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Read & Download à Small Treasures ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¿ [Read] ➳ Small Treasures By Maureen Child – Plucky seamstress Abby Sutton had traveled across the untamed West to the one room cabin she had inherited She refused to give up her only home simply because a gruffPlucky seamstress Abby Sutton had traveled across the untamed West to the one room cabin she had inherited She refused to give up her only home simply because a gruff mountain man claimed he had bought it before her uncle died No she would stay put and let the traveling judge decide who rightfully owned the place Anything co. Oh my god my brain is fucking meltingFrom what I gathered in the 6% of the story that I was able to stomach Abby's Uncle Silas beueathed his cabin to her in his will that was read two months ago Six months ago Silas sold the cabin to Samuel Abby goes to the cabin finds Samuel there and proceeds to a treat him like an unfortunate moron b attempt to confuse him in the hope of swindling him out of the property he legally owns and c say THIS But Samuel I've just told you that Uncle Silas named me in his will only two months agoExactly The flat of his hand slammed down on the tabletop and she grabbed for her coffee cup Since I bought this property six months ago Silas couldn't have left it to youBut that's what I meant when I said he'd obviously changed his mindHuhHe may have sold you the cabin first but he changed his mind later and left it to me”“Don't you understand Samuel said his frustration mounting with every breath The property wasn't his to leave youWell of course it was his Abby smiled If it wasn't his how could he have sold it to youIt was his Now it's mine Samuel felt as though his mind were covered in cobwebs He knew he was right So why was it even he was beginning to doubt itNo it was his then you thought it was yours but now it's mine She looked around her again and sighed And I can't tell you how exciting it all is Only a few weeks ago I was in Maryland and now I'm in my own homeFucking kill me now Better yet kill this poor delusional womanuite possibly my least favorite character Ever

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Domain with cleaning and laughing and singing and painting the place pink for godsakeHe had grown used to seeing fear in women’s eyes but try as he might the only thing Samuel saw in Abby’s eyes was affection and the hint of something deeper something that made him yearn for the life he had never allowed himself to want. SMALL TREASURES is a funny charming and timeless historical romance set in the West I started reading the book thinking I would just read a few pages to see if I was interested and didn't stop until I reached the end

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Small TreasuresUld happen in the five weeks before the judge made his way back to townSamuel Hart knew he could easily eject the feisty brunette – after all she was a tiny thing and he was so big he scared the local townsfolk But he couldn’t bring himself to turn a defenseless woman out in the cold even when she took over his masculine. This book had good premise but the writing was very poor and juvenileHero is very insecure which I found both endearing and annoying at the same time Annoying wonWhen it comes to annoying nothing beats heroine First she belittles and demeans hero in her thoughts and talks to him like he is dumb Then she just runs roughshod over him He lets her because he is already besotted with herAnd any time she spoke it sounded to my ears like she was whining or patronizing the hero Maybe it was due to the overuse of his nameSamuel where are you going SamuelWhy Samuel That is such a great idea SamuelThe book needs some thorough editing Examples pleas ant sup pliestryingtohide Typos like J instead of I In the other half of the book I had trouble following who was saying what There was sudden jumping from scene to scene The scenes were not divided into proper paragraphs which also made it difficult to follow the plotlineI don't recommend you spend any money on this book Borrow it if you have to read it