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The Fault in Our StarsIn Our MOBI #245 Despite the tumor shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years Hazel has never been anything but terminal her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis But when a EMOTIONAL BLACKMAILYou will cry because this is VERY sadSo a discussion occurred in my head after I rated the book view spoilerA voice in my head Come on You can't post that on Goodreads Me glares Why not A voice in my head aka VH Please don't You will ruin your reputation Me weary Not that again VH Well it's true You can't post that It's just not okay Do you have any idea how popular this book is Hint YOU CAN'T EVEN GUESSMe Why should I care Maybe some people think like meVH You don't understand It's not just random book that you can critize like you do all the time and just get away with it This is THE FAULT IN OUR STARS And it's John Green Believe me you do NOT want to get in the way of those crazy fans nerdfighters or whatever it is they call themselves Me Really what the fuck do I care I want to give this 3 stars It's not like I'm giving it 1 star or something VH But why would you even do that in the first place EVERYONE and I do mean EVERYONE in your friend list gave it 5 stars And they used so many sobbing gifs Really it made me cry a little just looking at them Me staresVH It won the Goodreads award for best YAMe So Fifty Shades won Best Romance VH It's got one of the highest general ratings for a book on GoodreadsMe Nobody but the Goodreads community actually cares And wait I'm not even sure the Goodreads community actually cares I know I don'tVH You're such a cold hearted bitch Why would you give it only 3 stars anyway Don't you have a heart And why 3 stars I know you really loved the book deep down Me I didn't I mean I liked it it was okay but I didn't love it It's I mean Oh fuck it It's overrated There I said it Sue me VH seethes You did NOT just say that Me I did Because it is Come on did you read the dialogues in this Can we talk about the dialogues I want to talk about the dialoguesVH crosses arms Go ahead I want examplesMe Fine I'll start with the popular uotes You know what I'm talking about The uotes which are totally overrated and everyone loves them and they create pics and stuff when really if you think about the uote in itself Well you realize that it just you know sucks VH mumbles How 'bout you suckMe What was that Actually forget it I don't give a shit Listen to this “My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations” VH So It's beautifulMe Welltries really hard to refrain from laughing I mean Seriously Like fails miserably HAHAHAHA how pretentious can you get Comparing your thoughts to stars REALLYVH You're so shallow Some of us have deep thoughts you know Like thoughts so deep they actually deserve to be compared to the firmament I don't even want to explain to you how poetic this is because I'd waste my time Me Save yourself the effort I don't mind And I've got another example Probably my favoriteThat's the thing about pain It demands to be felt VH What now You're gonna say that it's so pretentious it made you cryMe Precisely nods wisely Because that's the thing about tears They demand to be wet Or that's the thing about food It demands to be eaten Or that's the thing aboutVH SHUT UP I get it There's no discussion with you How am I supposed to discuss with someone who's got the intellectual depth of an empty oysterMe But come on I'm not finished yet What about Augustus and his unlit cigarette“They don’t kill you unless you light them” he said “And I’ve never lit one It’s a metaphor see You put the killing thing right between your teeth but you don’t give it the power to do its killing” Me Is this supposed to be smart This is pathetic It's terrible it's not funny and it's not deep VH hisses It's a metaphorMe I know“It’s a metaphor” I said dubious “It’s a metaphor” he said“You choose your behaviors based on their metaphorical resonances” I said“Oh yes” He smiled “I’m a big believer in metaphor Hazel Grace” Me Can you say metaphor again Say metaphor one time Go ahead say it I think John Green hasn't totally forced it down my throat yet hysterical yelling LET'S SAY IT AGAIN Metaphor Everything is a METAPHORVH What's your point you freakMe My point is the dialogues are horrible It made my eyes burn It's pretentious and unbelievable AND besides you can totally see that John Green loves the charactersVH What author doesn't like the characters of their own bookMe It's not the same With John Green It's like he adores himself I bet you anything he re reads his own books Just to see exactly how awesome they are VH What You don't know that You cannot possibly say that How dare you talk about him like you know himMe You know in the audio version of The Fault in Our Stars at the end there's an interview with him And he explicitly says that he just LOVES listening to the audio