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ePub ☆ 地獄星 レミナ ì Paperback Read ↠ johnscyclingdiary ì [Epub] ➟ 地獄星 レミナ By Junji Ito – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk One day the world found out about newly discovered star that was eating other stars At first it was so far away that it became just a nice curioEr finally eating some of the solar system's planets and taking a straight course for Earth itselfJigokusei Remina is a spectacular tale of ultimate and unavoidable destruction of humankind that came unexpected and without humanity's o This manga had some incredible elements but it also had some bad ones The premise of the story and the weirdness of it was just awesome A strange cosmic horror cannibal planet comic to Earth wow this doesn’t get intriguing than thatUnfortunately the story didn’t always go in the right direction In the beginning first third instead going all in into this cosmic horror them it goes back and forth between it and the pop star teens trying to escape a mob which was totally uninteresting Then something happen and I won’t say to much for not spoiling anything but let just say that the direction change again but we still follow a bit too much of the Remina the girl and not enough of the planet Remina It also too often goes into directions that were curious and I just would have like the focus to be else were The last third was not really good Final point the story felt a bit rush this could have been a small series instead of a single issues and it would have allows us to explore a bit of the world the story to take hold on us and even maybe develop those characters a bit and add some complexity to them to help them feel likeableSo overall a very solid and interesting idea but the way the author decides to tell its story some poor characters and some strange narrative choice make it lost a bit of interest to me I’m sill glad I finally read this author how is well know for doing manga horror weird and even cosmic one and I will look forward into his other works but as for this one it was still fun had some great dark moments but I was expecting something in the overall experience

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Wn help It's also a solid overview of how people can't cope with their own most primitive instincts blind revenge even in the face of final doom The Dread Planet Girlhunt Plaguebringer Under Her Tongue Licked Endless Void End Army of O All the time spent on reading this for nought no explanations provided and the conclusion is iffy as hell Of course some people don't mind and will say it's about the journey but when I invest time in something I demand proper answers and a proper resolution

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地獄星 レミナOne day the world found out about newly discovered star that was eating other stars At first it was so far away that it became just a nice curiosity entertaining people in their normal daily lives Then it begun to come closer and clos Within my top 3 favorite Junji Ito stories alongside Falling and Earthbound I'm a sucker for cosmic horror Essentially a one sentence summary A planet eater enters our solar system and hell breaks loose