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doc ç La Madone des Sleepings ☆ 320 pages Download ´ ❴Download❵ ➼ La Madone des Sleepings Author Maurice Dekobra – One of the biggest bestsellers of all time and one of the first and most influential spy novels of the twentieth century is back in print for the firsA wild scheme by Lady Diana to save herself from looming financial ruin while simultaneously fending off rich lotharios At the center of it all a plan to rescue her rights to a Russian oil field now under the control of revolutionaries who don’t like capitalistsThe book that set the standard for intellectual thrillers of political and social intrigue The Madonna of the Sleeping Cars with its jetsetting and witty protagonists is still as fresh a page turner as ever and as fun It was a fairly light read depending on how much you wanted to get into it I went into it with the false expectation that it was going to be a simple action thriller being a Spy novel It turned out to be constructed like a pastry than in inverted spyglass; sweet and flexible in interpretation I got about as much of it as I put in only to realise with sadness at the end that the things that made it than worthwhile the political historical references the women's liberation themes and the close up examination of 20s high society were ignored by me for most of the time which was a crying shame because the novel focussed on these The narrator is a bit of a bumbling character with too much naivety for any real confrontation and it's due to him that the character gains its light flavour With Prince Seliman around nothing too bad can happen; it'd be beyond his comprehension The author seems to make a point of contrasting him with the women he encounters mighty knowledgeable and daring than him although I felt the real finale was achieved by another man one assumed incompetent up till that point by shooting the icy Irina Mouravieff dead the only real action we get Of course it ends with the Madonna setting forth to find a new life but only to find a husband in six months I personally felt let down by the novel's ending which was meant to be mysterious and free will y but only turned out to be another wealthman seeking expedition Then again this novel wasn't perfect but enjoyable; I'd have liked to give it 35 stars for what it aspired to

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Two tremendously charming characters who embark on a glamorous adventure on the Orient Express and find themselves on a thrilling ride across Europe and into the just barely unveiled territories of psychoanalysis and revolutionary socialismGerard Seliman technically a Prince is so discouraged by the demise of his marriage that he flees to London to become the personal assistant of a glamorous member of the British peerage Lady Diana Wyndham But he soon finds himself involved in Overwrought and antiuated with Soviets as cartoon villains

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La Madone des SleepingsOne of the biggest bestsellers of all time and one of the first and most influential spy novels of the twentieth century is back in print for the first time since 1948Alan Furst fans will note that train passengers in his bestselling thrillers are often observed reading The Madonna of the Sleeping Cars It’s a smart detail First published in 1927 the book was one of the twentieth century’s first massive bestsellers selling over 15 million copies worldwideIt’s the story of 3 12Amazing to think that this was a best seller in its day if only because it does not seem to fit into any one genre To me it is a blend of light hearted escapades of the very British and very rich ala Jeeves and Wooster international espionage with sex ala James Bond critiue of Communism ala Orwell the plight of the woman who depends on men for wealth ala Edith WhartonOur narrator is a suave Frenchman with a heart of gold Like James Bond he loves women and does well with them; unlike James Bond he is a human with feelings and also respects women as people than he desires bedding them Given the current political news it was very peculiar to read a book set in the mid 1920s having a plot centered on Russia corruption and oil and even peculiar to be rooting for the obscenely rich noble main characters The book is good read that was eual parts frothy and dark I enjoyed itAlso the main author changed his name to DeKobra because he really liked cobras so that's pretty badass