versions of his books So thereVH What No You're wrong He doesn't mean like he loves it when someone reads him his own books That's not what he meant AT ALL It's a misunderstanding What he meant was he loves listening to the the reading lady Because she has such a sweet voice and everything Me Are you kidding me He's in love with himself Augustus is just an hologram An empty shell Seriously his monologues are laughable I couldn't even focus I kept thinking of John Green while reading Because Augustus is just SO witty so smart so perfect cough cough wish fulfillment helloVH I am so not convincedMe There's this whole repetition thing too I cannot believe how all the characters of his books look alike How come it works every SINGLE time How many books are out there now 4 5 More surely It's always the SAME THING Geeky and nerdy narrator geekier and nerdier sidekick mysterious but unbelievable girl random plot that doesn't even make sense road trip Come the fuck on You know what The fact that people aren't getting tired of him and his stupid same characters is the real uestionVH But this book is uniue The way it deals with cancer and death It's so beautiful You cannot possibly say it isn'tMe That's what disturbed me the most Look What I want to say is not every death is glorious Not every death is epic and not every death will glow like a star in the eternal twilight sky Most of the time deaths are random plain and the world is cold and uncaring and that's how it is And that's what's terrible You don't need to be a hero you don't need to defy death the way Augustus pretends to you don't need to lose yourself in unbelievable speeches to have people cry over your death The book is just TOO much VH You know about them being unbelievable when they talk You seem to forget something Augustus and Hazel ARE different They're uniue so they talk different That's what it's all aboutMe They're not different they don't exist They can't exist Honestly I don't think this was a good tribute to the kids who are really sick Because no one talks like that NO ONE and I feel like now there's this messed up hierarchy between the sick kids who are sort of smart ass and those who aren't And I refuse that I can't accept that Being ironic jaded detached and all metaphorical over the disease is a luxury that genuinely sick teenagers cannot afford So fuck this And I'd rather kneel before a kid who has cancer and who doesn't know what a metaphor is than shed a tear over one of Augustus's stupid monologuesVH You liar I know you crie

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The Fault in Our Stars is award winning author John Green's most ambitious and heartbreaking work yet brilliantly exploring the funny thrilling and tragic business of being alive and in lov The fault dear Brutus is not in our stars But in ourselves This is the first time I’ve truly been at a loss for words What am I supposed to say How can I do this book justice Maybe tell you all that it was perfect The best most heartbreaking hilarious book that has touched me like none other Sure I mean it's been said countless times in countless reviews and you know what They are absolutely a hundred and fifty percent trueHazel's days are numbered thanks to her crap lungs She was able to buy a few years thanks to a miracle but she isn't fooling herself But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group Hazel's story is about to be completely rewritten I don't think I've ever cried so much laughed so much just over all enjoyed a book as much as I have while reading The Fault in Our Stars Everything that goes on is serious heartbreaking and eye opening but John Green does an amazing job at literally making you laugh out loud Even when you're suffering Hazel what a breathe of fresh air her character was She was real and I loved her no bullshit attitude She wasn't fooling herself and John Green didn't make her out to be ecstatic with the world or her situation She wasn't bitchy or depressing but it wasn't like she was perfectly fine to sit idly and watch the time tick byAugustus Waters is my dream guy Like for real As I wrote on an update Screw all the Christian Grey’s and the Gideon Cross’ just give be Augustus Waters As he read I fell in love the way you fall asleep slowly and then all at once I fell in love with everything that was himI was completely emotionally invested into the story It’s not just the main characters that stole my heart Isaac the parents even her damn tank Phillip did as well It was beautiful it was hilarious and it was perfect Maybe okay will be our always Everybody tells you to have your tissues fully loaded because you’re going to need them and of course my first thought is suuuureee Don’t get me wrong I’ve teared up in plenty of books but actually cried Nah Well I step down and admit defeat I freakin’ sobbed my heart out John Green you’ve done what only few have been able to do make me cryA thanks to all the ladies that BR this with me and the ones who crashed it I wouldn’t have gone near this one with a ten foot pole without you all ;

