels so no big surprise there the book is also structurally rather weak Characters are presented one way then shift their motivation 180 when the plot needs them to be someone else The teenager who started the whole demon summoning kills a couple of his classmates mercilessly only then to later become the hero in a turn around that’s rather inauthenticAnd once the whole reincarnation angle got introduced a major part of the plot after all it was all a bit too much At around 100 pages this is rather short and yet I had to force myself to get through it and the only reason I did was because it’s the origin of the whole SMT series not because I thought it was valuable in and of itself It’s a beginner’s novel and not by somebody particularly gifted but somebody barely able to string a couple sentences together The pacing is all over the place the horrific effects lots of slaughter and gore and skull crushing come off as unintentionally comedic and the characterization is utterly inept to the point I did not only not care about the characters but didn’t feel like they were real characters to begin with This is just bad on all frontsIt is kinda impressive how this got enough traction to get professionally published and even games made based on it I’m thankful for that as the SMT series is great but I would have expected the source material to be somewhat better than thisThat said the one cool gimmick it had to merge magic and computers and demon summoning eerily foreshadowed something far better by writer Charles Stross who in 2004 started a series of novels and stories about a world where computing and magic are one of the same lead to summoning demons via computers is basically modern urban horror and leads to an apocalyptic end of the world scenario that hounds so much of the SMT series I doubt Stross ever played the games or read the original source material just convergent ideas but Stross series is actually worth seeking out and shows just how great this idea can be in the hands of a competent writer

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Is Demon Summoning Program to exact his own revenge What follows are the conseuences of playing with demon I personally recommend audiences to watch the incredible anime OVA adaption first and then read the book afterwards I feel like one can appreciate the creepiness of the story when they can fully visualize everything that's going on particularly the gore scenes Digital Devil Story is a beautiful piece of camp and I will hold it close to my heart for years The second volume of the series is even better For anyone interested in Shin Megami Tensei or trope y fun 80's Japanese horror the books that inspired the franchise are jewelsIt's such a bummer how difficult it is to find the seuel series beyond the original trilogy

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デジタル・デビル・ストーリー 女神転生Jusho High School's student body is divided the gifted versus the normal Akemi Nakajima one of the gifted As much as I like the MegaTen series I must confess the novel that started it all ends up rather Lackluster Pacing is poor characters lack substance and the writing is awkward and downright cheesy at times If you can stomach these obvious shortcomings though it makes for an interesting insight on how the MegaTen series came to be definitely only recommended for veteranshardcore fans