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The Sacred Band summary » 108 ¸ ❮Reading❯ ➶ The Sacred Band Author David Anthony Durham – “David Anthony Durham has serious chops I can’t wait to read whatever he writes next—George R R MartinDavid Anthony Durham’s acclaimed fantasy saga the Acacia Trilogy continues  As The Sacred “David As a result of her mastery of spells from the Book of Elenet Her younger brother Dariel has been sent on a perilous mis­sion to the Other Lands And her sister Mena travels to the far north to face an invasion of the feared race The Sacred PDF. Oh dearwhat happened The first book in Durham’s Acacia trilogy was a solid read It posed interesting uestions on a backdrop of political fantasy It wasn’t a story with easy answers and while it wasn’t perfect it tried to shine a fairly progressive light on what has largely been a conservative genre The Other Lands the second book in the trilogy broadened the scope but did so by grinding the overall story to a halt In my review of that book I criticised it for its meandering non climax of an ending It had its moments though especially when Durham was left to conjure up the Lothan Aklun and Auldek culture which was easily the highlight of the novel It was a book that set up the pieces for an epic finale so uite rightly I’d argue I was expecting The Sacred Band to deliver My mistakeIt’s clear at this point that Durham has too many characters to handle and it uickly becomes a problem We have long rather pointless stretches of the book where we’re following characters that have very little to do in the story Delivegu Kelis Melio and Durham’s staunch refusal to not kill off any of his characters means that the pacing of the story uickly grinds to a halt We see many of the plot threads from the first two books finally come to fruition here Shen finally makes it back to Acacia with the Santoth Corrin continues her slow slide into paranoid madness as she tightens her grip on power and Mena is left to effectively act as a tar pit for the advancing Auldek forces There’s lots of potential here and I was genuinely looking forward to seeing how Durham would have it all resolve Yet at about the half way point there’s a major scene which effectively splits the book in two and if I’m completely honest it feels like the latter half was written by another writer The prose takes a nosedive for starters the dialogue starts to elicit some cringes and worst of all characters undergo dramatic and lasting transformations in the space of a few hundred words completing their character arcs in less than a chapter All of those interesting themes that the original two books handled; imperialism monarchy capitalismthey’re brushed away so that the story can end The second half of this novel really feels rushed and I can’t stress that enough Plot convenience after plot convenience is suddenly thrown at the reader so that the book can wrap itself up Even the tone changes in the second half with the League the closest the novel gets to a clear group of villains becoming nothing than pantomime baddies It’s not so much that the The Sacred Band is a bad book it’s that it undoes what made the first two books so interesting And its simplistic shallow endings almost feel like a betrayal of those who’ve stuck around long enough to see the end of the trilogy

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Or of the Auldek As their separate trajectories converge a series of world shaping earth shattering battles will force the surviving children of the Akaran dynasty to confront their fates head on and right some ancient wrongs once and for all. Video review of the whole series to come I don't know what to say I love this series so much I don't think I can put it into words at the moment Thank you David Anthony Durham Thank you for Aliver Corinn Mena and Dariel I cannot wait to revisit the Known World and view spoilerUshen Brae hide spoiler

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The Sacred Band“David Anthony Durham has serious chops I can’t wait to read whatever he writes next George R R MartinDavid Anthony Durham’s acclaimed fantasy saga the Acacia Trilogy continues  As The Sacred Band begins ueen Corinn bestrides the world. The Sacred Band by David Anthony Durham brings the saga of the Akaran family begun in Acacia to a close The novel picks up where The Other Landsleft off Corinn controls Acacia with an iron grip her growing mastery over the magic learned from the Book of Elenet allow ever greater control over the populace Dariel still far across the sea in the Other Lands learning about the society formed by the former uota slaves Mena has been tasked with defending Acacia’s northern border from invadeing Auldek Last the recently resurrected Aliver slowly begins to recover who he was On a minor note one of the brilliant things this series does and one of the things I’d love to see other shorter fantasy series do is provide several pages about two to three of summary for the previous novels In a genre wherein volumes are separated by months if not years this type of summary is extraordinarily helpful in helping ease a reader back into the storyThe Other Lands really opened up the story of the Acacia trilogy by introducing the continent of Ushen Brae and revealing the society formed by the uota slaves sent across the sea The Scared Band expands upon those revelations slowly doling out the history and ramifications of the presence of the uota slaves and their former masters Indeed over the course of the novel and the course of the series at large the themes of history and truth play an ever increasing role in how events unfold There are multiple layers of each throughout each the novel’s cultural strata The Akarans have always controlled the flow of their own history and the careful manipulation of which sends ripples of ever increasing size across the whole world The Akaran’s manipulation of their own history intersects with revelations about the Lothun Aklun and the history of The Other Lands’ Free People Meanwhile the Auldek who have consumed the souls of the uota slaves to gain near immortality struggle to maintain the simple memory of their own pastsBoth Acacia and The Other Lands in a sense revealed small aspects of the full story unveiled here but as the true history of the world is unveiled over the course of The Sacred Band you begin to see how carefully Durham has crafted this world to reflect the decisions of its inhabitants over the course of generations The Sacred Band is the strongest novel in a trilogy of consistently strong novels The characters both great and small have a depth seen in very few other series More often than not at first glance the characters may appear to adhere to a stereotype but over the course of the novels each of the characters and particularly the members of Akaran royal line follow a distinct and organic growth Of the Akaran’s it is Corinn whose evolution from a prisoner to near dictator over the course of the first two novels made for some compelling reading that really shines in The Scared Band Not to sound too corny but there is something of the “redemptive power of love” in her arc over the course of the novel Where that love comes from is expected in most cases but something of a surprise in others Similarly Dariel’s arc from an impetuous pirate to something resembling a Christ like figure comes to a nice close here as well I could probably spend a lot time telling you how much I enjoyed the arcs of each of the series’ main characters but I will leave it at saying that each and everyone is fantastically and believably taken on a journey of discovery and growth over the course of these novelsThe Sacred Band is a splendid end to an oft overlooked series that deserves to be read by people Durham is an accomplished world builder who crafts characters with both hindsight and foresight Durham started his career writing historical fiction a fact which gives his writing and his approach to fantasy a very different feel compared to other genre authors The Acacia trilogy is one of the most original and well constructed fantasies I’ve ever read and I look forward to seeing where Durham goes next