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FREE PDF î BOOK The Fault in Our Stars à ☁ [PDF / Epub] ☀ The Fault in Our Stars By John Green ✎ – Despite the tumor shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years Hazel has never been anything but terminal her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis But when a gorgeous plot twist naGorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group Hazel's story is about to be The Fault PDF or completely rewrittenInsightful bold irreverent and raw It seems silly that I have to say this but I've seen many a negative review of this book met with backlash from John's nerdfighter fans so I want to make one thing clear I like John Green You'll find plenty who worship him as a god amongst men and many who are highly critical of him I fall into neither of these categories but I do like him and I enjoy watching his videos I find him funny and I agree with a lot of what he stands for; I also appreciate the amount of charity work he does and the way he helps the nerds feel better about themselves and make it out of high school a little less scarred than they might have been I like John Green But I do not particularly like this book There are plenty of people raving about this book on goodreads on Kirkus in various magazines and newspapers so I realise I am in a tiny minority I will also admit that I might not have felt the same if I hadn't already subjected myself to numerous cancer books but as it is I do not feel anything that uniue or interesting has been brought to the table here For the first half approx despite my lack of enthusiasm I expected to give it three stars because I didn't consider it to be a bad book and it was well written enough; however as the book wore on I began to realise that I was growing and bored and found myself struggling to read on This was something I hadn't anticipated I'd prepared myself for many different possibilities heartbreak a changed perspective on life and death disdain annoyance but not bored indifference Hence the lower ratingOne of the first problems I encountered was that the kids were wise beyond their years And I don't mean intelligent I mean wise They came out with things that really only suit people who've been alive a few centuries like Dumbledore or Gandalf or at the very least people who are sat comfortably in middle age I like that Green doesn't patronise his readers by oversimplifying things or dumbing down characters in a condescending effort to appeal to teenagers but these characters behave in a way that is unnatural to the point where sometimes it is verging on ridiculous It's not completely unbelievable that some kids exist who are actually like this but they definitely don't all speak and behave in this wayThe characters are all in one way or another John Green They all have his uirkiness his sense of humour; I was picturing several John Greens sat around having a conversation while I was reading The Fault in Our Stars In fact reading this book was a little bit like watching one of Green's vlogs which might have worked well if JG hadn't dampened the humour with philosophical musings As it was I had a book that was trying so very hard to be both funny and sad at the same time and ended up failing to deliver either one as successfully as I would have liked The dialogue felt false and scripted because of the teens' tendency to showcase their depth and intelligence Natural conversation between anyone of any age doesn't work like this and I couldn't shake the feeling that there should be a laughter track playing in the backgroundThe Fault in Our Stars in my opinion would have been far better if Green had stuck to humour like Andrews did in Me and Earl and the Dying Girl I believe that the exaggerated characters and their unrealistic conversations would have been fine in a straight up humour book because that's not supposed to portray something real and deep and moving But Green loses it by trying to be philosophical and in the end I think he has produced a book that is as melodramatic and message driven as any other on this issue And his attempt to balance humour and sadness left me somewhat devoid of emotion throughout and provided fewer laughs than I'd hopedUltimately I feel that JG sacrificed humour in order to be deep and philosophical perhaps this book tried to be too many things perhaps JG tried to be too clever But Me and Earl and the Dying Girl was a much better book in my opinion because it did the whole serious illness humour thing but didn't over complicate things by being philosophical Like I said near the beginning perhaps I am just tired of these books and The Fault in Our Stars needs to be appreciated by someone who has not already exhausted themselves on similar efforts Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr