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Wolf author Denise M. Main review Ò eBook or Kindle ePUB Õ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Wolf Author Denise M. Main – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk WOLF Jenna is an ex junkie and talented illustrator who seemingly attracts trouble wherever she goes On the run from her addiction and looking for a physical and spiritualWOLF Jenna is an ex junkie and talented illustrator who seemingly attracts trouble wherever she goes On the run from her addiction and looking for a physical and spiritual breathing space she meets up with Lone Wolf This young half breed Apache saves h. This book was a complete THRILL to read Once you open the book your real world will fade and you will find yourself waiting for the ending with a sense of excitement to see how it ends and a sense of sadness that it's over The following is the review posted on my blogCould you handle going from a tough street smart heroin addict to one of the top werewolves in one of the top werewolf clans Well that is exactly what happens to Jenna Gray in the book WOLF by DENISE MAIN One day she’s on the street living the hopeless life of a heroin addict and the next she is thrown into the adventure of a lifetime that begins with an exploding bar After the explosion Jenna spends her time with her rescuer Lone Wolf and his wolf pup Little by little Jenna is fed bits and pieces of memories she has been made to forget by Lone Wolf concerning her past and her life Jenna begins to figure out what a dangerous situation she is in and wonders if she can trust anyone she considers a friend From dirty streets in bad neighborhoods to beautiful hills in the country the reader will follow Jenna on a mission to save herself and those of her clan she holds close to her heartThis was an action packed story with a tight easy to follow plot Main did an awesome job of bringing the reader into the story and bringing the characters out I enjoyed this book from the first word on the first page to the last word on the last page and hope she writes on this clan and Jenna

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Er life then awakens her to a hidden past that horrifies confuses and puts her in worse danger than ever Torn between loyalty to her father her powerful family of shape shifters love for her brothers and devotion to her young son she rebels Then the fu. I thought this book sounded like a great read Werewolves spiritual awakenings Things I enjoy reading about Well those things were part of the book and I did enjoy those aspects as I'd anticipated I would However the fact the main character couldn't seem to speak without cursing was irritating and I couldn't believe how naive she is especially for someone who hasn't exactly been living a sheltered life Not to mention I was uncomfortable with the freedom of partner selection and the fact it was explained away as being acceptable because shifter morals are different to most human's morals It's a shame because the plot had potential and all the twists and turns in it might have had me loving it were it not for those issues I'd have still been a bit disappointed with the abruptness of the ending though since that was so sudden I had to double check the book really was over Clean up the language don't let being shifters be an excuse for encounters that even the characters themselves agreed would be frowned upon by most people give the character the street smarts she should have auired during recent years even if she hadn't before and give us an ending that's not so abrupt and this book could be a five star read

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Wolf author Denise M. MaR really begins to fly In order to save her life and sanity she attempts a desperate take over for control of the family with just one ally at her side her Apache savior and adopted brother But he is much than he appears to beand not always on her side. I uite enjoyed this book I loved the werewolf aspect to it or shifters as they are called However with this book I would have liked to see of the other shifters and not just the wolves The characters though sucked you in and the storyline was fast paced and the action never stopped A sexy romantic uirky novel that keeps pulling you in until you're done That being said it thought the book ended rather abruptly I would have liked to see a little of a settling of the plot but perhaps that will come in another installment