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kindle ☆ Porterhouse Blue Hardcover ´ [KINDLE] ❆ Porterhouse Blue By Tom Sharpe – Porterhouse College is world renowned for its gastronomic excellence the arrogance of its Fellows its academic mediocrity and the social cache it confers on the athletic sons of country families Sir G Porterhouse College Porterhouse College is world renowned for its gastronomic excellence the arrogance of its Fellows its academic mediocrity and the social cache it confers on the athletic sons o If you're into stuff like this you can read the full reviewTimeless Humour Porterhouse Blues by Tom SharpeI´ve lost count of the number of times I´ve read Porterhouse Blue What memorable characters Scullion the reactionary porter who hates change and fondly recalls the good old feudal days when he used to get kicked by the aristocratic students Sir Godber Evans the wet former cabinet minister exiled to Porterhouse and his politically correct wife Lady Mary who wants to introduce healthy food condom machines and women into Porterhouse Sir Cathcart Death head of the Porterhouse alumni association who has a Japanese bodyguard holds orgies in his stately home and tells Scullion to make sure the cook gives him tea on his way out

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F country families Sir Godber Evans ex Cabinet Minister and the new Master is determined to change all this Spurred on by his politically angular wife Lady Mary he challenges t The big joke about this book is that it isn't a joke at all Some of the previous reviewers mention Oxford Porterhouse Blue doesn't take place in that so called university but its younger and better sibling Cambridge The fact is that where Porterhouse Blue takes place should be blindingly obvious to anyone who has been at a specific College Names have been changed to protect the guilty of course but I'll give you a hint there is only one College at Cambridge that was founded in 1284 and whose name begins with 'P' and ends in 'House' Just like the book real world Porterhouse was and continues to be almost comically tiny extremely conservative ancient 1284 remember appallingly wealthy and with gourmet food every day Before 1985 it was also as bent as an engineer's penny it was second last to admit women this after much uproar and protest and jokes about the fellows' personal liaisons abound even today though the dubious traditions of professorial perversion are not compulsory these days Just like the book real world Porterhouse props up the Tompkins table; it accepts people rather than freaks and so you're likely to come upon a student drinking himself into a stupor than seated upon the chairs in the library with his nose touching the page; also just like the book real world Porterhouse throws a formal dinner every night for almost literally pennies being the only College in Cambridge that does so The hilarity of Porterhouse Blue then is magnified for those that spot the similarity to real world Porterhouse and its uirks especially in the '70s For those that say real world Porterhouse may have once been like its looking glass counterpart but is no longer let me say this much has changed true enough most of Sir Godber's policies are here to stay but even has stayed the same

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Porterhouse BlueHe established order and provokes the wrath of the Dean the Senior Tutor the Bursar and most intransigent of all Skullion the Head Porter with hilarious and catastrophic result This was very funny in an English sort of way However it would have been funnier if it hadn't be so trueWhen you constantly meet people like the characters of this book they somehow uickly go from funny to annoyingAll in all a bitter sweet experience however the condom suicide was excellent