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Travis McGee is too busy with his houseboat to pay attention to the little old man with the missing postage stamps Except these are no ordinary stamps They are rare stamps Four hun. It's always better when you don't have to give a damn John D MacDonald The Scarlet RuseIf Philatelic Beach Noir is your gig this book is for you I guess in the age 1972 before block chain technology and Bitcoins stamps seem a very likely avenue for moving large amounts of money from one country to the next MacDonald flushes this idea out and weaves into it the Mob women and Meyer a trusty economist friend MacDonald is hanging out in Florida which usually is my favorite setting for the owner of the Busted FlushThe plot is interesting and novel the characters are round and MacDonald nails the details I enjoyed it and don't remember being too turned off by MacDonald's usual treatment of women

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The Scarlet RuseDred thousand dollars worth of rare And if McGee doesn't recognize their value perhaps Mary Alice McDermit does a six foot knockout who knows all the ways to a boat bum's heart Onl. I must admit that I actually do not remember all that much specific detail with regard to this Travis McGee adventure except that because once again in John D MacDonald's The Scarlet Ruse there is not enough of McGee's sidekick and best friend Meyer present and extant at least for me personally I rather uickly began to lose interest and become somewhat bored and distracted For it is really and truly the case with basically ALL of the Travis McGee novels I have read to date that while I to a point enjoy reading about the main protagonist Travis McGee his exploits his worldview his many adventures and misadventures although the rather constant machoism and sexism does at times begin to wear a bit thin if his best friend and foil Meyer the brilliant and understated PhD in economics who as a literary character I not only enjoy but actually am very much and deeply enamoured of with a lasting and serious literary crush does not appear consistently and enough I simply and yes very uickly begin to experience reading tedium and while in The Scarlet Ruse I seem to remember that Travis McGee is actually saved from certain death by Meyer and then nursed back to health by a character from the past from the very first Travis McGee novel The Deep Blue Good Bye these facts do not really save the novel from being rather tedious and long winded without my best literary friend Meyer and his astute observation and ideas constantly present Two and a half stars rounded up to three stars as I also feel I do not sufficiently recall enough of the specific plot of The Scarlet Ruse to be curmudgeonly although I do indeed remember my disappointment when I picked up this novel in the late 80s and realised that Meyer was a little too absent for much of the time for me to truly and happily enjoy this fourteenth instalment of John D MacDonald's Travis McGee novels

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The Scarlet Ruse Free download ↠ 2 ↠ ❰Download❯ ➼ The Scarlet Ruse Author John D. MacDonald – Travis McGee is too busy with his houseboat to pay attention to the little old man with the missing postage stamps Except these are no ordinary stamps They are rare stamps Four hundred thousand dollY it's not McGee's heart that's in danger Because a syndicate killer has put a contract on McGee A killer who knows The Scarlet eBook #233 something about stamps and even about McG. Engaging fun summer read Meyer the hairy economist philosopher has an old friend that is the friend is an old man who manages fancy stamp collections An big book of expensive rare stamps being managed for a mob guy has been mysteriously replaced with a big book of worthless stamps Trav takes the case hooks up with an interesting chick and figures it all out It was written in '73 and I am sad at how far it seems we haven't comeMeyer made one of his surveys of the elderly couple in the Fort Lauderdale area the ones being sueezed between the cost of living and their Social Security They were very bitter about it They were very accusatory about it Amurrica should give them the financial dignity they had earned Meyer's analysis of the true cause of their dissatisfactionall too many of them were screwed by consumer advertising Spend spend spend Live for today So they lived out their lives up to their glottis in time payments They blew it all on boats and trailers and outboard motors binoculars and hunting rifles and department store high fashion They lived life to the hilt as the ads suggest Not to the hilt of pleasure but to the hilt of spending Now their anger is directed outward at society because they don't dare look back and think how pathetically vulnerable they were how many thousands they blew on toys that broke before they were paid for and how many thousands on the interest charges to buy those toys They don't know who screwed them They did what everybody else was doing Over 30 years later and we still don't get it Combined with this bit I can completely relate to Trav's mood Suddenly I felt bleak oddly depressed It took a moment to realize that one of Meyer's recent lectures on international standards of living was all too well remembered'so divide everything into two hundred million eual parts Everything in this country that is fabricated Steel mills speedboats cross country power lines scalpels watch bands fish rods ski poles plywood storage batteries everything Break it down into basic raw materials and then compute the power reuirements and the fossil fuels needed to make everybody's share in this country Know what happens if you apply that formula to all the peoples of all other other nations of the world'You come up against a bleak fact Travis There is not enough material on and in the planet to ever give them what we're used to'