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Reader ☆ The Logos of Heraclitus 169 pages ¹ Johnscyclingdiary ✓ ➼ [Reading] ➾ The Logos of Heraclitus By Eva Brann ➱ – “In this extraordinary meditation Eva Brann takes us to the fierce core of Heraclitus's vision and shows us the music of his lang“In this extraordinary meditation Eva Brann takes us to the fierce core of Heraclitus's vision and shows us the music of his language The thought and beautiful prose in The Logos of Heraclitus are a delight” Barry Mazur Harvard University “An engaged solitary an inward turned observer of the The Logos eBook #180 world inventor of the first of philosophical genres the thought compacted aphorism” “teasingly obscure in reputation but hard hittingly clear in fact” “now tersely mordant now generously humane”Thus Eva Bran There is much to be commended in this short book Brann offers helpful interpretations and reinterpretations of Heraclitean fragments as well as correctly identifies Heraclitus' Logos as a fundamentally agonistic relation hence War is the Father of all things that both creates maintains and reuires tension strife She correctly attributes features of Socrates' dialectic to core Heraclitean insights and acknowledges that Hegel must have recognized and utilized the power of his ontological paradoxesShe goes wrong when she counter intuitively argues that Heraclitus is incorrectly read as a flux philosopher and would be better paired with his contemporary Parmenides who famously claimed that All is one While I wouldn't disagree that Heraclitus stands in relation per the Logos to Parmenides' declaration I do not think the One of Parmenides is the same One that Heraclitus speaks of Instead of denying the flux change agonism strife that is at the core of Heraclitus' fragments she could have pushed Hegel's conclusions further and found Heraclitus' true descendant in Adorno and his Negative Dialectics which does not seek to reconcile opposites into an untrue unity

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Ist until he opens up Heraclitus is no less and no pregnantly dark than an oracleThe upshot is that no interpretation has prevailed every uestion is wide open”Eva Brann is a member of the senior faculty at St John's College in Annapolis Maryland where she has taught for fifty seven years She is a recipient of the National Humanities Medal Her other books include Then and Now Un Willing Feeling Our Feelings Homage to Americans Open Secrets Inward Prospects The Music of the Republic and Homeric Moments all published by Paul Dry Boo Brann illuminates and injects with many meanings the surviving fragments of Heraclitus It took awhile to get into the linguistic circumscription philosophical techniue being used but in the end it does seem warranted Whether Heraclitus actually meant for Logos to play the role of stable opposition and unifier of ratios or it is just Brann telling that story through his fragments is secondary to the fact that this is a deep meditative reading

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The Logos of HeraclitusN introduces Heraclitus in her view the West’s first philosopherThe collected work of Heraclitus comprises passages Eva Brann sets out to understand Heraclitus as he is found in these passages and particularly in his key word Logos the order that is the cosmos “Whoever is captivated by the revelatory riddlings and brilliant obscurities of what remains of Heraclitus has to begin anew accepting help to be sure from previous readings in a spirit of receptivity and reserve But essentially everyone must pester the supposed obscurant This is one of my favorite books ever