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Weaving Memory Read â eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Â [PDF / Epub] ☀ Weaving Memory By Laura Patsouris – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Weaving Memory is a journey into the world of ancestor work and a primer for anyone seeking to develop a relationship with their beloved dead We all have ancestors to connect to and their blessingAnd the complexity of human relationships Recovering the links to our ancestors is a way to wholeness and the gift of Laura Patsouris in this boo. This is the first book I've read on ancestral worship and I'm glad this was my first on the topic It is straight to the point comforting enlightening inspirational and a little scary There's a lot of weight to this book even if it's a slender tome and it drives home the point why it is so important that we keep good relationship with our ancestors or as Laura says get our ancestral house in order I appreciate the many personal anecdotes from the author herself and from others; many are very movingThe book offers advice and insight from basic veneration of the ancestors to intense and advanced ancestor work though there are very few how to guides as each relationship will be uniue just like our relationships with the living no two are alike and after the basic tips to get started you need to figure out the rest for yourself While Laura writes from her own perspective and tradition I feel that anyone from any tradition who is interested in ancestor work could pick up this book and apply the information within to their own pathThis book has really inspired me to continue my own budding work with my ancestors and made me take it seriously Thank you Laura for writing this book You've done your ancestors great honour

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Weaving Memory is a journey into the world of ancestor work and a primer for anyone seeking to develop a relationship with their beloved dead We. So I have just finished this book and I'm very very happy I picked it up Working with my Ancestors is new for me; I was very conflicted for many years about the very idea particularly as I had uite a disconnect from my family I had done a total 180 early this year and started exploring Ancestral work particularly after listening to Laura Patsouris and Galina Krasskova talk about ancestors on their Wyrd Ways Heathen radio show and I very much wanted to hear It is a very clear easy to understand read that gives you pretty much everything you need to know to start working with your own ancestors; after you start though its all up to you and them and as such there are rather few specifics and general ideas starting points and personal stories which I love hearingI would highly suggest this book for anyone new to ancestor work

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Weaving MemoryAll have ancestors to connect to and their blessings and protection are key to remembering where we came from and who we are They help us underst. Enjoyable and informative A good starting point for exploring ancestor venerationn