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Read & Download ¸ The Fearless Maverick º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook × [KINDLE] ❅ The Fearless Maverick ❥ Robyn Grady – Alex Thrill seeker Player Champion Driven to succeed Alex’s only desire is to win win win – at all costs A champion race car driver he lives l?? fast reckless and always number one But after a huge crash his racing career facing ruin Alex must confront his biggest fear failure Physio Libby Henderson is there to help him get. Alex is a famous race car driver aiming for his third World Championship title when he has an accident on the track The doctors won't let him drive unless he gets an okay from a physio therapist His answer to that find a female that he could bribeseduce into declaring him fit That didn't go as planned First Libby is not a kind of person accept bribes and won't do anything that could later on destroy his career And next to that he starts to fall for her Throughout the book he treats her wonderfully especially when they first make love But then in the end he manages to screw up masterfully Twice I know that he has issues from his childhood but it still bothered me Libby knows what Alex is going through she was a World Champion in surfing when she had an accident that changed her life dramaticaly The worst lesson she learned from that that some people especially the men she was dating won't stick to you if it gets tough It takes time to start trusting Alex but she couldn't resist him When he or less betrayed her she was sufferingIf nothing else Alex did manage to patch thing up between him and his twin Anabelle But because of the ending that I didn't likeRating35 stars

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Alex Thrill seeker Player Champion Driven to succeed Alex’s only desire The Fearless MOBI #233 is to win win win – at all costs A champion race car driver he lives like he drives ?. It brings me absolutely no joy to say I hated this book I can't think of any book I wanted to love than this book More than anything I wanted this to be a heartfelt story with a positive portrayal of disability so I could write a glowing review to counteract the ignorant hateful and all around offensive reviews it received from thoughtless readersUnfortunately it's a horrendously poor portrayal of living with a disability and a shitty book to boot The author projected her own revulsion at the thought of living in a disabled woman's body to create a sad pitiable character in Libby just to provide an opportunity for angst Libby never gets to define her disability or her body for that matter for herself Everyone else in the book decides that for her She has no self esteem no dignity and no individuality She's a receptacle for every stereotype able bodied people have about physically disabled people This isn't a story about a woman with a below the knee prosthesis this is an able bodied woman's fantasy of being swept off her feet by a wealthy gorgeous man despite being less than perfect herself Libby's disability is just a prop a concept the author lazily appropriated as shorthand for vulnerability It's offensive as hell

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The Fearless MaverickBack to fitness and all Alex wants to do is get physical Libby’s dealt with challenging things in life but it’s taking all of her professionalism to keep this stubborn playboy at b. No wonder this won the Ruby for Short Sexy Category Engaging lovable characters who are falling in love but have serious problems to overcome A wounded hero and heroine who have it in them to save each other makes an emotionally satisfying and heart lifting story I'll be rereading this book