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review ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Õ Beverly Lewis New fromBestselling Author Beverly LewisAmelia Amy DeVries a year old violinist is disillusioned with life and love after the collapse of her long running romance Weary of endless rehearsals and performances Amy sets out on a road trip through the. Very good book Amelia is rescued from the rainstorm and a flat tire by Michael He is staying in a cabin basically hiding out from his Amish life trying to decide if he wants to leave it Amelia is a concert violinist also trying to decide her future Amelia and Michael connect right away each recognizing a fellow lost soul He invites her to come to Hickory Hollow for a few days to relax I loved the way that Amelia and Michael are able to relate to each other despite their very different backgrounds Each is able to listen to the other without judging thereby giving them a chance to explore options Michael really wants to leave the Amish community but is afraid of disappointing his family and friends He is caught between two worlds his Amish life helping his father and his English life working as an architect and enjoying all the outside world has to offer Amelia is tired of touring but doesn't know how to tell her father and the others who expect a great future from her When she visits Hickory Hollow she is drawn to the simpler life she experiences there I really liked the way she was able to help Michael with his niece and the way she became such good friends with Joanna When it is time for her to leave she and Michael stay in touch for a long while learning about each other and expanding their friendship They lose touch with each other for awhile due to a misunderstanding but find their way together again after each has found their way to the lives they were meant to lead I loved seeing the personal growth in both Michael and Amelia Neither one came to their decisions easily but the process was completely believable I enjoyed seeing some characters from previous books The conclusion to this story was beautifully done

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characters Ù The Fiddler ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free · [Read] ➲ The Fiddler Author Beverly Lewis – New from #1 Bestselling Author Beverly LewisAmelia Amy DeVries a 24 year old violinist is disillusioned with life and love after the collapse of her long running romance We She abandons her car and walks the winding roads searching for help Following the smell of woodsmoke and the sound of music she finds a rustic log cabin There she meets a young Amishman and through him a community that will change her life forever. I really liked this book Probably especially since as a musician and former violinist I really related to Amelia I liked how her encounter with Michael Joanna and especially the Wise Woman helped her reconnect with the faith of her grandmother and choose to live the way she felt God wanted her to live

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The FiddlerPennsylvania mountains She leaves her cell phone behind so life's demands can't intrude on her solitude She doesn't know nor care where she will end upWhen her car breaks down deep in the mountains Amy realizes the flaw in her no cell phone plan. Beverly Lewis takes a refreshing look at the community of the Amish as it interacts with the English world In this first book of a new series conflicts arise as the characters from both communities are trying to discover where God really intends them to be The rules of the ordnung do not come from God but from the community Is it wrong in God’s eyes not to follow them And when a talented violinist finally realizes her dreams are different from her parents’ dreams for her what path should she take And why if her musical talent is a God given gift do the Amish feel it is wrong to play These are only some of the conflicts that arise in this beautifully written tale of love and heartache of hope and belief The well developed characters and pastoral setting are only part of the charm of this book The real interest lies in the blending of music into the storyline Ms Lewis does a superb job in capturing the feelings of the young concert master as well as nailing the musical aspects of the story A wonderful read that will have you wishing for the next installment in this inspirational series