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EBOOK ✓ EPUB La petite fille ui aimait trop les allumettes ä 9781611452631 FREE ☆ ❰Read❯ ➫ La petite fille ui aimait trop les allumettes Author Gaétan Soucy – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Alone with their authoritarian father on a vast estate where time has stoBrilliant masterful story in which nothing is as it first seems The Little Girl Who Was Too Fond of Matches is a triumph of suspense linguistic invention and playfulness that peers into the heart of guilt cruelty and violenc If you have decided that it is long past time that you read War and Peace and Anna Karenina and you have by chance decided to read both of them over a two month period then this book by Gaetan Soucy is a wonderful novel to read in the middle of the two an excellent palate cleanser between Tolstoyan coursesI couldn't be pleased with my choice of light reading to serve as intermission between the two massive classics Little Girl is everything Tolstoy is not the mundane to Tolstoy's epic the perverted to Tolstoy's romantic the surreal to Tolstoy's realism the profane to Tolstoy's pristine I can't imagine a better palate cleanser maybe something comedic like David Sedaris but no I'm glad that this was the shortest book at hand and I thank Karl for the recommendationThis recalled several other books I've read for their unreliable narrators Sturgeon's More Than Human Banks's The Wasp Factory and even some classics like The Fall Notes from Underground The Metamorphosis and Faulkner oh yes Faulkner Soucy also evinces Faulkner and Cormac McCarthy especially Outer Dark with his depictions of a desolate ignorant rural countryside In other words Soucy's traveling in good companyUnfortunately Soucy's book most reminds me of my least favorite of the above listed Wasp Factory Both came out in the same year so it's strangely coincidental that each combines the unreliable adolescent narrator an overbearing father surreal flourishes and most importantly view spoilera gender bending twist hide spoiler

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Alone with their authoritarian father on a vast estate where time has stopped two siblings speak a language and inhabit a surreal universe of their own making shaped by their reading of philosophy and tales of chivalry When There are books however short or long that take forever to get through; books that make you twist and dig and plunder for meaning behind painfully skillful cruelly dense language Gaetan Soucy's The Little Girl Who Was Too Fond of Matches is that This isn't a bizarre story its just bizarrely written And bizarre is good Its about two siblings ages estimated around late teens who one morning discover their father dead by hanging One of them decides to venture out to town to purchase a coffin into which they will bury their father in a ditch they will later dig in an as of yet undetermined spot in their vast estate Except neither sibling has ever been to town or spoken to neighbors or even set foot outside of their grounds They've lived their whole lives under the suffocating tutelage of their father their only source of knowledge on life death religion this earth They speak a language they've adopted from their dictionaries of medieval fairy tales and philosophy Their perspective of the world is primitive and skewed They are feral and selectively informedSome books allow the reader to become part of the story but Soucy makes you flit between spectator and puzzle solver The protagonist's view of the world is so minimal and so shifted that it makes it impossible to be one with the character You can't participate because you're still figuring out what's being said The word plays are endless Its like looking through a foggy window through which a shadowy outline is barely visible and each re read of a phrase is the wipe of a hand on the misty glass each an attempt to make out the image And then you do and oh my The protagonist is so unaware that I couldn't decide whether to laugh or cry And that sentiment lasts throughout the entire novel The language that delivers the story is dense but the voice islight? Airy? The voice lacks understanding you see understanding of what's happening of the gravity of the situation because I'm sure you've since figured out that there's some dark disturbing secret that lies deep within the ambiguity of this book Soucy unbeknownst to us is relating a very serious story about child abuse extreme and perhaps distorted religious devotion guilt gender and human naturehuman psyche in its untamed and rawest form and trust me when I say et cetera but conceals it behind a humorous and naive voice He unveils a somber truth in one paragraph then subverts the weight of this revelation with such unacuainted admissions from the protagonist that you're continually caught between gasps of shock and bursts of laughter Only until the end when all is revealed and that foggy glass is at last clear that we see the picture for what it is and its powerful enough to waken those sleeping eyes and raise the hair on your neck This is a great book It takes time getting used to but in due time you'll be flowing right along the rhythm that is all too distinct and rewarding I wouldn't say its refreshing because I save those for books that are actually refreshing This little novel is macabre and unnerving If this review seems useless its because saying any would be doing the work for youand what would be the fun in that?Also this must have been a bitch to translate

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La petite fille ui aimait trop les allumettesTheir father dies and the children set out to bury him they encounter the inhabitants of the neighboring village and the pair's cloak of romance and superstition falls away to reveal the appalling truth of their existence A If you are in the mood for a French Canadian gothic horror this is perhaps the book to go though I am not sure if any other contenders exist I think that The Little Girl Who Was Too Fond of Matches is a rarity in this field Is it a good book however? Not reallyTranslated from French the prose sometimes sounds stilted and unconvincing and lacks the turn of phrase that would stick in your head after finishing the book I don't think that a single line has retained itself in my mind after I finished the book Where it does stand out is the story the sheer audacity of things happening on the page leaves you wide eyed though still wishing that you were reading someone like Shirley Jackson who could be both chilling and concise Overall I do not regret reading the book but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else if it finds itself in your hands then give it a try and if not well have no regrets you're not missing out on anything spectacular